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Here you can download the PowerPak library and find links to the libraries it depends on. Before you look at the source that let me just say in defense of it's sloppiness that it was original supposed to be a small collection of graphics primitives that I would come back later and optimize/clean-up. It seems to have taken on a life of it's own and grown into a much more ambitious project. I assure you that one day the source code will be a little less sloppy. :)

The stable version of PowerPak is 2K0511. At the current moment PowerPak is only available in source code form. It can be compiled with the GNU compiler on Linux, BeOS, and Windows. It has also successfully been compiled with Visual C and contains a Visual C project file. You can get the source code here.

The development version of PowerPak (1.42) is the one that is on the bleeding edge. It should be fairly stable, but is of yet unproven. It contains many features that the stable version doesn't and is therefore worth a try. If you didn't visit the news page, the development version has troubles compiling on Windows. If you feel you can fix that then by all means download it and send a patch my way. You can grab the source code here.