Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

August 24, 1999 (11 Cib, 9 Uo, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We arrive, surrounded by joy and with some interesting items to discuss. Today, your beloved Mother Earth is celebrating the release of a significant amount of energy. The departure of this energy permitted her to cast off most of the foundational energy that has kept your reality so fixed for nearly 13 millennia. As a result, your new reality's energies are increasingly anchoring themselves into your present reality. When it is added to the work that we in Heaven have performed, it becomes clear that this new reality is truly a 'done deal'. However, our work is not yet complete. We still need to transform your consciousness and to finish the integration of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components. This work is divided into four main segments. First, we needed to raise your physical body's frequencies and awaken you to Spirit. Second, we had to transform the nature of your RNA/DNA by activating your inner third-strand. Third, we had to recreate your former 13-chakra system. Fourth, we had to alter the composition of your inner Angelic Councils.

      As you can see, the key component in our equation is you. In previous messages, we have briefly covered some of the basics involved in transforming you. Let us now look at these items in a new light. Think of consciousness as a building with a myriad of storeys. Here, each storey is grander than the one below it. Moreover, those in the higher floors have access to all that occurs in the lower storeys. Imagine yourselves living on the seventh storey. You fondly gaze up at the penthouses on the top floors of this building and wonder if you will ever be so fortunate as to live there. One day, you learn you have received permission to move to the eleventh floor. When you move in, you discover a key to the elevator that goes to the top floors. However, you also learn that a special key code is required before you can operate the elevator. A few days later, you learn how you can gain access to this code. This process is what is now happening to you. Only, it has an additional bonus - a letter is being sent to you that permits you to reside on the top floors.

      This process of expanding your awareness is what is actually happening to you. To continue our analogy, this process is moving you toward the top floors. These top floors represent full consciousness. In them, you have complete access to all that exists in Creation. You also have the ability to experience life on any floor, either vicariously or directly. Hence, the choices you have are increased exponentially. Think of the possibilities! Imagine what you are really capable of doing! There are practically no limitations. It is this reality that we are co-creating now. Such a reality is a vast difference from the one that you currently know. This new world is one that you could view as vaguely similar to your cartoons. Imagination is its guide and wisdom is its guidebook. The paths that you can travel are infinite in number. Fun, adventure and knowledge are the reasons for the journey. You fully embrace your connection with Life and understand the nature of your uniqueness. You judge not, but seek only those items that can rapidly expand your current level of discernment.

      Consciousness is the river that you are now on. To carry our analogy to a level that may seem strange to you: Imagine consciousness as being this river and this building simultaneously. It flows hither and thither. Yet, it has both a rigid shape and the means to go from one level to another. This unusual collage is what consciousness is like. It is an experience and it is also a truly multiple illusion. Consciousness is about presence, intention and attitude. It is as changeable as the weather or as constant as your thoughts. It exists, and it is what is. Yet, there is a divine purpose in what it creates. There is a reason behind how it unfolds. Each revelation leads to another, and yet another. It encompasses joy and experiences all that there is. Consciousness is a butterfly, a microbe, or even you. It is the realms of A-E-O-N and the endless worlds of physical Creation. Consciousness is the divine plan and contains the Light and the dark that reveals its knowledge and its wisdoms.

      Dear Ones, this journey that you have undertaken is leading you into a land that is most illogical to your present mode of consciousness. Consequently, you have been given signs both in your science and in your esoteric philosophies to prepare you for what is about to happen. Chaos theory, quantum physics and Alchemy have one thing in common. They possess a high degree of strangeness to what you call logic. Yet, you have begun to accept them and their implicit consequences. They are setting you up for the next set of things that are even stranger still. Your scientists are discovering oddities that defy your concepts of science. Your inventors are creating machines that defy the limits of your logic. To keep pace, your logic has been changing and your attitudes toward change have become more accepting. In short, you are manifesting a new reality. To assist, we have provided a process that allows you to fit all of this into your reality.

      Think, dear Ones, of what this process truly entails. Visualize its utter complexity and the simplicity of its design. In a short time, it shall bring you into our realm. You shall become one with Spirit. At the same time, you shall be able to experience physicality in all its numerous forms. This is what awaits you. It is part dream and part truth. It is a cacophony of all the colors, shapes, forms and sounds that are Creation. It is a kaleidoscope of the Creator's full range of possibilities. In it, you get to choose your pieces and parts of this grand puzzle. You get to 'make sense' of it and add this wisdom to the divine plan. You have achieved the role of co-creator and become all that you are meant to be. Use it to reveal, both to yourself and to others, the beauty and the sublime Truths of this Creation.

      Life in such a reality is one that entails possibilities that may now seem unreal to you. Yet, they are real. Indeed, how does one really define 'real'? In such a world, this concept becomes thoroughly hazy. A new set of logic is required. The key to this grander logic is the ways of the Heart. This logic is one that conceives in units that take on many different realities all at once. It intuitively knows that what it sees is not necessarily what is there. Yet, it accepts and seeks the means that solves any potential difficulty. It knows instinctively how to operate in such a world. Heart-logic is the very essence of compassion and the foundation for discovering your inner wisdoms. These wisdoms are the key to living in your new reality. That, dear Ones, is why Heaven is providing you important resources.

      As you and your reality are transformed, you are becoming more able to accept what previously was unacceptable. In turn, your world is becoming more and more chaotic. A synergy is occurring that is able to move you toward this golden destination. This process is part of the divine plan. Its sense is founded upon the restoration to you of a wholeness that you lost long ago. You are really fragmented Beings. This procedure is one that is being made with Love and with a need to guide you to a destined outcome. It has many parts and many stages. As you near its last aspects, the plan begins to make sense. Yet, only when you are complete shall you truly grasp the full picture. Only then, shall you understand completely what happened, as well as the nature of the mechanisms that allowed it to transpire.

      Take in what we have said and use your inner discernment. Allow your Heart-logic to give you some additional information on what we have described to you today. Know, dear Ones, that you are changing rapidly and that your new reality is not very far off. We now take our leave with a blessing. Beings of the Earth: Take the knowledge, wisdom and Supply of Heaven and assist us in creating a new and wondrous full consciousness reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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