Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

September 29, 1998 (7 Manik, 5 Tzotz, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come to you, dear ones, in bliss and in great joy. Much has been set in place for you to accomplish in the near future. On 1 Ix, 12 Tzotz, 7 Ik (October 6, 1998), we shall commence our next major adjustment period. The purpose of these tunings is two-fold in nature. First, we desire to move you ever closer to the full integration of your physical and spiritual components. Second, we need to begin to make you more aware of what is happening to you. This process, beloved ones, means that you begin to piece together more clearly what is taking place. Many of you have begun to let your hidden fears and misguided beliefs lead you into a greater confusion of what is actually happening here. This process is caused by not trusting your intuitive logic and, instead, trusting in your limited head logic. Precious ones, this time is one of a move to the ways of the heart and not of the head. As you shift, you encounter the crafty logic tyrant in your mind and it has some wonderful ways of controlling your belief systems. Remember, its games are living thought-forms that you can talk with and transform.

      Consciousness is made up of many components. One of its major aspects is various intergenerational and past-life thought-forms that you carry with you from birth. These beliefs help you to create a discernment filter that permits you to see your environment in a very disjointed fashion. It also can encase you in a very tight cage from which it may seem to be very difficult to escape. On the contrary, my dear Lights, your great Spirit has the ability to transform this belief when you so allow it. Our purpose is simply to give you the sincere desire to do so. As you begin to explore and to dialogue with your many thought-forms, you can discover what they need to transform both your outlook and theirs. By so doing, dear Lights, you create a process that permits you to understand your own inner transformation more clearly. Continually keep in mind that your process is one that can bring these inner 'demons' out of hiding. The vital point is to learn how to love, transform and dialogue with them successfully. From this process comes the means to modify your immediate situations into ones that work for you.

      This process relates deeply to the many changes that we are making to your physical and subtle bodies. As your subtle bodies are slowly integrated into your physical body, you become more profoundly aware that your life can be vastly transformed for the better. You see that you need to discover a means whereby, dear Lights, you can improve your state of Life in this reality. You also discover that you need to transform the foundation thoughts that underpin your present reality. This dual process increases as we attach more and more of your spiritual self to your physical body. Consciousness is what creates you and contains the 'all' that encompasses you. Its effect upon you is absolute. This concept of the 'all', both as illusory and, simultaneously, as real, is quite important to what we are talking about. Everything is basically energy and this energy comes from consciousness, or the divine Light of Creation. You are a representation of the Creator, as well as a co-creator of your present reality and of all future realities. You may now ask yourselves and ourselves, just what does all this talk really mean?

      What it means is that you have reached a state of consciousness where a real change in your reality can become truly possible. It is this thought that drives your need to transform both yourselves and your society. Right now, this divine thought is very subtle. It is quite strong in some of you, but not in others. Precious ones, we understand this process very clearly. Our purpose is to create an uneven potential in your society. This type of potential is more dynamic. It drives enough of you to create those structures required for change. It also eventually creates a means for your populace to embrace this change. The next set of your adjustments moves this potential into an even higher level of energy. This procedure causes an even greater need for the more complete manifestation and expression of the coming full consciousness. You have moved, dear Lights, into a point where the structures for this change are beginning to form. However, their formation is still in a very fragile state of development. This next stage of our adjustments is meant to stabilize these developments.

      Consciousness moves along in a most dynamic fashion. Its progress is non-sequential and extremely random to your present form of head, or 3-D, logic. It needs to be embraced as a feeling and as an inner truth. Its discernment comes from the ability to dialogue and transform successfully your own inner pathologies. This procedure requires you to move into a place where you peacefully make the transition into your heart logic. This next adjustment is designed to make this process easier to perform. Your brain contains a scalar wave, or hyperspace, antenna. The focusing point of this system is from the Well of Dreams (your new eighth chakra) to the pituitary (your new ninth chakra). This process cannot be done except when the Well of Dreams is first activated and then focused. One of our primary adjustments is to begin this focusing in some, and the activation procedure in others. Precious Lights, our mission is to bring you to your fullest potential as a physical Angel.

      Consciousness in your body works simultaneously at a system level (in the brain) and at a cellular level. These macro- and micro-levels work symbiotically to create you and your reality. Every nano-second, this process is exchanging untold trillions of information packets about your reality and your state of being. Consciousness requires a constant transference of your many multi-levels of being. This information has an infinite set of probabilities that can be expressed in your reality. The only limit is your own inner filters and the common foundationsí beliefs of your reality. Our procedure is to shift slowly these foundationsí beliefs. We also permit you to be open for a way to change your internal filters on how you perceive and react to your reality (transform your thought and belief system).

      Consciousness also operates as a hyperspatial hologram. It contains a divine blueprint which is called the divine plan. This blueprint has a series of events that are assigned to each segment of Creation. Dear ones, you need to stop here and take in this important concept of the essential duality of Creation. It is free-willed and it is also planned. This concept is not contradictory. Rather, it is part of a divine thought that contains the whole. This whole is one that is understood only by the logic of complete Love and trust for the workings of the Creator. It comes from the wondrous nature of Creation and from your abilities as a co-creator of your reality. The purpose of life is to explore and to discover the genius of you, yourself, and how it is a co-creative part of Creation. You are important and are connected profoundly to everything in Creation.

      What we deeply desire is for you to comprehend these realities about consciousness and to use its highest potential to affect your reality positively. The coming adjustments are ones that will make you more able to carry out your transformational tasks. You need to see more intuitively how the vision is being accomplished. You need to understand the joint principles of harmony and compassion. These principles are working to make your new structures come together in a different and extraordinary way. This process allows you to view these new information systems and organizing principles as precursors of a new paradigm. Our mission, dear Lights, is to give you a way to comprehend better what is happening here. By so doing, we are preparing you to respond to some drastic changes in your environment that are very close to happening.

      Today, we have shown you how your coming adjustments can alter your perception of change. In fact, the main point in this procedure is to raise the level of your consciousness and your perception that something is happening in your reality. As we move closer to the date of commencement, we shall continue to prepare you for what we intend to accomplish. Overall, our task is to move you towards the omega, or shifting, point as quickly as is divinely possible. We leave you now, precious Lights, with unending Blessings of complete Love, never-ending Joy and endless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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