Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

July 27, 1999 (9 Lamat, 1 Pop, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come to say many things, and to inform you about the present state of your consciousness. Right now, dear Ones, you are rapidly approaching two crucial events in this transformational process. The first one is a grand cross total solar eclipse, and the second one is the opening of a vital star-gate. By themselves, these two celestial events are extraordinary. When put together, they are most amazing. They set the stage for your movement into a new reality. This reality is forming even as your present reality is quickly collapsing. In effect, Heaven is giving you the opportunity to become who you really are. Dear Ones, we are determined to carry out the sacred edicts of the divine plan. Hence, we are setting our intentions and putting forth those divine thoughts that allow these intentions to be manifested. Our process is to move your worn-out reality into a position where its final transformation can be carried out easily and in the wink of an eye. The next set of energies that we are bringing in from A-E-O-N enables us to complete this process. This process naturally leads us to you.

      To us in Heaven, you are a most cherished group of Beings. You have taken on a very difficult task and are proving your prowess to everyone concerned. We graciously thank you and, with much gratitude in our hearts, applaud your efforts! You sit at the very core of our enterprise. Dear Ones, we know that you still have a great deal to do. Yet be aware that, with the utmost care, we have set and dressed the stage upon which you shall shortly perform your actions. In spite of this heavenly assistance, many of you remain skeptical about what is to transpire. Let us assure you that the divine plan and those energies that have created your present reality have made your success inevitable. The next parts of this drama are ones that promise much chaos and confusion to those who are unprepared. Consequently, we ask you to learn to use your inner discernment. Gather in groups and discuss what is happening around you. When doing this, remember to look at it with your heart logic and not with your mind. Your mind is caught in the web of worldly chaos, while your heart is one with Heaven.

      What is taking place is part of a great dispersal from Heaven. Your world is being given a large measure of Spiritual energy. This energy is one that is swiftly freeing you from the bondage of your 'reality matrix'. This energy of freedom is also lessening the ability of your world's ruling cabals to increase their daily control over you. This procedure is allowing us to accelerate the integration now occurring between your Light Body and your physical body. As a result, many of you are experiencing bodily pains, as well as revisiting old afflictions from childhood and from former times. While most painful, these annoyances serve a purpose by bringing in a new set of spiritual parameters. These are designed to allow you to accept ample segments of your new meridians. With them in place, you can now have important parts of your Light Body integrated into your physical body. These processes help to shift you from this limited consciousness reality and, therefore, are an important transition into your coming reality. They are physical proof of the mysteries and the very seriousness of this procedure.

      Because of this process, Heaven is pushing you gently toward your inevitable destiny. This operation is creating an environment in which a new set of logic is required. It is this reason that is behind our desire to ask you to practice true discernment. Such a practice goes beyond judgment and the swaying power of your primitive emotions. It is not fear based, hate based or intellect based. It is just based on complete, perfect love and a sound alignment with your True Self. It is a logic of compassion and of an intuitive reason for your actions. It is sound, and it understands the ever-changing nature of this reality. What you have learned, or mentally know, is not the foundation for what you are going through. This reality and its 'conventional wisdom' are now collapsing. The only reliable wisdom comes from the Heart, and meshes with the advice of your True Self. Sometimes, it may seem illogical to you. Nonetheless, trust it and permit it to lead you down your path to your destiny.

      Dear Ones, we have long talked of your inevitable destiny. This destiny is embodied in the new golden reality that we have prepared for you. This new reality involves the complete reconnection of your spiritual and physical selves. It takes you to the fullest levels of your potential. You then become true physical Angels and co-creators of a galactic society. You also permit your space kin to renew their relationship with you. You become a part of a procedure that is uniting your galaxy and preparing physicality to unfold its aspects of this Creation. These new responsibilities need a special amount of ability or talent for them to be carried out successfully. That is why you need to be able to grasp your fullest potential and recover a lost sense of who you are. You are Beings with a very profound purpose. For far too long, this purpose has been cast in 'reality amnesia'. All of these things are behind what is now happening to you.

      Our first procedure was to create a set of Beings who could carry out this great destiny. To this end, your local Spiritual Hierarchy established some very difficult criteria that vastly limited who could incarnate upon your world. It also permitted them to set up the timeline that you are following now. These activities were carried out with the assistance of the many Orders of Time Lords and Elohim. With the coming of the sacred Seraphim from A-E-O-N, dear Ones, we are ready to bring in the fullest measure of the sacred energy of Lord Siraya. This energy is behind the coming total solar eclipse at the end of the first galactic month of Pop. On this date, your reality shall receive the sacred blessings of Lord Siraya. This great holy Entity shall come and unite all of Heaven. Your present heavenly Administration shall be re-created and renewed.

      This new heavenly Administration has one major edict: simply, to transform your reality into what has been decreed by the divine plan. This activity means that your planetary society has to be moved into a galactic one. Normally, this procedure would take most of your coming century to achieve. However, it needs to be done on a far shorter timetable. This requirement is the reason A-E-O-N has intervened in this process. It is why the Ascended Masters of your world provided you with a vast financial trust. Now the time has come for the disbursement of these badly needed resources. Dear Ones, Heaven realizes that you have performed great deeds with hardly any access to these great resources. The moment has finally arrived to reverse your present set of circumstances. It is one of the many edicts that have come from the Creator.

      The coming of the new star-gate in the first part of the galactic month of Uo is very special. It will allow a whole new group from the celestial realms to descend upon your world. These Beings of Light are the ArchAngels who shall soon preside over your local Spiritual Hierarchy. They are coming under the sacred jurisdiction of Lord Siraya. These ArchAngels signal that you are indeed entering what many of you call the 'End Times'. During this time, many miracles shall occur and several amazing things shall be noticed in the heavens. As we have said, this period is a time of transition and of transformation. The world in which you now reside does not have a very long time frame. In fact, its remaining moments are really quite short. Those elements required to change it are very close to appearing before you.

      Today, dear Ones, we spoke about the nature of your reality, and told you in part how it shall be transformed. We request that you look inside and then discuss this information with yourself and with your fellows. Then, act and assist us in the final procedures to manifest your new golden reality. We now take our leave and bless you. Blessings, dear Ones: go inside and bring forth your great energies and intentions. Use them with our divine assistance to bring forth a full consciousness and a new golden reality. Amen! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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