Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

June 26, 1999 (4 Caban, 15 Kayab, 7 Ik)

Greetings! On this glorious day, we come to give you information and, in the process, to explain some important things to you. At the end of this month of Kayab and the start of the month of Kumku (June 30th to July 1st), we shall perform a massive adjustment on your Lightbody. This adjustment coincides with a truly marvelous event. At that time, all of the major Seraphim from A-E-O-N will meet with your local heavenly Administration and, in wondrous song and blessing, prepare the way for some amazing events. They are set to begin with your next total solar eclipse (11 Akbal, 16 Pop, 8 Manik or August 11, 1999). These events are to celebrate the great dispensation given you by the Creator. Dear Ones, you are now under the protection of the Creator's divine Grace and the affirming decrees of the divine plan. These actions mean that you are nearing the time for your move into your fully realized Self. You are also close to the right window for the commencement of your contact with the member star-nations of the Galactic Federation. This is a period that we in Heaven have long prophesied for you.

      In revealing a reality's possibilities, there are many periods when the collective contract for that reality can be altered. In many cases, this modification is a severe one. When this occurs, a reality either matures toward a fuller level of consciousness, or devolves toward a lesser state of awareness. In your case, you have just completed the second scenario. Now, you are again preparing to move toward a more complete consciousness. Dear Ones, this roller coaster ride of yours is quite rare in physicality. In fact, you are just one of a very few who have followed this path. So you are setting a whole assortment of precedents for the others to utilize. Round you is a vast clutch of realities, each of them acting like ducklings with you as the mother duck. They are mimicking your every move. In them, there are star-nations and individual worlds from many different galaxies and even many differing dimensions. It is this brood that has made many of your past adjustments so difficult. We are very proud of your commitment and your resolve to see this consciousness shift through to its conclusion.

      As you know, you are quite a motley crew of physical Angels. You represent practically every Order in Heaven and every set of sentient Beings in your galaxy. Many of you have been here for a great number of incarnations, while a few of you have had a small number of past lives. In either case, you have brought a great deal of wisdom to this present situation. One of the major problems that you are resolving is how such a diverse group could work together. This process pleases us greatly. You have shown both a great resiliency and a magnificent creativity. There seems to be no matter within reason that you cannot solve. Our part has been to help you when any possible solution seemed unreasonable. When this happens, we have been most happy to intervene on your behalf in some very high earthly circles. This combination has been able to break free some elements in your process that you now deserve. Dear Ones, just know that some amazing things are about to occur. These events shall give you some resources that you now need in order to complete your many sacred tasks.

      It is our firm intention to complete this present process as soon as divinely possible. All of you have 'signed off' on the new collective contract. That part is truly a 'done deal'. The only part left is to get you safely and quickly through this transitory period. In order for us to accomplish this, much is about to take place. Keep in mind that you are regaining your remembrance of who you are. In so doing, you are integrating a vast part of yourself into your conscious reality. You are also moving your now diverse galactic realities into a new unity. You have taken on much. This procedure portends that Heaven is about to bless you greatly. Indeed, such is the case. We are fully prepared to send you many blessings and many rewards. One of the first has been the recent arrival of the mighty Seraphim from the realm of A-E-O-N. Now we are about to seal and bless your new reality. The divine plan has thus decreed, and it shall be done. We are your divine servants, and we shall serve you well.

      As your consciousness has grown, it has made possible all that you are beginning to see before you. At present, it is but a small trickle that many of you cannot see. Shortly, it shall become a great stream that is easily visible. Bear in mind that you are not alone and that your suffering is near an end. We in Heaven know that you have gone through much. At times, it may even seem that you have reached your limits. We know this, dear Ones, and we intend to correct this situation as soon as it is divinely right to do so. This transmutation of a reality is not an entirely easy task. It has many sudden bumps and quite unexpected potholes for you to encounter during your journey. It is filled with necessary detours and unaccounted-for dangers. Yet the journey is made, and made quite successfully. Know that this road does indeed have a destination and that you are at the bottom of the last hill that you need to climb. At its top, you shall see that this perilous journey is really nearing its long-sought conclusion.

      Ahead of you is quite a marvelous reality. It is one in which your consciousness shall expand to some amazing heights. Previously, we have given you a mere glimpse of what awaits you. Nonetheless, know that you shall be in the midst of a truly Golden Age. In addition, you are about to meet a vast set of new and quite loving kin. They have long observed you and indirectly assisted you in your many moments of difficulty. It is this point that you need to understand. Your society has always been 'watched over', both by your Spiritual Hierarchy and by the other star-nations that reside in your galaxy. You have never been alone. What you have done has been accomplished with our loving assistance. Life on your world is not separated from Heaven or from your galactic kin. You live in a vast web of consciousness from which you draw your inner sustenance.

      Your life may now seem quite difficult or unfair. Rather, it is the final series of clauses that your life contract desires for you to carry out. Despite its seeming length, all of this is temporary. Much better things await you. The key is for you to realize this and be ready to take back what you so easily gave up at birth. Dear Ones, your society is now collapsing. This reality is not meant to go on forever. Because of this, its chaos field and its accompanying miasma are increasing exponentially. This is happening because you are changing. You represent the main threat to those who dominate this reality. They fully comprehend that they have very few alternatives left. This realization has made them feel cornered and hence, a little more willing to do something drastic. This has focused us even more on completing our agenda to set you free.

      Long ago, you began your journey. As you traveled, you took on more and more. Your planet has now reached the point where it can no longer maintain itself as the vehicle upon which you have so devotedly traveled. It needs a drastic overhaul. Mother Earth has kindly consented to remain 'as is' until the last possible moment. We ask you to honor your precious Earth and all that she represents. In fact, we dedicate this last segment of our mutual journey to her. She has served the physical and spiritual realms well. In her new form, she shall be the vehicle that unfolds the rest of this Creation. We salute her sacrifices and hail her great service. We give blessings of the highest gratitude and a most divine absolution unto thee, O sacred Mother Earth. May thy journey be recognized by Heaven, and given divine compensations by the Holy Creator!

      We have discussed many things today. As always, we ask that you look inside and, out of these things, discern your divine truths. Dear Ones, we are all on a divine journey that shall integrate Heaven into Earth and reveal the last segments of this Creation. We now take our Leave with a blessing. O Creator, give unto these divine Light Beings of Earth, the physical and spiritual Supply, in the necessary abundance, to complete divinely their sacred task of restoring full consciousness both to Mother Earth and to themselves. A-M-E-N! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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