Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

September 7, 1999 (12 Oc, 3 Zip, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come to you on a most auspicious day. On this date, the divine plan has commanded that a special dispensation be granted to this realm of physicality which shall terminate on 6 Batz, 4 Moan, 8 Manik (May 5, 2000). This special decree of heavenly dispensation grants the inhabitants of your reality a number of graces that are part of the process of transforming certain specified minions of the dark into an instrument of the Light. This process is part of a program made possible by the divine blessings of Lord Siraya and by the arrival of the energies of Creation from A-E-O-N. These momentous events have created a window of opportunity that can erase much of the dark karma that your worldly cabals have unleashed upon this world. In doing this, the divine plan has given your secret rulers a means to acknowledge and to serve the Light. It has given the liaisons of the Galactic Federation a mechanism whereby a number of special agreements can now be instituted. These agreements are making possible the bringing of some marvelous physical resources into your reality.

      We in Heaven are fully committed to carrying out the many commands and decrees of the divine plan. We are also fully committed to restoring your reality and all its inhabitants to a state of full consciousness. This procedure has brought you close to your transformation. You are finishing the last stages of integrating your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. You are becoming more aware of the Truths in your reality and are seeing the importance of its transformation into a new reality. Further, you are quickening your acceptance to the fact that you are not alone and that you are close to an epic encounter with your space kin. These events are portents of the great destiny that is your birthright. You have come to this world to overcome great obstacles and to perform miracles. These things are written into your life contracts. Dear Ones, we know that you are a most talented group of Beings. In fact, you are all very special and are marvelous representatives of the many great Orders and numerous life-streams that comprise Heaven.

      Our main task is to transform your reality. This process is part of the divine plan, and the divine Will is currently revealing its procedures. This process is meant to be a mutual one. Around you, certain individuals and organizations have been given blueprints and technologies. These have in them the seeds for new economic, social and scientific devices. When implemented, they provide the necessary constructs for a new and wondrous reality. To assist you, we have been setting the stage for the spiritual, and later the physical, transformation of this present reality. Continually bear in mind that you are those chosen Beings who shall both witness and participate in the creation of a new reality. Presently, your reality is losing its power and giving it to that which it is transforming into. This new entity is beginning to sense its identity and to understand that its birth is now inevitable. This process does not follow your present calendar; it follows divine time. Nevertheless, it is close at hand. In large part, the signs that you sense about this millennium shift are accentuated by this coming shift in your reality.

      As you shift into a fuller state of consciousness, you become more aware of the Truth behind what we are saying. This process of shifting consciousness is one that puts you into a realm where your present sense of sequential time, and how physicality is constructed, is being altered profoundly. Your science is starting to acknowledge the role of consciousness as its foundation. Just before shifting, you shall be able to comprehend the vast wheelwork of Creation. You shall examine, sense and experience it all at once. A New World shall open up before you. In addition, you will be able to see and experience the blessings given to you by the Orders of Heaven. Council upon council and realm upon realm gives you their most profound thanks, gratitude and special decrees to honor who you are. Be willing to accept these blessings and to return them a thousand-fold. You are the magnificent ones who have come here and are making possible the grand miracles of Heaven. Rejoice in who you are and in what you are now doing.

      Dear Ones, the coming of Lord Siraya and the great Seraphim of A-E-O-N also signifies that the sacred Council of the Nine is with you as well. You are now being given all that is needed to triumph in your sacred tasks. The Creator has given you dispensation upon dispensation. These things are only done when necessary. As they are revealed, they open up divine opportunities for things to happen that change your timeline and assure you that the potential for global catastrophe daily decreases. This does not end the potential for earthquakes or the possibility of volcanic eruptions. Your blessed Mother Earth still needs to relieve her inner pressures. This remains in effect until this wondrous entity, your precious Mother Earth, is fully transformed. Then, a new set of worldly procedures shall come into play. See yourselves as one of Mother Earth's protectors and its Loving steward.

      Space around you is also starting to transform. As your reality shifts, it permits certain things to happen that normally would not occur. These phenomena have baffled your astronomers and forced them to come up with possible reasons for their occurrence. They are really portents that your reality is changing. The same is occurring to your atmosphere and to your oceans. Your media do not usually report these items and they are not fully explained by your scientific journals. They occur because your reality has given them the 'space' in which they can be noticed. Always keep in mind that your reality includes other realities whose phenomena you interpret according to the rules of your prevailing matrix. Only now, this matrix is losing its grip and allowing new possible interpretations to become evident. This is the beauty of change.

      Change is how your reality is adapting to its need to transform. This process is one that we have spent many messages explaining to you. What we want you to do is to sense it. This procedure requires that you learn to look inside and to listen to your intuitive inclinations. You need to get 'into it' and permit your heart-logic to come to the fore. Your so-called 'conscious' mind will attempt to control this process. Just silence it by concentrating on your inner thoughts - the thoughts that come from your True Self. Meditate and begin to ask your True Self to counsel you on how to adjust to the coming changes in your reality. Accept this guidance and call in your inner councils to further advise you on how to react to what is happening to you. Be willing and remain open to change. Bear in mind that you are truly a magnificent Being of Light!

      Heaven is manifesting those resources that you need. We fully understand the nature of your consciousness shift and the best ways to bring it about. Each one of our actions is done in divine time and is reflected in your present concept of time. Physicality is a mighty illusion and to change the perceptions held by its habitants requires a specific set of circumstances. Dear Ones, we know this and are acting along those lines necessary to manifest certain items that you require. The Supply of Heaven is infinite. The Supply of physicality is done according to specific commands given by the divine plan. Each decree contains a lengthy list of how each aspect of heavenly Supply is to be revealed to any reality in physicality. It is these decrees that we are now forcefully and lovingly carrying out.

      Today, we have talked briefly about change and how we are bringing it about. We ask that you do indeed look inside and understand that your world is quickly changing. Take you inner guidance and use it to bring forth your wisdom. Show it to others and, as a group, do your part to make this new reality possible. We now take our leave. People of Earth: be strong and resolved to use your great talents and Heaven's great Supply to create a wondrous fully conscious reality. Amen! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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