Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

October 17, 1998 (12 Chicchan, 3 Tzec, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come to you with many blessings of Light and of Love. Today, we shall discuss how your beloved Mother Earth is adjusting to your changes, and what she has in store for you. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy is devoted to assisting and to nourishing you. Your planet’s changes have been profound, but mainly unknown to you. Beneath her surface, Mother Earth is dramatically seething. From her crystal core to the lower edges of her crust, many magnificent things are quickly transpiring. The first change has been the action of your crystalline core. In the past, it just acted as the moderator for the relative strengths of its electrical, magnetic and gravitational fields. The closest analogy would be to the human heart. It likewise acts as Mother Earth’s love and emotional centers. We have recently modified these specific functions. Second, the Earth’s mantle and the crust that floats atop it have changed their many relationships to each other. These changes correspond to what is now happening to each of you. Bear in mind that your planet deeply desires to fulfill its many responsibilities to you.

      Each aspect of your planet is holistically related to the other. The analogy would be similar to that of a symphony orchestra playing a very complicated composition. This composition can be favorably compared to the divine plan. The conductor is the local Spiritual Hierarchy. Its sacred purpose is to see that certain aspects of your reality are played out as the Creator (the composer) has indicated. Further, each part of the orchestra (your planet) is given a specific degree of leeway in which to interpret this composition creatively. This process is further complicated by the fact that most water planets contain a dynamic biosphere. This biosphere usually has a species of physical Angels that plays an important role in maintaining their world. Accordingly, this holistic relationship is one that requires certain fundamental agreements between the various parts. These agreements can change quite drastically when a fuller amount of conscious potential is applied to your reality. This complex process is basically what we are currently discussing with you.

      Most stars and planets are very peculiar Beings. They possess a sort of multiple consciousness that is formed physically around their cores, and spiritually around their local Spiritual Hierarchies. This interaction, where appropriate, is usually monitored by their physical Angels. Accordingly, there are a multitude of spiritual agreements that have brought your world into this reality. Each planet, as well as its solar system, is deeply committed to these arrangements. Because of these agreements, your entire solar system is in the midst of some profound changes. In the past, we have very briefly alluded to these changes. Your current reality is maintained by these many basic agreements. One of the most important has been the desire of your beloved Mother Earth to support your current condition of limited consciousness. This support is now reaching its final potential point. Your precious planet is fully committed to give you back your full consciousness. Hence, Earth has agreed that only a profound change in your present reality can assure your continued survival as a prosperous and vital global society.

      Out of this process has come a plan to move you in the right direction. This procedure is founded on the fact that your biosphere can no longer maintain itself. This unfortunate truth is known to most environmentalists. Their concern is based not upon the fact that this condition is serious, but upon the fact that your biosphere has crossed many points that signal its demise. Your planet’s surface strangely resembles someone with terminal skin cancer. Everywhere, the excesses of your civilization can be seen. In addition, large segments of your global population lack the food, clothing and shelter that they need to survive adequately. This truth is a sad harbinger of your probable destruction if your present system of limitations is allowed to continue. In addition, there is the fact that your planet’s crust needs to be adjusted in ways that are severely detrimental to your survival. These points are ones that you should consider. Remember that your fate is now largely in your hands.

      Yet, there is an alternative. It is this alternative that has brought us to your shores. Achieving your fullest potential on a global basis changes the rules of the game. It suddenly opens up solutions that can lead you to a new global society and a more satisfying reality. Your planet also benefits by being allowed to return to a more natural state of existence. It is this destiny that now drives your much-beloved planet. Mother Earth desires to return to a complete form of planetary guardianship. This guardianship is one shared by fully conscious aquatic and land-based physical Angels. This process has brought in the cetaceans to act as the temporary land segment of this operation. It has also signaled that the planet would permit your global society to bring its precious biosphere to its proverbial knees. Your local Spiritual Hierarchy has long known that a certain potential had to be reached by your society. To reach this threshold, you needed to be permitted to lay waste to most of your environment as you moved through your industrial and electronic phases. You have now reached the limits of this agreement.

      This process has also led to the ‘quickening’ of your Earth’s many changes. As long as you maintain your present path towards full consciousness, all is well with your future. You shall discover the solutions and obtain the types of assistance that you so desire. If you move towards any attempt to keep the present reality, your planet has no choice but to invite an immediate divine intervention into your affairs. This is the major truth that you need to keep in mind, as you go through the changes that are foreordained for you. Suicide is not an option that the Creator willingly gives its precious children. Life is meant to be a success. It may have many positive and many negative lessons to give. However, its primary goal is to achieve personal joy and a feeling of inner peace for each and every one of you. This purpose is the objective behind the many adjustments that we have been giving you.

      Mother Earth has a definite timetable. This timetable is tied presently to your development and your choices about your current reality. Consciousness is the Creator’s great gift to all sentient Beings. It works normally on an exponential curve that leads societies away from their initial ego-based barbaric codes of conduct and towards a full appreciation of grace, gratitude and compassion for others. This process is rarely reversed. In fact, it is so unusual that you are really an exception that proves the rule. Your society has existed under parameters that are usually not permitted by a local Spiritual Hierarchy for its group of physical Angels. This fact means that your planet has made a great deal of extraordinary sacrifices for you. These sacrifices shall continue, but only for a limited period of time.

      Your planet wants you to realize that your childhood society, based on selfishness, limitation and alienation is nearing its end. Soon, it shall be mutually transformed into an adulthood based on inner harmony, abundance and unity. This process has taken many, many of your millennia to achieve. It is a sacred task that has required a great deal of sacrifice from both you and your planet. Mother Earth is very pleased to note that her children are finally transforming, and transforming for the good. Her word to you is for you to 'keep up the good work'. Know, in spite of your many inner denials, that you are setting the stage for a new and more fulfilling reality. This new reality brings you into the galactic age that re-unites you with all of Mother/Father God’s magnificent Creation.

      Today, we have looked at the situation that surrounds your process of transformation. You have seen that Mother Earth sincerely desires and applauds your progress. Many of you remain in denial about what is happening. Just know that the proof that you seemingly need shall be provided at the right divine time. Until then, sincerely believe that your reality is slowly changing, and changing for the better. Your planet is a world destined to become one of the way-showers of a new permanent era of galactic peace and harmony. We now leave you with endless blessings of Perfect Love, infinite Joy and never-ending Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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