Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

July 10, 1999 (5 Batz, 9 Kumku, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come to you now with more interesting information. At this moment, dear friends, we are hurriedly completing our calibration of the final layers of your solar system's many holograms. As you know, this procedure is one that we have had to accomplish from time to time. We are currently preparing your planet and your Sun for the stunning events of the New Year. The galactic year of 8 Manik promises to be a most extraordinary time for your society. It comes to usher in the next important stage in your journey toward becoming a fully aware reality. We are all excited about what can occur here. In this mode, let us presently reveal ever so slightly what we in the Galactic Federation intend to accomplish. This process is divided into four basic parts. Each of them concerns an aspect of the procedures needed to carry out our sacred mission. The first involves pre-contact operations of our fleet. The second concerns assistance given to the local Spirit Hierarchy. The third entails the monitoring of your Sun and its Solar system. Our last matter concerns various related liaison operations.

      The process of first contact lies at the crux of the matter. It is the reason that we arrived near your shores in the first place. To have this operation succeed means that we need to overcome the intense resistance of your power structures to our purposes. Your worldly cabals have chosen to treat us poorly, or even to ignore our existence. In return, they have used your world's mass media as press agents for their beliefs and strategies. Yet, in spite of these obstacles, most of you know that we exist and that our formal arrival will mark an end to your present reality. Thanks to the Spiritual Hierarchy, we have also begun to make a huge dent in the way we have been secretly received by your global cabals. As a result, dear friends, we have been able to make some important agreements. These guaranties have allowed us to set the stage to give you new physical and spiritual resources. We request that you use them wisely and effectively. It is important that the Light be spread throughout your world as quickly as possible. Bear in mind that you are the Light's great foot soldiers.

      Besides our encounters with your worldly cabals, we have been involved in a series of operations that are making you gradually more aware of us. During each of the last four galactic years, we have increased our various fly-over operations. These sightings allow us to make a minimal contact. They are designed to permit you to question your reality. These operations let you see that we are real and that you are not alone. Our task is not to prove our technical superiority to your military. They already know this. Rather, it is to demonstrate our commitment to you and to prove our benevolent intentions. We have been able to approach a number of groups who deeply desire to know more about us and our mission. These vital actions are preparing the way for some important announcements for your world. They are also establishing some of the structures needed to carry out our first contact. However, on this particular subject, we must remain clear. First contact shall occur momentarily if those agreements reached with your world's cabals are not faithfully kept.

      One of our most joyous tasks has been to help your local Spiritual Hierarchy. This assignment involves the use of our Galactic Federation's Space & Exploration fleet medical teams. These medical units come from all over the Milky Way Galaxy. However, at this time we would like to commend especially the many supervising teams from the Arcturian, Pleiadean, Andromedan and Sirian star-nations. They have done yeoman's work in preparing the way for new concepts to be applied so that we can tend successfully to our many 'patients' upon your world. This program includes the integration of your Light Body and the preparation of your physical body to operate within a higher frequency. We are now in the process of awakening your new chakra system and re-circuiting your interrelated nervous and meridian systems. This has involved your brain, your spine and the major joints in your body. Dear friends, bear in mind that you are a holistic and organic mechanism made from the holy Light of Creation.

      In assisting your local Spiritual Hierarchy, we have done something unique. We have been able to utilize our various Galactic Federation medical teams clandestinely and still provide them with necessary feedback from limited consciousness humans. It was a major test of our medical training programs. It is working well and in a synergistic manner. Some of you have given us valuable detailed feedback. Still others have made 'on the spot' suggestions which proved quite helpful to us. These aids have allowed us to put forth a medical program that is successfully meeting its many objectives. Your world's population is now shifting rapidly toward a new level of consciousness. The integration of mind, body and Spirit is being accomplished as scheduled. This program has brought your local Spiritual Hierarchy into a great state of Joy. It has also permitted us to realize that our formal meeting with you is not very far away.

      While our medical teams have been monitoring and adjusting you, we have doing the same to your solar system. As noted before, your solar system can be divided into three parts: the Sun, the inner planets and the majority - the outer planets and the remnants that extend out to its farthest dust clouds. This system has been under a great deal of stress during the last million years and, especially, in the past few decades. To modify it, we have monitored it extensively and sought the heavenly assistance of the Elohim. These activities led to a series of protective and stabilizing inter-dimensional holograms. From time to time, they must be adjusted. That moment is once again upon us. We have spent the last ten days doing this necessary activity. Our fleet should complete it in the next three days.

      These adjustments are beneficial in a number of ways. First, they help to minimize the Sun's more violent performances. Keep in mind that your Sun is in a destructive stage. It still has the capability to nova quite suddenly. Hence, it must be monitored and accounted for. The Sun also needs to be made ready for its Ascension into full consciousness. Your Sun carries some important responsibilities, which need to be met before you can be moved toward the Sirius multiple-star system. Second, your Sun's family is greatly affected by the many powerful energies that are moving through it and near it. The main photon belt still surrounds you. You are also involved with some very potent spiritual energies. The only protections afforded you are your inter-dimensional holograms. Hence, we intend to remain ever vigilant in our divine service to you.

      Our liaison mission can be divided roughly into two major parts. First, there is the liaison mission to the rest of the Galactic Federation of Light. Its main purpose is to keep all members informed about this first contact mission. Due to its great complexity and importance, a number of special treaty considerations have been in play since its inception. To watch over these many provisions has been a vital part of our liaison mission. Second, there is the liaison mission between the many elements of the Spiritual Hierarchy and other key inter-dimensional forces. These sacred elements are a prime reason behind this first contact mission. It is their decrees that have set our divine timetable. And it is their gracious, sacred support that shall allow us to complete our first contact with you successfully.

      Today, we have ever so slightly described our mission to you, to allow you to understand that this mission operates at many different levels simultaneously. Dear friends, we sincerely ask you to take this information and use it to get a better understanding of what we are doing. We are here to perform mutually an activity that shall transform not only us, but also our reality. We now take our leave with a blessing. O Creator of Light and of Love, give unto these Beings of Light who dwell upon the Earth, your great spiritual and physical Supply in great Abundance so that they can complete their transformation into full consciousness as easily and as effortlessly as possible. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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