Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

September 11, 1999 (3 Ix, 7 Zip, 8 Manik)

Greetings! Today, this message comes from us to you, filled with gratitude and much joy. Around you, the Creator has dressed a great stage. Still, many of its finer details need to be completed. In spite of this, some important facts can be gleaned from what has already been put into place. Dear Ones, you are unwitting orphans of an age that recognizes a wisdom and a knowledge that no longer applies. Your many worldly cabals realize this, but as yet are unable to decide how to inform you of this crucial fact. Consequently, your world is drifting through a state of ever-rising chaos. It is also taking you rapidly through massive transformation. A cosmic plot has been set into motion that has only one outcome, an altered reality filled with a new consciousness, great abundance and infinite opportunity. It is a place where you become able to fully express who you truly are, and to play a vital role in creating what it can be. This process is integrating your consciousness and moving it to the fullest state possible. It is swiftly making your coming first contact with your spiritual and space kin inevitable.

      This process of change is also occurring within you at a most astounding rate. Here, we would like to employ an analogy to get a specific point across to you. Dear Ones, imagine yourselves to be strands of RNA/DNA lodged within the genes of the nucleus of a cell. This cell comes together with other cells to form an organ in your body. Each part encompasses a specific point, but it is part of a larger whole. This whole is a living physical entity. Take this analogy and use it to look upon your reality in many different lights. Observe the connectiveness of physicality. Each part helps the whole to function and, at the same time, exists at its highest level of efficiency. When a cell is no longer able to function efficiently, it transforms through the regenerative capabilities of its RNA/DNA strands. Basically, you are carrying out the same procedure. There is, simultaneously, a distinct connectivity between the macro- and micro-levels of your existence. Your consciousness can synergistically phase with all the other aspects that consciously comprise you.

      This 'onion ring' effect is how you operate as a conscious Being. You have a myriad of layers that exist in different realities and at different levels of awareness. All of this is being done to move your True Self through the lessons of physicality. This procedure aids your life-stream by giving it divine knowledge. This knowledge guides the Spiritual Hierarchy in the way to rightly reveal the divine plan. You are the manifested dream of your True Self living in an illusion, in a specific reality, or in this aspect of physicality. However, You are also part of a shared meditation orchestrated by the Creator. Be aware that this dream is also interactive. You have the power to change its many sequences, as well as its major events. Indeed, you possess the power to create your own thought-form entities. Hence, you exist at a number of levels and also within the manifested dreams of other True Selves. This 'dream weaving' manifests physicality and establishes its ruling matrix. Bear in mind that you are all Light - a Light that has permitted you to play out your aspect of the drama.

      As we have stated continually in our past messages, your current transformation is part of the Creator's master plan. As a truly infinite Being of endless Love and wisdom, the Creator has ingeniously established a truly complex system. This system resembles a myriad of rivulets that form a most exquisite river. This river has a gorgeous delta and beyond it, an endless sea. In physicality, it is easy to lose sight of the intricate wonder that is Creation. It is also easy to forget how connected it really is. We in A-E-O-N can see and guide these miraculous wonders. Yet, you have the ability to co-create with us what we are now establishing here. As you connect with the wonderfulness of who you really are, you discover how related we in A-E-O-N are to each one of you. It is what makes your growing consciousness such a truly amazing process. Imagine watching a bed of roses quickly grow from seeds to blooming flowers. It is filled with moments that express your very beingness and give you access to a profound sense of wisdom.

      As you begin to look at it from its fullest levels of awareness, this process ceases to become liable to any degrees of judgment, frustration or limitation. It becomes a drama that contains many levels of possible interpretation. Your reality is a major producer of wisdoms that is driving physical Creation toward its inevitable outcome. Yet, within it, there is a definite set of possible scenarios that are being decided by its participants. As we have just said, each reality has a potential and an outcome. This outcome simply transforms the reality into something else. How it is reached is determined by two elements, a reality's inhabitants and those guides divinely appointed by the divine plan. Dear Ones, we are here to fulfill this second aspect. The outcome, or transformation point, is being approached and some events now need to be manifested. They are a major part of this divine outcome.

      As your reality is divinely transformed, it is also being prepared for the vast leap from a relatively isolated planetary society, to one connected to the galaxy and its many sentient star-nations. This process is one that allows you to overcome your present fears, limitations and expectations about what you are becoming and what your future role is to be. This means that certain societal structures and specific technologies need to make their appearance in your reality. We have come to insure that these shall be presented at the right divine time and in right divine relationship to what you are becoming. Consequently, we ask that you remain focused, committed and open to what may become necessary for you to do. Our primary task is to guide various important aspects to the forefront as needed.

      This process includes the need to synthesize the timing of your integration process. The divine plan has been fairly clear in what measures are to be taken, and how your transformation is to reach the prophesied 'omega point'. It is these commands and the direction of Lord Siraya that have guided our actions. In addition, many heavenly Orders and Councils have assisted us. All of them have come together to form a mighty Administration that is moving you toward your fated direction. This coming Golden Age is one where you become the principal lynchpin, for that is what drives this stage of physicality toward its waiting point of transformation. It is this divine moment that you have come here to manifest. Never lose sight of the fact that you have a divine series of goals to achieve. It is this potential that is enabling you to transform this reality.

      As we have just noted, each of you has a role to play in unfolding this reality's cosmic drama. As you do, you are fulfilling divine prophecy and assisting Heaven in co-creating a new reality. This task has taken on quite a profound and amazing scenario. It still has some wondrous props that are to be manifested very shortly. These items are ones that shall enable you to quickly alter many of the circumstances that currently exist in this reality. When you have them in hand, be able to look within and use your Heart-logic and our divine guidance to achieve your many objectives. Constantly keep in mind that we are in this process together, and are co-creators of what is coming to pass. We remain confident that your rising consciousness can only lead you toward the outcome specified by the divine plan. We salute you and look forward to your great works!

      Today, we have discussed the current state of your reality and the roles that we have come here to play. The time has arrived to begin a new act in this drama. Look inside and use you intuitive nature and your ability to consult your spiritual councils, so that you can move yourself and this reality to its prophesied outcome. We now take our leave. Being of this Earth Plane, take our heavenly resources and your growing wisdom. Employ them to create a new and wondrous reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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