Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

October 12, 1999 (8 Chicchan, 18 Tzotz, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come before you with much to tell you. Right now, the energies to create a new global structure for your society are forming. They are preparing to manifest in some very unusual ways. As they come forth, they shall make possible the final connections needed to create a worldwide web of Light. This Light contains your growing and ever-expanding consciousness. It is this element that we would like to concentrate our message upon today. In the past, your great Light was severely limited by the matrix of this reality. Its purpose was to use fear, self-doubt and general uncertainties to set up a realm filled with major limitations. It was your beliefs in these limits, and in doing what you were told you were capable of, that permitted the powerful realm of the off-world Overlords to form. This dark realm has been your planet's fate for over twelve millennia. Now, its quite strong and vicious grip is being overturned quickly. As the grid of the new matrix is fashioned, it opens up new possibilities for each and every one of you. These possibilities signal that your liberation from the old matrix is finally at hand.

      Around you, many new and seemingly fantastic technologies are shortly to make their appearance. In addition, those members of your worldly cabals that have heeded our warnings are about to spread their vast wealth to your society. The time has come to bring out multiple sources for the creation of new social and economic structures. These procedures are here because the time for your first contact with the fleets of the Galactic Federation is also swiftly approaching. Over the coming galactic years, the mighty Hierarchies of Heaven have set a definite time. Dear Ones, this period for you is the time when you regain your fullest degree of potential. Now, this moment is inevitable. Your evolution from a limited to a full consciousness Being is now almost complete. The final few stages are to be the most glorious and, concurrently, the most chaotic. This contemporary era is noted for the near extinction of Life upon your world and, wondrously, for its most incredible revival. You are the catalyst for both events and, by the actions that you are about to take, its main driver.

      Dear Ones, our life is quickly becoming a most unusual paradox. The immense beauty and plentiful Supply of Heaven is being mixed currently with the last remnants of this reality. This process has taken many millennia to bring to flower. Many great Masters have come here and gracefully given their hopeful and blessed messages to your reality. Little by little, their magnificent work has torn the tiniest of holes in this reality. Gradually, these small, unobtrusive cavities have grown, while wearing away the resistance given them by this reality's matrix. Now, actual large holes have emerged in its armor. They are beginning to break the hold that its many social and financial structures have upon you. Presently, only a few of you have realized the truth of what we have just said. Your belief systems still uphold its stringent mastery over you. Yet, this matrix is beginning to crack and bend. Soon, many more of you shall embrace these truths. Then the degree of hold that it has on you shall exponentially lessen. This awakening procedure has begun to produce some wonderful benefits for you.

      Always bear in mind that you are the forerunners of a new reality. Keep your commitment and your focus. Do not get lost in the rising tides of chaos. As you build your new and sovereign structures, be aware that there are still some in the cabals that wish you harm. Their ways are now diminishing. Yet, they still possess some degrees of power. So, be careful and be wise. Ahead of you, there are many individuals and groups who have been preparing judiciously for this coming new day. Be knowledgeable enough to seek them out and to use their acquired wisdom to guide your way. The path that we have prepared for you is one that still has some remaining twists in it. Yet, it leads to a truly golden destination. It is our intention to see that your road teaches you all that you need to know. At times, it has been quite difficult to educate you, and at others, quite easy to pursue. On the whole, you have been a collection of Beings who fully realize that something is happening. Only you have not known exactly what that is.

      Your physical body is changing swiftly. It is going through those alterations that prepare you for its predestined integration with Spirit. Everywhere, the energies of A-E-O-N are changing the nature of your reality. This rapid evolution of your reality is the great miracle promised you long ago by Heaven. Many ancient visionaries saw it initially as a grand redemptive battle between Light and dark. This battle is being waged in a most different manner. In it, Spirit has come from its highest realms and transformed the ways of the dark. These last moments of divine struggle are soon to be complete. In them, there are yet many lessons for you to learn. We request that you take the time to observe these last moments with your inner, or Heart logic. By doing so, you can continue to develop those degrees of discernment that can serve you well. Remember, this time is one to develop your true sovereignty and to display your ability to understand Liberty.

      Freedom is the great gift of Heaven. Yet, it comes filled with many responsibilities. One of these is to understand the nature of your connection to all life. You reside in a living Creation. Every aspect of it is really alive. Your planet, the stars, the galaxies and even Heaven itself, teem with life. This life exists on two levels - an individuated and a collective element. Each part has its degrees of divine actions that it performs. Each action affects every other part of life. Through you is pumped the equivalent of galaxies and dimensions, every second of every day. You are not just a tiny Being who resides on a small speck of the cosmos. You are a Being of infinite size and abilities who is charged with seeing that this Creation unfolds as has been so divinely planned. This magnificent reality is your true heritage and your real essence of being.

      Within these truths, there lies the need for your sovereignty. The Being that we have just described is one that understands its essence and its sacred purposes. It realizes that you are one filled with many distinct possibilities. There is a definite role for you, and a reason for what you are doing. The time approaches to end your amnesia and to assume who you really are. To operate in this manner, you need to become sovereign and to be capable of connecting successfully with others. No longer need you think and act small. You need to give yourself the ability to act large and to think appropriately. This process is part of your transformation. In this final form, you have returned to being physical Angels. You have become your fully potentialized self. Finally, you have permitted yourself to act not as you are told, but as you so deeply desire.

      This desire comes from your purpose. It lies at your very core. This desire represents the nature of who you are. Dear Ones, each of you is a part of a grand whole. This whole is called Heaven. In it, there are many Life-streams and a myriad of heavenly Orders. They are united by the fact that their birth stemmed from the divine thoughts of the Creator. This thought is similar in form to a hologram, and yet quite different. Suffice to say, you are from this sacred thought. It is called the divine plan or the sacred blueprint of Creation. It represents our divine roots. It is the common point of our essence. Often, you forget this fact when you are caught in the grasp of this reality. At the very crux of our actions lies your shift away from this reality's grasp, and toward your sacred purpose. We in Heaven are very proud of you and of what you are about to do.

      Today, much has been discussed about consciousness and where it is taking you. At the forefront of all our actions, there is you. We ask that you look within and use this exercise to awaken even further. You are now at a crossroads in your existence upon this world. The time approaches for action: such action shall form soon around you. Be ready and fully prepared for what is about to happen. We now take our leave. O People of Earth: Take your great and glorious selves and the Supply of Heaven, and form the reality that you so gloriously deserve! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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