Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

July 3, 1999 (11 Kan, 2 Kumku, 7 Ik)

Greetings! Today is a most auspicious moment in your history. It is a moment when you can start to feel the merest beginnings of your freedom. The many blessings pouring down upon you have commenced a new era in your evolution. The anchor-points of your new reality are no longer dormant. They are starting to take root. As these new roots grow, they will be able to change many of the old energy patterns that have long governed your present reality. We have come from distant parts of your galaxy, a myriad of dimensions and the glorious realms of A-E-O-N to greet you. In our message today, we would like to give you a more detailed explanation of what is presently transpiring. As just noted, the Spiritual Hierarchy has come and put forth new decrees sanctioned by the divine plan. These decrees have set the last layers of your new foundation. With it in place, your new reality can begin to make itself felt in more meaningful ways. That is why we have used the analogy of new roots growing in this fertile foundation. The next node is your grand cross total solar eclipse of 11 Akbal, 16 Pop, 8 Manik (August 11th).

      This eclipse marks the bringing in of a divine energy filled with the sacred intentions of the divine plan. It marks the formal demarcation point between two realities. The next node is the opening of the star-gate on 4 Muluc, 2 Uo, 8 Manik to 5 Oc, 3 Uo. 8 Manik (August 17-18th). This star-gate opens the pathway between A-E-O-N and you. It means that the heavenly jurisdiction for your reality has been transferred to A-E-O-N. This change is but a temporary measure. A new heavenly Administration is to be consummated when your new reality is in full force. This change is the signal that you are to be put under the direction of the highest elements in Heaven. You, dear Ones, have reached the start of your prophesied destiny. It is the moment of your deliverance and also the time of your greatest challenges. These changes mean that a firm and continual commitment will be expected of you. Dear Ones, you might even say that a grand run to the finish line is about to begin. This run holds many surprises, as well as many joys. It will also lead you to a tumultuous reunion with your galactic kin.

      This leads to the period between the opening of the star-gate and the grand planetary alignment of 6 Batz, 4 Moan, 8 Manik (May 5, 2000). By this time, the new reality will be ready to set up its parameters and build its external and internal structures. This time marks a moment when your new reality matrix can be set. It is truly a time between realities and a decision point on whether the new reality can now be enforced. Our intention is to have you manifest this new reality at that time. The results of your grand run shall determine if, indeed, this is to be the case. Regardless, we shall have made some important mutual decisions. These decisions will act as the necessary weights that provide us with our new timetable. It is our desire that this timetable can mark a quick introduction of your restored full consciousness into your new reality. We are committed to moving you into a galactic society surrounded by your newly discovered galactic kin. Our current processes have also a goal of formally reuniting your galaxy into just one fully conscious reality.

      As you can see, much is expected to happen before the onslaught of the galactic year of 9 Eb (July 26, 2000-July 25, 2001). The key element in this entire process is you. We are now committed both in the highest Councils of Heaven and in the highest Councils of the Galactic Federation of Light to achieve our mutual objectives as swiftly as possible. To do this, many events are about to occur that will bring many needed resources to you. We ask you to remain patient and to understand that these items will be presented to you shortly. We desire that you undertake your next set of tasks in a manner that establishes many needed social and economic structures. Together, we are building a new reality and setting up a bright future for your global society. This takes a great deal of planning and ready access to many types of resources. We fully realize this, and our intention is to manifest what you need. Remember, you have reached some critical points in our present timetable that justify certain kinds of actions.

      You are starting to approach the end of the galactic year of 7 Ik. This was a year of some great transitions by your society. During the course of this year, your awakening to Spirit has gradually accelerated. Your world is beginning to move toward a greater stability. Yet the chaos field surrounding you has also increased. You are now on a journey that leads to your destiny. This point is one that your worldly cabals have begun to realize more and more as the year of 7 Ik has unfolded. Now, you are approaching the year of 8 Manik. It is a year dedicated to new forms of inner and outer service. It is also a year in which this divine service takes on new meanings and new commitments. These coming discoveries are the many surprises to which we have briefly alluded. Each of you has an important assignment to undertake. You shall learn more about these tasks as the new galactic year begins to reveal itself to you.

      This time is one of the most interesting moments in your story as a people. It is a period when you shall rediscover who you really are. This process is one of remembrance, and also one of a grand homecoming. Your present reality is on its 'last legs'. It is close to experiencing a fatal heart attack. This process is caused by what is happening to you. You are beginning to break free of your old restrictions. In response, your present reality matrix has tightened its supposed reins upon you. Remember that these reins are becoming quite brittle. It is only your continuing beliefs that allow it to feel strong and vital. These feelings are only an illusion. In truth, they do not retain their same intensity. As you begin to realize this and act accordingly, many parts of this reality will start to implode. This activity encourages the coming of your many galactic kin.

      The sudden onset of a first contact is to be a turning point in your recent history. Up till now, your government's fears and its uncertainties have marked the forefront of your reaction to us. These fears have been emphasized in your media and in your many entertainment venues. In spite of this reaction, more of you are realizing that such is really not the case. This process also applies to Angels and the many other members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. We are all in joy over your growing acceptance of us and your comprehension of our true benevolence toward you. This process is allowing us to engage in an indirect dialogue. Soon, this dialogue can become much more direct. Yet we still need to defer our first contact until the right time and place. It is this divine timing that our next set of experiences together shall determine definitely.

      Indeed, Heaven does have an agenda. This agenda brings your full consciousness back to you. It also brings you a new reality and a great destiny. With them, there also come many new responsibilities. These responsibilities bring you a center stage in the revelation of the last episodes of this current Creation. You are about to be put through the final preparations for what you are expected to do. In these matters, the divine plan is quite clear. You are a lynchpin in the unfolding of this Creation. You are to be a very unusual and quite resourceful group of Beings. You are to be noted as magnificent way-showers and fine examples of the best aspects of Heaven and of physicality. To create such Beings is in itself a difficult task. Yet, in your case, it has proved to be both frustrating and rewarding at one and the same time.

      Your progress as a people has been swift, and promises to accelerate at an even greater rate. The coming time is one marked by many wonderful events and by many tests. It is one that also will give many new and needed resources. Take what is ahead as a means to advance yourselves and your society into a new and amazing reality. Now, dear Ones, we take our leave with a blessing. O Creator, give these Earth-bound Beings of Light the Love, Joy and also the necessary abundant spiritual and physical Supply needed to restore all of them to full consciousness. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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