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You have made your way to Gail's Recipe Swap Archive. There's plenty to read here, but no way to post. If you are not finished with a conversation started in this archive, click here to return to the active forum. Be sure to include the number of the post you want to respond to or the rest of us won't know what you are talking about.

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1. Cobb Salad (ghorwood)
1. Concerned about time (Cobb concerned)
1. Re: Concerned (ghorwood)
1. Cobb curious (C. Tupper)
1. Response to Cobb Curious (pwilson)
1. rrf (awefws sadfsafsfsf)
1. tyutyu (tyututyu)
2. hommos (javaman)
1. Hommus (Paul VanSavage)
1. Hummous/Hommus (peterj)
1. Hummous (peterj)
4. WANTED: Squash & Peanut Soup (Adrienne)
3. Clear Mushroom Soup (Eagle BII)
4. From an original Cobb (Carolyn Cobb)
2. christmas goose help! (Waldo)
1. Basic Roast Goose (Paul Joselow)
1. goose the trial (Sandi)
1. goose on trial (Dale)
2. Roast Goose (Leonard Phillips)
4. Goose update (Gunnar Gram)
5. Goose update (Gunnar Gram)
3. Recipes wanted for wild-shot duck (Cindy Riskin)
1. wild duck suggestions (Jody L. Fields)
2. Recipe for the wild duck gal (Sarah Finkenstaedt)
3. Wild duck recepe's...mmmmm (Steve)
1. Wild Duck (Larry Hulsman)
4. wild duck (Eric Dugdale)
4. Wanted:lemon tart made with sliced lemons (Cindy Riskin)
1. Lemon Tart with sliced lemons (Steve Hewins)
1. Shaker Lemon Pie (Gayle Meyers)
2. Shaker Lemon Pie: Recipe (PennyF)
3. Lemon Pound Cake (nwright)
1. Lemon "bundt" cake (Katherine)
1. Glazed Lemon Cake for Jennifer (Katherine)
1. Thanks Katherine! This recipe looks great! (Jennifer Patterson)
2. Glazed Lemon Cake ... (Stephanie L.)
3. Lemon Poppyseed Pound Cake Recipe (Kellie)
1. Angel Food Cake? (Rachel)
1. Raspberry Truffle Cake (Kellie)
4. Sour Cream Lemon Pie (Kathy V)
5. Tarte au citron (Suzanne Thomas )
5. Looking for Poppy Seed Cheesecake recipe (Deborah Onat)
1. Poppy Seed Cake recipe (Linda Selden)
2. Orange Poppyseed Cheesecake w/Lemon Glaze (Heidi Marie Nustvold)
1. I like cheesecake! (Obianuju N. Jackson)
6. Chicken with Chestnut Sauce (randi)
1. Braised Chicken and Chestnuts (Ilene Sterns)
7. Wild Duck with Pecan Stuffing (Cathy )
8. Lemon Cheese Tarts (Cathy)
10. Devil's Food Cake (Cathy)
1. Frosting? (ghorwood)
1. easy & amazing chocolate frosting (Jennifer Davis)
1. Thank you (Del Delmage)
2. The best ever low fat/any flavour frosting (Samantha Boswell)
1. Icing Sugar? (Annelle Hamilton)
2. Another Devilšs Food cake (Michelle Echenique)
3. Delicious Devil's Food and Chocolate Leaves (Emily-Jane)
11. Devil's Food Cake (Liz Mabey)
12. Looking for Honey Pumpkin Pie (Renee Roach)
1. Pumpkin Pie with honey (Janice Gill)
13. Need a special stuffing for turkey (Evonne R.)
1. Excellent Stuffing Recipe (Steve and Kate)
3. Southern Calif Corn-Bread Stuffing (Steve & Kate)
1. Corn-Bread Stuffing (Suzanne)
4. My Turkey Stuffing (Richard Young)
5. Cheating on Special Stuffing (John Berryman)
1. Xtra special stuffing (jennifer)
2. Kudos to Jennifer (Lisa)
6. Focaccia Stuffing (Margaret Gould)
7. Mom's Stuffing (Jory Rubinger)
9. Garlic Olive Oil (Jamie)
14. Moist Turkey Dressing (Peter Koeleman)
1. Lindler@univscvm.csd.scarolina.edu (Pat Lindler)
1. Safer? (Peter Koeleman)
1. no HTML (Vicki Brayant)
2. Maybe Safer... (sandra)
1. Simple Answer to Safe (Lisa)
2. Good, rich chicken broth (Susanne Pruett)
3. Good, rich chicken broth (Susanne Pruett)
1. Chicken Broth Dressing? (Sandra Mitchell)
1. my mother's recipe (Susanne Pruett)
1. Thanks ! (Sandra)
4. Applesauce and.......turkey stock! (Dale)
5. How to bake a moister turkey (Teresa Parker)
2. Turkey (Steve)
15. Beer Mustard (Jack Hughes)
1. Beer Mustard: Brand worth trying (Penny)
2. The Mount Horeb Mustard Museum (Mary Ann Kelly)
1. Mount Horeb Mustard Museum (D.J.)
3. Beer Mustard (Malcolm C. Kronby)
16. Chicken w/avocadoes & raspberry vinegar (old BA recipe) (Deborah Conrad)
1. Chicken Saute with Oranges and Avocados (Susan Beck)
1. Sounds delicious!.... (Nicole Champagne)
1. Recipe for Chicken w/Oranges & Avocados (Deborah Conrad)
17. Chocolate Chip Cookies wanted (Jennifer Davis)
1. oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (Sue Mulroney (the suster, Kenna's Mom))
2. Butter Flavor Crisco Receipe (Renee)
1. Butter Flavor Crisco Receipe by phone (Carol Chappell)
3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Shari)
4. Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Shari)
1. chocolate chip cookie recipe (rbh)
5. Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip (Richard Young)
1. Dixie's Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (Allyn)
2. Vanilla Bean (Chris Beard)
1. Vanilla Bean Sources (Richardy Young)
1. Vanilla Bean Sources - Thanks Richard (Chris Beard)
2. Where are you located? (Lisa)
6. Chocolate Chip Cookies (Rochelle Hoffer)
7. My Mom's Chocolate Chip Cookies (Teri Woodrow)
8. A few thoughts on c. c. cookies (Kathy Osborne)
1. Generic Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe (art)
9. Cookie recipe wanted using Hersheys kisses (Jennifer)
18. cake in a canning jar (gloria gebhart)
1. Maxwell House to the rescue (Nicki Dugan)
1. Still Looking (gloria gebhart)
1. Still looking (Tina Whalen)
1. cake in a canning jar (gloria)
3. Info on Cake in a Canning Jar (Cindy)
1. Thanks for instruction (gloria)
1. Some precautions (carma)
1. Yes I am interested (Emily-Jane)
1. Home-canned Pumpkin Bread (carma)
2. Kahlua (Steve)
1. Elane, chef (elane dgb@ student.Umass.edu)
1. Kona coffee chicken...Steve's recepe (Steve)
6. Need recipe for Hot Chocolate Pie (Melssa)
19. In Search of Stuffed Pepper Recipe (Andrea S.)
1. Green Peppers Latino (Kathy)
2. Response to Stuffed Green Peppers (Kathy V.)
1. Grandmother's Stuffed Pepper Recipe (Teresa Parker)
1. Stuffed Bell Peppers (Eric Mayer)
1. Stuffed Peppers--additional hint! (Tamar Duke-Cohan)
1. Stuffed peppers (Edda Schulz)
2. Stuffed Peppers My Way (LISA M.)
3. Stuffed Peppers My Way (LISA M.)
3. Suggestions for More Interesting Stuffed Peppers (dane)
4. Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers and/or Zucchini & Tomatoes (Ayana Haviv)
5. Middle Eastern Stuffed Peppers and/or Zucchini & Tomatoes (Ayana Haviv)
6. Search for vegitarian stuffed peppers (Emily-Jane)
1. Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers (Linda)
1. Another Veg additive (meg sittler)
8. Turkish-Mexican version (suzan)
1. turkish-mexican version (Apaydin-Soberanes)
1. Cooking from A to Z, Better Homes & Gardens (Renee)
1. Good Cookbook (Monica Hurley)
1. Same Authors (Penny)
2. New Basics (LKaplan)
1. Absolutely New Basics! (Sandra)
3. Looking for Belgium Waffles (Helen Bush)
2. Cooking With The Seasons by Lesa Heebner (Lesa Heebner)
3. Fannie Farmer -- Queen of Classic (Nicki Dugan)
4. King ARthur Flour 200th Anniv. Cookbook (Fran Rodgers - franr@globalone.net)
5. A second endorsement for Cooking A to Z and... (Diana) (Diana B.)
1. Errata... change to the previous response (Diana B.)
2. CCA: A to Z (Penny)
6. Good Cookbook (Sabina)
7. Good Cookbook (Tina Whalen)
8. The Basic Gourmet (Ruth Smith)
1. Basic Cookbook (Peterj)
1. The Basic Gourmet (details) (Ruth Smith)
1. Basic Gourmet (Peter Fiander)
9. best of bridge (claudia)
10. The Settlement Cookbook (Michael A. Schoenfield)
11. Good Cookbook (Dolph)
12. Good Cookbook - Additional Thoughts (Dolph)
13. The Joy Of Cooking (Cathy Zadel)
1. Joy of Cooking (Carl Kleinebecker)
1. Old Joy is Best (Meg)
1. Joy Joke (Pat in Tokyo)
1. WAIN (wain perkins)
2. Ode to Joy (Cathy Zadel)
14. recommended cookbooks (Katie)
1. good cookbooks (Ann)
15. Joy of Cooking is great (Allyn)
1. Joy of Cooking (Kathryn Holmes)
16. Good Basic Classic English Cookbook (roland walton)
17. The Way To Cook - Second Endorsement (Erin Bulman)
18. Try a Cookbook for your PC (Todd Pleune)
1. PC Cookbooks (Sandra Mitchell)
2. Cookbook USA CD-Rom, 1,095,000 recipes! (Richard A. Stevens)
1. Cookbook USA CD ROM (Marc Westom)
2. USA CD-Rom recipes (Sallie Hodges)
19. Southern Living (Amy)
1. Southern Living (Patricia L. Brown)
20. Don't Eat Your Heart Out (Melissa Taylor)
21. A vote for Sarah Leah Chase's books (Penny)
22. Here are several suggestions, to progress. (John Peterson)
23. Rose Elliot's Vegetarian Cookery (Ellyn Daly)
1. Semi-Vegetarian (Annelle)
1. Semi-Veggie (peterj)
2. Semi-Veg cookbbok (Jodi Boltuc, Toronto, Canada)
24. I need to get myself a good cookbook (M.Harris)
25. Doubleday (maryjo.miller)
26. Four generations and still strong (Fiona McPherson)
27. Great Cookbook (Alexa)
28. Beat all around cookbook (Alex H.)
30. All American Cooking by Beard (Pam)
1. american cookery....james beard (sheilah from phow\enix)
31. Chopstix (judy berman)
21. LIVE LOBSTERS!!! (Jennifer Condon)
1. Lobster cooking (Dale Hollenback)
2. Lobsters in 3 minutes (khanh@nsegc.bu.edu)
3. Re: Lobsters (Kathy Ayres)
4. Lobster suggestions (Steve)
1. Lobster prepared the way God intended (J Morgan)
1. This is exactly how it was intended! (Katherine_Cronin)
22. Seeking Pumpkin Pie that forms own crust (Renee Roach)
1. Impossible Pumpkin Pie (Cathy Zadel)
2. Impossible Pumpkin Pie (Charlotte Miller)
3. Impossible Pumpkin Pie Update (Rose)
23. Need Mille Strata Recipe (Wendy McCool)
24. Looking for Your Best Tailgate Recipes (Rick Dalporto)
1. What is a tailgate? (Deanne Tomlinson)
1. tailgates (Joe Kirby)
2. tailgates (LISA)
3. Real Tailgate (jim and maureen)
4. tailgates in hawaii (Chris Woods)
5. Try this tailgate! (Amy)
2. Jalapeno Eggs (Kathy)
1. Huh??? (Pat)
1. HMMM...... (Mike)
2. Math (Jessica)
1. DUH-H-H! (Pat in Tokyo)
2. This Is Going to Score Points (LISA M)
25. Orange Chocolate Cake (Tristan Hanlon)
26. Waffling over Waffles (Nicki Dugan)
1. Here's a suggestion (Diana B.)
1. I made them....... (Diana B.)
2. Light Waffles (Debbie G.)
3. Making Belgian Waffles (Penny)
1. $12.95 Here I Come (Nicki Dugan)
1. Response to Nicki (Penny)
2. Best Belgian Waffles (Glenn and Dorothy Galbraith)
27. Beef Jerky (South African "Biltong") (Joseph Spinelli)
1. I once saw a biltong recipe at a great distance (Jim Dillon)
2. Biltong - rec.food.recipes:index (Allison McCullough)
1. Spicy Beef Jerky (Marj Henderson)
1. BBJ(best beef jerky) in Oz (Jennene)
2. BBJ(best beef jerky) in Oz (Jennene)
3. Jerky Recipe (Dan Eaton)
4. Where to buy Biltong (Carol Young)
28. Wanted: Recipe for Tres Leches Cake (Pam Quigley)
1. Tres Leches Source (Jean Cunningham)
29. "Forget the Calories" Brachiolle (Dawn)
1. Sounds good, but ... (Pat in Tokyo)
30. Need Recipe for Jalapeno Cheesecake (Becki Oeswein)
1. Try a spicy glaze (Carol)
31. Question to Gail's Recipe Swap (Ivy Kao)
1. see #52 for a beef wellington recipe (Laura)
32. What is Sambuca? (Gail Huddleston)
1. Sambuca (gloria)
1. Thanks....Gloria (gail)
2. Not All Sambuca is Created Equal (Victor)
1. The coffee beans and fire sound better than the cookies (gail huddleston)
3. Wait! There's more to Sambuca than just cooking. (Tracy )
33. recipe for flaming pasta in florence (Andrea)
1. Risposta per Andrea (Gian Mario)
1. thank you to gian (andrea)
2. thanks gian (andrea)
34. Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Peter Koeleman)
1. Pasta Salad with Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Karen Morgan)
2. To make them or use them? (Penny)
3. Pasta w/sun-dried tomatoes, olives, garlic, etc. (Gina)
4. Jax Stuffed Chicken Breast (Kathy Schendzielos)
5. Sun Dried Tomato Pesto (joanne)
1. Here's another way (Bill Graeper)
6. Meat Loaf & Sun Dried Tomatoes (Jo-Anne Forbes)
7. Searching for dessert using Sun-Dried Tomatoes (Kiriel)
35. A question about using cooking-spray (Diana B.)
1. reguarding cooking spray (kkamm)
2. Cooking spray with non-stick pans (Cathy Zadel)
3. Cooking Spray and non-stick pans (Mary Ann Edson)
1. remedy for cooking spray film (lbonin)
4. Cooking Spray - and - Popcorn! (C.Tanner)
5. Removing Spray Gum (Ryk E)
36. Sweet and Sour Beef Stew (Phyllis Stillman)
1. Sweet and Sour Beef Stew (Susan Beck)
37. Looking for Blueberry Vinaigrette Salad Dressing (Roy t. saplin, jr)
1. Just saw one (Todd Betterley)
38. Picnic Sandwich (Emily Willingham)
1. Muffeletta? (Cathy Zadel)
2. Stuffed Bread Sandwich (Gooses)
3. Stuffed sandwich (david w.)
39. good restaurants in London??? (Carrie)
1. London Restaurants (ghorwood)
2. I know a good place or two (S. Rowland)
1. Victoria and Albert Tearoom (Bruce Rosen)
3. London favorites (Stella)
4. pubs and restaurants (Roland from England)
1. GORDON'S WINE BAR (Nigel Urry)
5. Voice from Canada (Paul)
1. London Restaurants (Jodi from Toronto)
6. Thanks! (Carrie)
7. La Pont de la Tour (John Peterson)
8. Wagamama (Lauren)
9. Not to be missed! (Amundsen)
1. "Ethnic" London (sandra mitchell)
10. Le Gavroche (Fernando Arriaga)
1. Le G (Nick Sweeney)
11. Alaistair Little (KPrecht)
40. Bread Machine Recipes (Debbie Gorney)
1. My Favorite Bread Machine Cookbook (Hal Heinze)
2. A series of bread machine cookbooks from Elizabeth Kaspar (Elizabeth A. Kaspar)
3. Honey Oatmeal Bread (Debra Sherrill)
4. Creative Bread Machine Recipes (Linda Selden)
5. Additional request for bread recipes (Carole Carroll)
1. Bread recipes(cookbook) (Fran Rodgers)
2. My Favorite Bread Book (Ruth Kahn)
3. Hearty Honey White (Cathy A.)
6. Electric Bread (Kathy Schendzielos)
1. Honey Wheat (Debbie Gorney)
7. ...and another thing ... (Pat from Tokyo)
8. ? Bread Machines ? Which are best ? (Mike from Denver ( OK... Castle Rock ))
1. Here's what I think. . . (carma Christensen)
2. Alternative to Bread Machine . (Jane Khondker)
41. recipe for chocolate rum cake (julie adams)
1. Bacardi Double-Chocolate Rum Cake (Heidi Marie Nustvold)
3. Chocolate Rum Cake (Archie Warner)
42. Salad Nicoise with Fresh Tuna (Mary Ann Edson)
1. Fresh Tuna Nicoise (Cathy Zadel)
44. Looking for pate recipe and/or pate cookbooks (Sharon Leiser)
1. Black Bean Pate (Kathy)
1. black bean pate (Raquel)
1. Response to what is a water bath? (Sharon Leiser)
2. Thank you (Sharon)
2. Artichoke Velvet Casserole (Kathy)
3. Chicken Liver Pate (Kathy)
4. Country Style Terrine (Kathy)
5. Smoked Trout Pate (Kathy)
6. Camembert and Walnut Pate (Kathy)
7. Chicken Liver Pate (Harry)
1. Thank you (sharon)
45. Good Cookbook (Tina Whalen)
46. Canning or Freezing Apples (Holly Wettstein)
1. What apples to cook with? (Bethanne Moore)
2. apples to cook with (gwen)
3. Cooking Apples (Cathy Zadel)
4. Golden Delicious (Holly Wettstein)
5. Gravensteins, Northern Spy, Granny Smith and more (Stan Detering)
6. Can only "baking apples" be baked? (Natasha Cooper)
1. Baking apples (Cathy Zadel)
2. Freezing apples (Cathy Zadel)
1. Thank you. (Holly Wettstein)
1. Steam apples before freezing? (Cathy Zadel)
2. Another crafy apple freezing trick (E. Thomas)
1. It's a Winner! (Cathy Zadel)
3. How long? (G.Fox)
4. Freeze for how long? (G.Fox)
5. A space saving way to freeze apples for apple pie (Archie Warner)
47. Flower Pot Bread (Nancy)
1. Potted Herb and Cheese Bread (sheree.rush)
1. Potted Bread (sheree.rush)
2. New Zealand favorite dessert (Tess)
1. Is it a Pavlova? (Penny)
2. Pumpkin Bread in a flower pot (steve)
1. Pumpkin Bread in a flower pot (Nancy Gulick)
2. Ingenious Idea! (Nicki on Oahu)
3. Preparing the flower pot (Janice Murray Gill)
1. Thanks (NancyG)
4. Cheese and Apple Loaves (Sakdoi)
50. Yemenite Pizza anyone? (sarah christian)
1. Mellawach (Yemeni bread) with Zchug (hot sauce) (Ayana Haviv)
1. Thanks so much (sarah)
51. Recipe for Chocolate Nougat? (Ruth Smith)
1. Recipe for plain white nougat? (Diana B.)
1. White Nougat (Ruth)
1. White Nougat (correction) (Ruth)
52. Does anyone have a Beef Wellington recipe? (Ivy Kao)
1. Beef Wellington (Beverly Wills)
2. Wellington with a Twist (LISA M)
53. Fried tofu how-to (Josh Friedman)
1. Frying Tofu (Robert R. Pascal)
1. Seeking tofu recipes (E. Thomas)
1. Ma Po To Fu (Huong Le)
2. Vegetarian Tofu burgers (edwardsm)
3. "Mabo" or "Grandmother's" Tofu (Pat in Tokyo)
4. Tofu, Cheese,and Green Chilies Enchiladas (Kari)
5. Tofu for kids (Melissa)
6. Hot Tofu Salad (Laura Buckley)
54. Looking for Bolognese Sauce Recipe (AZ Dick)
1. Re: Bolognaise Sauce (Kathy Ayres)
2. Bolognese Sauce Recipe (Dolph)
3. Re: Ragu' alla Bolognese (Maria Luce)
4. another bolognese (Doug Hoffman)
5. Bolognese Sauce reply (Julie Bickley)
55. Mikes Enchilladas or Mexican Lasagna (Mike Takacs)
56. Chocolate Cheesecake (Renee M. Brinkhous)
1. Chocolate Fudge Cheesecake (Cathy Zadel)
1. Where did you get this recipe? (Donn Smith)
1. I got it here (Cathy Zadel)
5. I got it here (Cathy Zadel)
2. WANTED - French Silk Pie Recipe - Can anyone HELP?!? (Spicee Coelho (first name is pronounced Spicy))
1. French Silk Pie (Cathy Zadel)
2. French Silk Pie (Jennifer Patterson)
3. FRENCH SILK PIE (Archie Warner)
3. pumkin carmel pie (bonnie evans)
1. pumkin carmel pie (bonnie evans)
57. Hot Wings (John Kim)
1. hot wings (kathy)
2. Hot Wings recipe (Kathy Sauer)
3. Mikes Death wings! (Mike)
4. Essential Ingredients (Matt Sargent)
5. Nuclear Buffalo Wings (Dale Sweetnam)
6. Mickey's Fave Hot Wings (Tom Menard)
1. Buffalo Ed's Hot Wings (Ed Jen)
1. Review to follow... (Mike Galvin)
7. What is Durkee's Hot Sauce??? (Pat in Tokyo)
1. How will I describe this??? (Mike Galvin)
2. Shipment? (Mike Galvin)
1. Gee, Thanks! (Pat in Tokyo)
1. No Problemo! (Mike Galvin)
58. Wanted- Recipes using FRESH FIGS- especiallydesserts! (Stephanie Spaid)
1. Chicken with figs/Fig Ice cream (laurie drummond)
1. FIGS!!! (Stephanie Spaid)
1. Fig Ice Cream (Laurie Drummond)
2. Fig Tart (Laurie Drummond)
3. Supremes of Chicken with Fresh Figs in Gin (Laurie Drummond)
2. Figs & Strawberries (Mike)
59. WANTED: Antelope Recipes (Allison McCullough)
1. Antelope recepe's (Steve)
2. Antelope Hints (J A Dunn)
1. Fettuccine all'Alfredo (Dolph)
2. "Authentic" (well, authentically great) fettucine alfredo (Katherine_Cronin)
1. Fredo's Sauce (Dale)
1. That's what the red wine is for! (Katherine)
61. Help...I need some good easy dishes for a holiday buffet buffet (beverly j.kawabe)
1. Chicken Marbella (Josh Friedman)
62. Typically British Hors d'oeuvres? (Mary Ellen Taylor-Polatty)
1. Ploughman's lunch (Roblyn)
2. English cocktail foods (Roland from England)
63. WANTED: Gravy without drippings...impossible? (Robyn)
1. Gravy without drippings (Cathy Zadel)
2. Vegetarian gravy, no drippings needed (Ellyn Daly)
64. Wanted: Crispy Flounder Recipe (Kathy)
1. Response to Crispy Flounder Request (Propp)
65. Cheesecake al la Snowshoes (Michael A. Schoenfield)
66. Awesome Tortilla Soup (Felicia)
1. Better, more autentico sopa de torilla (jennifer)
67. WANTED (B. Reed)
1. Whipped Cream Lady Cake (Cathy Zadel)
1. LADY CAKE A DELIGHT!!! (Pamela)
68. Watned: Authentic Goulash Recipe (Peter Koeleman)
1. Authentic Hungrarian Goulash (Ayana Haviv)
1. Thanks! (peter koeleman)
1. Authentic Hungarian Gulasch (I think) (Edda Schulz, Washington DC)
1. Hungarian Goulash - I think (Stella)
69. WANTED: Pan Cit recipe (Allyn)
71. The only garlic bread my husband will eat (Samantha Boswell)
72. Chinese pork/chicken balls - help! (Stuart Oliver)
1. Chicken pork balls remedy(I think!) (david w)
73. Wanted! Blender Coconut Pie recipe (DOVERTON)
1. Impossible Coconut Pie (Nora McNerthney)
1. Thanks (DOverton)
1. Impossible variations (Nora)
1. Pumpkin Variation (Renee)
2. Variations (DOverton)
3. more variations (b. b.)
1. Fried Cheese (sue)
1. Cheesestick Problems (Mary Ann K)
1. Making Breading Stick (John Berryman)
1. Question about the Milk (Mary Ann K)
1. Evaporated Milk (John Berryman)
2. SAGANAKI (fried cheese/Greek rec.) (Mary Papanicolaou)
1. Saganaki (Lpq)
1. Thank you. (Mary Pap.)
75. Looking for a recipe for brutti ma buoni (Esther Kwan)
1. The Ugly But Good (i brutti ma buoni) (gloria)
2. Canadian Living Recipe - Brutti ma Buoni (troller (Mary Auger))
76. Halloween Recipes?? (Jennifer)
1. Spider cake (Susan Beck)
1. Spider Cake (Amelia Gardner)
2. Choclate spiders (leprechaun)
3. Check this out.... (Diana B.)
4. The Penny Whistle Halloween Book - A URL (Marietta Douglas)
1. WANTED - Garlic-infused olive oil recipe (ehodge)
77. Oesterreichische Kueche: Leberkaese Anyone? (Richard Young)
1. Leberkaese - the real thing (Erin Bulman)
1. Vielen Dank! (Richard)
2. Leberkaese diameter (maribel_b)
1. Your Leberkaese Erlebnisse (Richard Young)
1. Leberkaese - still interested? (Edda)
1. Yes please! (Mike Galvin)
2. Ja bitte! (Richard Young)
1. Leberkaese (Edda)
1. Leberkaese - the recipe (Edda)
1. Thank you Edda. (Richard Young)
78. Who Knows about flavoring Olive Oil (Tom Carroll)
1. Infusing oils...recipe and advice (Diana B.)
1. Infusing oils (Peter Fiander)
2. Flavoring Olive Oil (Teresa Parker)
3. Flavored Oils (Linda Selden)
4. Peri-peri HOT oil (Richard A Stevens)
79. Need passion/basil/red wine sauce (Eric Novikoff)
80. 80. computer programs for organizing recipes? (amy rosenberg)
1. Software (Trasy)
2. Computer program of choice (Joe Kirby)
3. Mealmaster (Debbie)
1. Mealmaster (Peter)
1. Mealmaster (Michelle)
4. MasterCook II (John Peterson)
1. MasterCook II (Mark Adam)
1. Yes, please (Katherine Precht)
1. Vinegar (Mary)
82. Looking for Dutch Apple Pie (Jason Burmeister)
1. Dutch Apple Pie (Frederique Clowting)
1. Dutch Apple Pie (Jason Burmeister)
2. Dutch Apple Pie (Frederique Clowting)
83. REQUEST (Tobey & Playgroup Moms in Tokyo)
1. Grahm Craker Houses (Teresa Parker)
1. Great idea! (Tamar D-C)
2. Great idea! (Tamar D-C)
3. Thanksgiving Hands (Mary)
3. Social Tea Houses are great (Ellen )
4. Chocolates for all seasons (Tamar D-C)
84. problem with a Sichuan dish (Joern Piel)
85. Carrot Pie (Melissa )
1. Gradma Stapleton's Spiced Carrot Pie (Richard Young)
1. Chinese spareribs (Mindy Goldsborough)
87. Dinner Party (Oreluwa Mahoney)
1. Parchment Packet Potatoes (Cathy Zadel)
2. A great simple dessert (Cathy Zadel)
3. My favorite Chicken (Cathy Zadel)
1. 1 hour? (Jeff Fraga)
1. Cooking time (Cathy Zadel)
2. I made this yesterday (11/12), try 2 hours (Roland)
1. TWO HOURS??!! (Cathy Zadel)
4. My favorite salad (Cathy Zadel)
88. HELP (J. A. Farrell)
89. Beginner's Bread??? (Diana B.)
1. Ches' Pepper Cheese Bread (Cathy Zadel)
2. Buy Beard! (John Berryman)
3. Get Sunset's Breads book (Linda Selden)
4. Bread books (Jennifer Davis)
5. Great bread books (Penny)
6. my only bread book (Cindy)
7. my only bread book (Cindy)
8. a Real good Bread cookbook (Richard)
9. Another Bread Book (Emily-Jane)
10. Shredded Wheat Bread (Too good to be true!) (rbh)
11. Bread Book (Andy Grant)
12. good bread books (Jan de Regt)
90. Individual Pecan Pies (Jill Ullman)
1. Smaller crusts and Tea-time tassies (Teresa Parker)
1. Re: smaller crust and tassies (Jill U.)
91. Baked Beans???? (Karin Kaarsoo)
1. Baked Bean Recipe (Klann)
2. Incredible Baked Beans (Richard Young)
92. REQ: Chicken and Noodles (Debra Sherrill)
93. Cooking chicken in a CrockPot: Is it safe? (Tracy Wrey)
1. Safe if you brown first (Laurie)
2. Cookbook (Holly Wettstein)
3. Crock Pot Chicken (Wendy McCool)
4. Safe Crock-Pot recipes (Linda Selden)
5. No whole Chilkens in the crock pot (Candee Parkhurst)
6. Crock Pot Chicken Salad (Anna Gerdau-Smith)
94. Wanted:Mock Turtle recipe! (LPQ)
1. Mock Turtle Soup (Marietta Douglas)
95. Requesting Freezeable Main Dish Recipes (Ruth Smith)
1. Freeze me! (Cathy Zadel)
2. Once-A-Month Cooking (Kathy Schendzielos)
3. Have you heard of Ultra Gel? (carma)
4. Have you heard of Ultra Gel? (carma)
5. Plastic Wrap AND Foil? (Liz Orelup)
1. It works great! (carma)
6. Do-ahead cooking (Alene Harris)
96. Lemon Tahini Salad Dressing? (Brad Douglas)
1. I know where to buy it! (Jill U.)
2. Classic Tahini Sauce (Michal)
3. My Lemon Tahini Dressing (Evelyn Falls)
97. Lemon Icebox Pie? (David Weber)
1. Source for Recipe (Laurie)
1. Lemon Ice Box Pie (Chris Woods)
1. Thanks! (David Weber)
98. In Search Of...Chinese Spareribs (Kathe Bassi)
1. See response to #86. (Lynn)
100. Looking for good chicken risotto recipes (Sarah Mann)

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