Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

July 6, 1999 (1 Manik, 5 Kumku, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come before you with much to report. The past seven days have brought in a new energy for your world. Right now, we are putting the finishing touches on our heavenly art. This procedure has allowed us, dear Lights, to perform an important alteration of your current timelines. It is our purpose to integrate these timelines by the coming of the next total solar eclipse. This happens during the galactic month of Pop (11 Akbal, 16 Pop or August 11, 1999). Let us discuss briefly what this statement means. Right now, your society is divided into millions of separate timelines. Each one represents a unique aspect of the primary timeline. These divisions keep it somewhat unstable. Yet, its overall purpose remains the province of the divine plan. Dear Lights, bear in mind that the divine plan is watched over by the great Orders of Time Lords. Time and Light are the elements that create each dimension and each reality. It is the way physicality in its many forms is regulated. Soul groups from many different realities and dimensions have been brought to your shores. This is the crux of your difficulty.

      At present, your society is divided into four major groups. The first is the various starseeds. They have come either to resume life on your world after a long interval on other worlds, or are here for the first time. When they arrived, they carried the time energy from these many diverse worlds. Hence, they have a feeling of 'not belonging here' or of being caught in an innocence that limits their effectiveness. A second starseed subgroup is those Beings from various dark realms. They are seeking an enlightenment that is to come from your shift in consciousness. This group understands all too well the dark energy that formed your present reality matrix. To them, it is a breath of fresh air. Their difficulty is to not get swept up in selfishly manipulating it. It is the great lesson that they have come to learn. The remaining groups constitute the vast majority, and are composed of those who have agreed to be here for countless millennia. The first are ones who have been manipulated by the dark cabals for much too long. The last segment comprises those who have so mercilessly ruled you for a very long time.

      These four groups have a great number of micro-timelines wound around your primary timeline. We anchored this main timeline quite a while ago. Now, it is necessary to merge these many micro-timelines into the main one. This process is part of creating your galactic society. When full consciousness arrives, there needs to be one timeline in effect in your new reality. At present, your many different agendas have either fractured parts of your reality or worked at cross-purposes to your objectives. That is the reason why many things in your world are not easy to manifest. There is a prevalent miasma that makes it more difficult for anything to happen. As your frequency increases, the folly of this reality becomes more apparent. Yet, it also makes it more difficult to manifest a set result. Your global chaos field is rising with your frequency. Eventually, a point shall be reached where this reality collapses. This point normally would signal your extinction. Obviously, this particular scenario cannot, in any way, be deemed acceptable to us.

      Dear Lights, what we seek is to short-circuit this growing possibility. Your society needs to go through a shift in the way it operates. In short, it needs some new structures that can offer a workable alternative to this approaching breakdown. This process is coming to you indirectly from Heaven and from our galactic physical Angels. Our objective is to have you turn your present financial and socio-religious structures into ones that can sincerely act as a foundation for a galactic society. You are a society that does not have much time in which to make a transition. We know this. To assist you, we are bringing you inner (spiritual) and outer (physical and financial) resources. These items are meant to give you the means to create these most necessary new structures. Remember that you are living in a reality filled with many obstacles. These problems are there to be solved, and to be solved successfully. To do this, we intend to act as a synergistic team. We may not fully acknowledge each other, but together we can be victorious!

      This process is intended to accelerate as we move through the next sets of important nodes together. Each set signifies an important transition point. Each micro-transition brings both of us closer to the final omega point, a point where this massive consciousness shift can easily occur. We are determined to see you successfully through these coming times. This statement brings us back to our original point, your many timelines. Timelines are basically agendas. They are the way a group, or even an individual, intends that something, such as a specific event, can occur. Since you are really all connected, in some way or other, it affects you. In this way, your many timelines are constantly clashing with and/or smashing against each other. We are quickly moving to integrate these massive jumbles of cross-purpose. The key is mutual intention. As you build a web of global consciousness, greater clarity of purpose starts to emerge.

      This emerging web of consciousness is a major key in our process. Over the next few galactic months, an energy is building that has been decreed by the divine plan. With it, a new freedom is swiftly wafting into your reality. It is bringing many new ideas and a host of new ways in which to accomplish what we have just stated to you. This energy also has the ability to implode your reality at a much quicker pace. Keep in mind that your planet's biosphere is quickly extinguishing itself. There is not a great deal of time in which to carry off what we mutually intend. It shall not be measured in decades, but in years. You have to realize the seriousness of what is happening. Like an old man with a very fatal and incurable disease, your reality is giving way. We are here, dear Lights, to work a miracle - a miracle lovingly sanctioned by the Creator!

      Heaven wants you to know that much is happening round you. Your reality is not static. It is continually in reaction to what it has been told to manifest. You, dear Lights, are its co-creators. You have given this reality its manifesto. You have the ability to alter it at will. To do so, you need to undertake a number of specific actions. We are greatly encouraged by what you are doing to transform your society and your world. It shows that you are listening, observing and making decisions. You are then acting in ways that have co-created the foundations for your new reality. Humanity has been put into your present reality to succeed and not to fail. This concept is one that you need to take into your Heart. Look deeply into this concept and see the wondrous and simple Heart-logic that governs it.

      Your world is merely a temporary and illusory realm. It is a grand testing ground where you have learned many things and undergone many experiences. Now, its time has come to shift into something different. You are its co-developers, as well as its many subjects. This dual role was given to you for a purpose: to become the best physical Angels that you can possibly be. It is also to become so wise and so proficient that you could easily reveal the rest of this Creation as decreed by the divine plan. This operation has taken a myriad of millennia to accomplish. Now, dear Lights, you shall prove the amazing wonder inherent in the Creator's great work. You shall rise to this occasion and do the sacred work that you have previously agreed to. In doing this, you shall accomplish a great miracle and unfold a truly remarkable reality.

      A great deal of information has been imparted to you. We ask you to look inside and discover your part in this ongoing cosmic drama. Also realize that each of you does, indeed, have an important contribution to make to this effort. We leave you now with a blessing. O Lord, give unto these Beings of Mother Earth the Love, Joy and abundant financial, physical and spiritual Supply needed to carry out their mission, of restoring this Earth and themselves to full consciousness! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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