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rotate 2.20 ßeta *FREE*

Screenshot of version 2.00: (click on thumbnail)

rotate is a freeware program for PC's to view and rotate 3-D images in *.rot format, compatible with files written for Rotater (for the Mac). This format can contain single dots (which can be displayed at various sizes) and/or wireframes, in a number of colors. See below for some *.rot files.

I've started writing in the summer of '96 and since then over a dozen upgrades have been released. Many features were added thanks to feedback from users.

Brand new release of 16 March '99. What's new: more than two depth cueing shades, when the file does not require all color planes for its coloring.

The newsletter hasn't been sent for a long while, maybe next time when there's a new version.

DOS binarydocumentationrot files  Download rotate 2.20 ßeta (71 K zip)

The zip contains (DOS VGA program), as well as rotate.txt and whatsnew.txt (readme files) and copying.txt (GNU public licence). A number of sample *.rot files have been bundled.
Also contains notes for use in Windows, and the icon rotate.ico which you can assign to the program, as well as rotfile.ico which Windows 95/98 users can assign to the *.rot file type.
Also included a Windows 95/98 reg file to merge into your registry, with instructions. This automates much of the installation under Windows 95/98.

C sourcesasm sourcesimage resourcesdocumentation  Download v 2.20 source code (188 K zip)

Complete source, consisting of C, assembly, and BMPs. Includes headers, makefile for MS C 7.00 PWB, the low level I/O routines used, and a BMP to OBJ framing tool.

You do not need the source to run the program. Provided for those who like that sort of thing :-)

you will want some image files to look at of course.

rotate newsletter

If you want to be kept informed of upgrades, you can subscribe to the new rotate newsletter. Just send an email to to subscribe. Any message text or header other than "unsubscribe" <g> will be construed as a request to subscribe. Frequency: irregular, a few times per year, basically whenever a new version is released.

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