Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

July 13, 1999 (8 Ix, 12 Kumku, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come on clouds of joy to spend some time with you. Dear Ones, much is now to be said to you about various worldly events. Your precious world is moving along its intended path. It leads to a new reality. That new reality includes a divine intervention by the Spiritual Hierarchy. It also contains a promised reunion with your galactic kin. These glorious events result from a long and involved process begun many, many millennia ago. At that distant time, on this world, humanity gave its permission to be moved toward a state of full consciousness. Only in your fullest potential could your prophesied golden destiny be successfully unfolded. In the last half of what you know as your twentieth century, we commenced the final part of this transformational process. A key part of this process has been the fine work done by the Galactic Federation's numerous medical teams. We in Heaven are grateful for the magnificent work that they have done. With our permission and that found in your life contracts, they have assisted us most nobly in integrating your various subtle and physical bodies.

      On your world, our main procedure is your transformation into fully conscious Beings. This endeavor is most important to us. It permits your planet and your solar system to be moved into a new set of circumstances. As your awareness grows, blessed Ones, you shall see that all the aspects of your current reality are a mere illusion. Your science, and even your many most cherished beliefs, shall go by the wayside. Their replacement is a state of full connection with the divine. In it, new concepts of formulating reality shall be unveiled. It will eventually make sense of what you would now see as merely fantastic or possibly magical. Yet, there is a higher sense to Creation. And soon, dear Lights, you shall possess it. This logic begins in the heart and extends to the very soul. It lies in your True Self and leads to some very wondrous revelations. We realize that much of this may now be quite confusing to you. However, we know that you are preparing yourselves to soar in a way that you never have before. It is this coming time before you change that is to be the most confusing to you.

      Change has not been a process that you embrace easily. It has usually been a long, tedious and quite disastrous process for you. In fact, you seem to dread it greatly. Nonetheless, once it is done, you have categorized it and made it a vital part of your existence. In the past, your worldly cabals have used these fears to control you. Now you are in the midst of things that even they cannot control. This time, dear Lights, we have the accelerator in hand and we have pushed it to its very limits. The climb up this last hill may be steep, but we shall divinely deliver you to its summit. From there, the final drive is easy. After all, it is downhill all the way. Keep in mind that what is happening to you is a shift in how you consciously create your environment. You are literally on the verge of entering what may initially seem to be Alice's 'Wonderland'. On the contrary, it is not such a place, but it is not what you are used to, either. It is a land that magnifies everyone's thoughts and shows your true relationship to everything around you. It fills your head with ceaseless noise and your mind with every emotion conceivable.

      In the end, dear Lights, it turns you away from your many hasty judgments and toward a ready acceptance of everything as it truly is. Your emotions can then mature into wondrous aids for a full expression of who you are. They shall cease to be iron-fisted tyrants who have run you in endless and unanswered circles. Dear Ones, you are about to garner some new friends, friends who come from deep inside you. They have been running you since childhood. Now, they shall become true and quite tested allies. Using them, you can develop a level of discernment that previously you did not believe possible. We in Heaven know that this transformation is not very far off. With this metamorphosis, you can create a world that works in great harmony and is filled with a degree of creativity that your previous reality continuously sought to crush. It is this newfound series of Freedoms that are your greatest gift. They provide you with Liberty and a profound inner sovereignty.

      It is in spreading this new Liberty that you are given the opportunity to fulfill your destiny. Dear Ones, remember that you are really physical Angels. As such, you have a great deal of responsibility to carry out the great works of the divine plan. This task has been most difficult for you, since most of you have forgotten who you really are. In your stead, the many species of cetaceans (dolphins, whales, etcetera), as well as various shamans from numerous tribes around your world, have carried out this important work. Their noble actions have been joined by those of you who do healing Lightwork for your planet and for your society. We wish to express our deepest and most sincere gratitude from the multitudes of Orders in Heaven for all that you have done and currently are doing. Dear Ones, know that your work has not been in vain. It has helped to build the new reality to which we have constantly alluded.

      This great work of constructing a new reality and a new society is an ongoing one. It is also one destined to achieve an incredible success. You, dear Lights, are moving swiftly toward integrating your various spiritual and physical parts. In addition, the Galactic Federation of Light has accomplished some miracles of its own. We in Heaven are quite proud of all of you. Together, you are formulating a new reality that shall bring you into a broad union with each other. It is this possibility that most excites us. In fact, we know that it is really a 'done deal'. Your worldly cabals comprehend now that it is your future's only responsible alternative. Around you, your world is swiftly dying. Mother Earth will not respond to some form of a technological 'quick fix'. Only a great change in your attitudes and your conceptions of reality shall save the day.

      As you change, so your society is changing. The various pressures from us, from the Galactic Federation and from many enlightened Beings and Organizations have begun to move your world toward a great outer harmony. This new order is not meant to be run by anyone except you. It is a process that leads to the transformation of your society into a galactic one. It is also a process that is the most difficult for your many worldly cabals. It means that soon they need to allow the fact that you are not alone to move from a phrase to an actual reality. For them, it means that the power that they have long held so sacred must now be given up. The eventual winner in this convoluted process shall be you. You are to be the victors. It is an operation whose primary intent is not to create a large number of vanquished ones.

      Mother Earth wishes you to know her great joy. The coming times release her from her bondage. She has served her humans well, and knows that soon, they shall celebrate her liberation with her. Dear Ones, ahead of you lies a road filled with many surprises and a number of monumental disclosures. It is also a time when you shall discover your sacred place in Heaven and in this world. You shall find your life's purpose and be able to unfold it in the glory it was meant to be. It is time for wisdom to be sowed and to be harvested. It is a time to enjoy the revelations of Heaven and to bask in the glory of what you have become. Dear Ones, these things are your destiny. Take them and use them as the divine plan decrees. In this heavenly Light, you shall be guided to many things and you shall easily fulfill the golden prophecies of the Creator.

      Today, we have come and talked about many things. We request that you take them into your Heart and use your discernment to reveal their truths to you. With them, you can now more fully understand the wonders that await you. We now take our leave, blessed Ones, with a Blessing. O Creator, give unto these Light Beings of Earth, spiritual and physical supply in such abundance that their task of restoring full consciousness to Mother Earth and to themselves is done swiftly, easily and effortlessly. AMEN! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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