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The Taliban "Collective"

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The Updated Who is Who of the Taliban, as of March 1, 2000

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As you may notice, we have only began to draw an outline of the issues that we wish to discuss regarding Taliban. We would like to invite your contribution and input towards completing the sub-sections outlined in this page. You can also suggest new sub-sections and issue that we have have overlooked.

Basic Taliban
Taliban's Policy
  • General Policy Outline of  Taliban
  • Taliban & Afghan Ethnic Groups
  • Taliban's "system" of Government, Ministries and command hierarchy
  • Taliban's judiciary system, roots and reality
  • Taliban's "Shura" 
  • Taliban's Foreign Policy in Afghanistan
  • Taliban's Policy towards the "Aqwam" of Afghanistan -- Divide & Rule ? 
  • Pakistan's show case of Taliban in diplomatic circles
  • The so called "Ambassador" of Taliban in United Nations
The Traditional Afghan Taliban
  • Mullah & Talib
  • What is it like to be a Talib
  • What are the stages of Islamic Studies under Afghan Cleric System
  • "Haq-e-Mullah"
  • What is the re-invented derogative, "Chalee",  mean (in context of emergence of Taliban) ?
  • The Afghan Talib persona


The Pakistani Taliban
  • The new militant kids on the block
  • The new inner circle of Taliban
Taliban "Dar Maseer Tareekh"
Taliban & Northern Alliance
  • The initial reaction
  • The beginning of enmity
  • National, Moral or Ethnic factors ? is it Dogma or Ethnicity that Spurs the opposition
  • Pakistan & Iran's Proxy War
  • Anti-Taliban Rhetoric ? Disguised Anti-Pashtun racism ? Where does Anti-Taliban rehtorics end and disguised racism begin (same argument applies to anti-Northern Alliance rhetoric by its opposition)
Military Maneuvers of Taliban
Taliban & World Community
Taliban & Women Rights
  • Gender "Apartheid" by the Taliban & Anti-Women Rhetoric by Pakistani "Islamist" Militants
  • The Politicization of Afghan Women Rights under the Taliban rule -- Over night Champions of Women-Rights-R-Us
  • "Chadari" (Veil) -- a Taliban Invention or Inherited  Relics of Afghan Male Patriarchy (also, is political change or social evolution the answer ?)
  • Women's education and women's healthcare (or lack thereof ) under Taliban
Taliban & the anti-Soviet Jihad
  • Harakat Islami 
  • The "Da Talibano Jabha" & their Jihad Era Contribution
  • CIA Arms Pipeline and Taliban's Quota
  • Who is Who of Jihad Era Taliban
  • Where are the old guards
Taliban & the Mass Media
  • Journalists & Taliban
  • Its the "Communication" Stupid
  • Taliban's  Friends & Foes in the International mass media
  • The "Northern Alliance" News agencies
  • Taliban's News Agencies
  • Are the "French" journalists pro-Northern Alliance ?
  • Pro & Anti Taliban Lobby Groups
Taliban & Terrorism
  • Bin Laden's Year round "Santa Clause" Factor for Taliban
  • Is it the "honor" stupid or simply "money" stupid -- why are Taliban holding on to Bin Laden
  • The Pakistani "Maddrasa-ee" militants amongst Taliban
Books & Symposiums About Taliban

Taliban's Current Affairs

Taliban Studies in the World Community


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