Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

October 26, 1999 (9 Cauac, 12 Tzec, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come to you after a very small hiatus. Today, we shall discuss the nature of the minute changes now occurring in your world. Surrounding you is a vast reality. This reality is anchored by your consensus approvals of its actions, conditions and events. Each aspect acts upon you and creates the world in which you live. In previous messages, we have described how we are transforming your reality. In these past series of notes, we have discussed how your reality is dissolving and how your new reality is presently being formed. An important part of this process is the numerous points upon which your current reality is anchored. Dear Ones, keep in mind that each anchor-point is but a mere point of coherent Light. It represents the frequency and the very nature of the consciousness spectrum that is made available to you. As you begin to shift to a fuller degree of consciousness, the potential of these anchor-points increases. As they do, their degree of coherence changes. During this ongoing period of modification, it becomes possible to change what they are anchoring.

      Here, it is important to view these anchor-points as a kind of magical connector. They are part of the reality, part of its boundary or flux wall, and also part of the mechanism that creates the dimension in which it resides. The many dimensional Orders of Elohim are continually adjusting them and making sure that the informational-energy levels stored within each of its multitude of realities are exchanged as the divine plan has so decreed. In addition, these anchor-points regulate the exchange of life-energy permitted within the confines of any reality. When these consciousness potentials are increased, the anchor-points naturally adjust to these new conditions. They also interact with the flux walls of their reality. This process permits a reality to adapt to its environment, and to change those particular aspects that can either sustain or transform it. It is this process that we have briefly described in some previous messages. Remember, each reality is a living entity. As such, it is consciously capable of undergoing a rapid transformation in its personal identity. It is this process that we would like to briefly delineate now.

      The Conscious Universe that surrounds you is alive. It contains innumerable realities, dimensions and realms. Each of them is nested in unique ways. Their primary creators are the many Orders and Life- streams of Heaven. In the physical realms, these myriads of living Souls include the many Galactic Presences, physical Angels and Deva Kingdoms. As a physical Angel, you are a key part of the complex structure that forms physicality. Each reality has a specific contract among its many constituents. A major component is those clauses provided by the divine plan. These series of decrees act as the means for giving a coherence, or implied order, to the various conscious Light energies that construct any reality. These coherence patterns are regulated by the anchor-points to which we have been alluding. Each of these coherence patterns has a potential. This potential is expressed by the reality through its overall governing contract. Yet, each reality has the possibility to expand the intensity of this potential. When this is done, the reality enters into a new set of codicils that vastly alter this governing contract.

     Each of the many anchor-points begins to transform rapidly when these new conditions are finally introduced. Dear Ones, keep in mind that there is an intricate order or range in organizing any new degree of potential. This creates those mechanisms that change how the shift of conscious Light energy is accomplished. During this process, you move toward a point at which a 'critical mass' is achieved. At that very moment, the organization of the reality suddenly shifts into a new coherence pattern. With this done, a new reality is birthed. We are now vastly accelerating this process, and many of the others that we have ever so briefly described to you. They have a singular purpose - to move you into a mode of full consciousness. In this mode, your potential is operating at its highest levels. It also precludes that you shall begin to interact completely with your spiritual and galactic kin. It means that you are now able to make good use of the vast information systems that comprise your Akashic records.

      These Akashic records contain your past and present lives, and your future ones. Bear in mind that you really exist as a powerful physical Angel. As such, you are both outside of, and deeply involved in, the time parameters of your reality. This divine gift gives you the ability to transform your reality. This process is affixed to the many anchor-points that we have been discussing with you. Here, we need to describe another characteristic of these anchor-points. They easily act like a cross-reality and/or inter-dimensional antenna. By visualizing them as a swiftly counter-rotating antenna of the necessary size, you can access the energy that creates your reality. Additionally, you can access those energies that form every reality in physical Creation. It is this procedure, when combined with certain other sacred ritual, which can manifest a new reality. This sacred ritual has been graciously brought to you by the Orders of A-E-O-N.

      We in Heaven have a series of profound responsibilities toward you. In return, you have a series of deep responsibilities to Heaven, to each other and to yourselves. Right now, these responsibilities are manifesting in many unusual and seemingly magical ways. Their ultimate purpose remains a process that transforms both you and your reality. In our brief discussion, we have included reality's anchor-points to give you something to visualize. It requires your swiftly growing discernment to understand how easy, yet complex, a process we have all undergone to change this reality. Like Creation, this process is ever ongoing. As it reveals more of itself to you, you become even more aware of the magnificent wonder to which we are all privy. It is this wonder that is making each of you more conscious with every unfolded moment of Creation.

      A great transformation is occurring, according to a grand plan. This plan, given at the outset by the Creator, allows you to become the society that shall finally reveal those elements that change all of physicality. You are a catalyst and you are also Beings who do not yet fully appreciate what you really are. This is the grand paradox that you are presently living. Each of you has an important part to play in this final act of a very long and exciting cosmic drama. The time is coming for you to blow the grand trumpet of transformation and thereby, to change your world forever. Keep in mind that your final series of actions are truly inevitable. To this, Heaven has sincerely certified and freely agreed. The time ahead of you is one filled with much surprise and much joy.

      Yet, within this coming joy, there is much chaos. Dear Ones, understand that chaos has the ability to organize itself into something quite coherent. It does this only when the appropriate amount of commitment and focus is applied equally to it. You are learning how wondrous you are and, concurrently, how powerful you are. You are Beings who have come to do some amazing tasks. We know that you are now setting the stage to complete these divine tasks. In return, we are assisting and guiding you toward your success. You shall complete this process shortly. Its achievement leads you to a society unlike any that this world has seen in a very long time. This society transforms your limits into abundance and your sorrows into joy! It also permits you to see the nature of the play, and to celebrate its final 'wrap'.

      Today, we have discussed many things involving your reality and its transformations. Dear Ones, be one with all that you are. Realize the immensity of what is now occurring, both around you and inside of you. When these processes are all complete, you shall be privy to a most marvelous occurrence - the reunion of Heaven and Earth. We now take our leave. O glorious Beings of Earth and Light! Take the great gifts of Heaven and the power that resides within you, and build a most glorious and golden new reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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