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Additional Bluenose Resources

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Audio CDs and CD-ROMs

The history of the Bluenose in story and song
This audio recording, written and produced by Mr. Fred Marsland, offers a complete and entertaining telling of the Bluenose story. It combines narration with original music and includes both English and French versions. It is available on both cassette and audio CD. Orders may be submitted directly to Mr. Marsland (ordering information is available).

Bluenose Schooners
Ron Schofield has created a multimedia CD-ROM containing a complete history of the original Bluenose supported by hundreds of original photographs and even original video footage of the 1938 races. In capturing and preserving so much original material, this collection is a real treasure. Proceeds from the sale of the CD-ROM go to support continued operation of Bluenose II.


Bluenose Skipper, by G. J. Gillespie
If you are at all touched by the story of Bluenose, then you will find this to be a beautiful book. It tells the story of Angus Walters, and only through him of Bluenose herself. The prose is well crafted and the story, in all its detail, compelling.

Race to Fame, by Claude Darrach
Claude Darrach spent many years as a member of the Bluenose crew and is able to tell the story with a great depth of understanding.

Bluenose: Queen of the Grand Banks, by Feenie Ziner
This account of the Bluenose saga is written by an American who was born in Brooklyn just a few days before Bluenose was launched. It offers some interesting counterpoint to the story, though not in a way that diminishes it. The book was intended in part for a younger audience and can make a good resource for school projects.

Bluenose, by Brian and Phil Backman
Brian Backman was the Canadian Press copy boy sent to cover the launch of Bluenose II in 1963. That event sparked an interest in the story that eventually lead to the writing of this book, in collaboration with his father. The telling of the story is complemented by dozens of superb photographs by W.R. MacAskill and many others. Much of the material is drawn from earlier books (Bluenose Skipper [Gillespie] and Schooner Bluenose [Merkell]), but there are several new elements as well.

Bluenose & Bluenose II, by Keith McLaren
The story of Bluenose is repeated here, though in somewhat less detail than many other books. While these others devote most of their pages to the original ship, however, Bluenose & Bluenose II fills in many important details concerning the replica.

A Spirit Deep Within: Naval Architect W.J. Roue and the Bluenose Story, by Joan E. Roue
This book, written by the granddaughter of W.J. Roue, provides a detailed account of his professional life. Roue has, to me, always seemed very enigmatic. Who was he that he was able to give Bluenose such magic? The answers are here, and I read them with great enthusiasm.

Measured Drawings of Bluenose II, by L.B. Jenson
This portfolio of drawings captures every aspect of the original Bluenose design, from keel to masthead. It is an invaluable resource for model builders. A more complete description is available.


The Bluenose II Preservation Trust
Although I have a great interest in the Bluenose story, and have made every attempt to make my own account of it accurate and complete, I am by no means an expert on the subject. Furthermore, I know very little concerning Bluenose II. The ship is currently operated by the Bluenose II Preservation Trust, an organization that is headquartered in Lunenburg and run by many people with a great deal more knowledge than myself. Their Web site offers several alternatives for contacting them, and contains a great deal of information concerning the on-going operation of Bluenose II. Their Ship's Store can provide nearly any Bluenose related item that is currently available, and they offer an on-line catalogue.

There are many on-line resources devoted to all aspects and kinds of sailing. The Schoonerman site provides a valuable distillation of those resources pertaining to schooners and everything that concerns them.

The 1920 race
This page provides a marvellous account of the very first race for the Trophy, from the perspective of the American victor.

The Bluenose class sloop
At a time when interest in preserving Bluenose was beginning to fade, a group from Halifax commissioned W.J. Roue to produce a design for a class of small sloops to be named after the aging champion, in order to perpetuate her memory. Like the original Bluenose, the design was a resounding success. Now, many decades later, the class is still thriving. This collection introduces the on-going story.


The Bluenose song
Bluenose has been commemorated in several well loved songs. Here is my favourite.

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