Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

July 24, 1999 (6 Chicchan, 3 Vayeb, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come as this galactic year ends. We arrive with some interesting data for you. The sacred, holy Ones of A-E-O-N have blessed us all, and now they fully intend to conclude what they came here to do. The time swiftly approaches for the first solar eclipse of the new galactic year. In the intervening time, dear Ones, be prepared for many welcome surprises. You are a body of Beings who are nearing a great shift in their conscious reality. To set the stage for these occurrences, let us bring you up to date on what is currently taking place. To do this, we shall need to break our information into three aspects. The first concerns the condition of your Sun and its solar system. The second involves the integrative process occurring on your planet and in you. The last one consists of the interaction going on between Heaven and physicality. Each of these three points clearly demonstrates how your reality is approaching its omega, or shift point. Remember, dear Ones, that you are in a transitional period. Your reality is well past the point where it can recover its past sense of self.

      These three aspects show us that you have been put on the path to your success. Many millennia ago, your reality was shrunk into a limited consciousness realm "Authoritative" sources gave you misinformation that your present form of civilization is the result of millions of years of gradual evolution. Such is not really the case. In one way or another, you are all simply the progeny of highly sentient Beings who came here as colonists from other worlds. While all of this was happening, your galaxy was being subjected to a series of catastrophic wars. At one time or another, these strange wars involved nearly every star-nation in this galaxy. These items are embedded in your genes, as well as in those ancestral thought-forms that have been a part of you since your birth. Together, they have formed the subconscious basis for many of your most successful movies and television series. Keep in mind that you are Beings of Light who have been temporarily reduced to mere chattel and intentionally lied to about your origins. It is these facts that you need to know before we can continue our present message to you.

      Let us now return to the first of our three aspects. Dear Ones, your solar system is really a living entity. The Sun is the giver of its life, and the Being around which it is created, as well as its heart and its conscious soul. At present, this solar body is in deep conflict with itself and the local Solar Lords. These Orders of Elohim are determined to transform your entire solar system at the right divine time. This procedure initially included the setting of an inter-dimensional hologram over your solar system. This hologram serves two major purposes. First, it acts as an instrument to keep your solar system in check. That is, the hologram makes it appear that it lacks its present degree of turmoil. Second, this multi-layered hologram permits us to fine-tune the aberrations that now occur in each element. Every planet in your solar system is now undergoing some type of adjustment. Further, your Sun has the potential to nova. This possibility has been greatly defused by the Elohim's actions. Yet, it is important to see what is now happening in and around your Sun.

      Like all sentient entities, the Sun exists on two levels - the ethereal and the physical. Each of these is intermingled in a very complex manner. In the case of a star, these differences are more diffuse than in a planet, but they still exist. The core of your Sun is tied into your reality. It is also linked into those reality clusters that are all around you. In addition, it is tied into its central Sun and into the central core of our galaxy. Consequently, its role in this galaxy is very well defined. Due to its very prominent position, it also has a great say in the way your present reality is to be transformed. In this instance, it desires to complete this long process as swiftly as possible. Its intransigence on this issue has recently helped us to speed up the learning curve of many of your worldly cabals. Your Sun's 'get it done' attitude has also assisted us in quickening your divine timetable. The daily results of this process can be seen in what is now happening to each and every one of you.

      Your integrative process is one that has occurred in many stages. You are now in the last part of this process. This procedure is knitting your Light Body into your physical body. It is also permitting you to become a fully conscious Being. In many ways, the progress you have shown is mirrored by your solar system. Like your Sun, you have gone through a great deal of instability. To counter this, your local Spiritual Hierarchy has put the equivalent of a hologram around you. This has taken the form of a special series of encoded Light fields. Each of these fields has been given a special task by your Angelic guardian councils. These fields are helping to alter your RNA/DNA protein strings and to prepare you for your twelve-stranded future. Others are around your new chakras and are intently setting them up in your body. Still others are helping to re-circuit your brain and establish a more advanced nervous system.

      While all this is occurring, your resonance patterns are being put into greater alignment with your planet. To fulfill your destiny, you need to become a better metronome for your planet. Each fully conscious planet attunes its prime harmonic to its major guardian species. In your limited consciousness state, you were no more than an equal part of the biosphere. In your coming state, you are the regulator. You set your individual and group frequencies to the major tonic of your planet. By maintaining it, you bring stability, as well as a means to maintain the sustenance of the biosphere. It is this role that many tribal shamen have performed for centuries. In more recent times, many groups of Light workers have assisted these tribal shamen. Shortly, this work shall be second nature to you.

      As you and your solar system transform, the nature of physicality is also being changed. Physicality is really a grand illusion that appears real to you. In fact, it exists only as a very broad range of inter-reality vibrations. Your changes are moving this range ever upward. As this occurs, you are moving physicality deeper and deeper into the realms of Heaven. You might even say that it is melting. As you expand your consciousness, you bring in more and more of your heavenly Light. This Light permits your reality to shift. Its shift is changing the different layerings of physicality. This shifting is the melting process to which we just alluded. As Heaven contracts physicality, a whole new set of reality constructs can be established. These constructs are the ones that you shall complete and, with this deed, conclude this present reality.

      Eons ago, physicality was put in place by this Creation and the divine plan. It was stipulated that, at a certain time, a particular shifting reality would be allowed to appear. When it finally surfaced, this reality would signal that a new set of 'Endgame' realities could then appear. The shifting now in progress in your reality is this divine portent. It is most welcomed and encouraged by Heaven. It is a signpost mentioned long ago by the divine plan. Its very nature is encouraging the reunion of physicality and Heaven. Dear Ones, you are the catalysts and the prodders for this action. As the energy within your reality begins to emanate throughout physicality, it is quickly speeding up the conclusion of a creative process begun by the Creator some 50 billion Earth Years ago.

      Today, we have talked about critical items that are changing physicality and bringing us close to the end of this Creation. This time is a very special one for you. It is the moment when you seize back your power and create the reality that you so deeply deserve. It is also a time to celebrate your graduation from lack and limitation and into manifestation and abundance. We now leave with a blessing. We bless your ability to manifest and to create Abundance in all forms of divine Supply. Use it to bring forth the fully conscious reality that you truly deserve! Amen! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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