Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

October 13, 1998 (8 Imix, 19 Tzotz, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We come to you in great joy. We arrive, filled with much information about this reality. Your world is now being subjected to many new spiritual energies from Heaven. These new energies are causing her to be re-aligned to your new adjustments. Around you, there exists a global field of collective consciousness. This field is very changeable by nature. Our procedure has been to move this field in a specific direction. This complex process is accomplished on two interconnected levels. First, we have calibrated each individual on your planet according to their needs and true desires. Second, we have emended your global society as provided for by the divine plan. This operation can be very tricky and difficult, if not done properly. Here, the welcome divine assistance of your local Spiritual Hierarchy has been most useful. Their mission has been to monitor and to rectify the many physical and spiritual procedures done on you. They have accomplished their sacred task with divine grace and profound Love. We have given them our highest forms of gratitude and blessings for their holy works.

      Each period of adjustment is done for a definite purpose. It represents the completion of a specific stage in your complicated spiritual elevation and overall Spirit, mind and body integration process. It is important that you realize exactly how this overall procedure operates. To start with, you are physical Angels who have been asked to occupy physical vehicles devoid of their usual standard accessories. This movement into physicality leaves you initially dazed and very confused about your present reality. You have usually forgotten why you are here and how to discover who you really are. Primarily, you are at the mercy of various elements that force you to either adapt or occasionally, in some way, to rebel. They meet any potential rebellion with either brute force and/or harsh lessons. We are well aware of these circumstances and the great resilience and fortitude that you have shown. It is most admirable to know that you have remained somewhat on the path. Our purpose is to assist you by very gradually giving back some of those accessories of which you have been deprived.

      To do this action requires that we first make you and your society much more conscious. This operation means that we first have to educate you while you either dream and/or meditate. Your dreams and your visions are our classroom. In addition, we have reopened parts of your mind and body that allow us to increase your individual or group consciousness. This divine intervention has caused most of you to become much more aware of what you call ‘spiritual matters’. It has also permitted you to be more susceptible to new concepts These concepts emphasize your need to use your inner powers to create your life in a more positive and empowering way. As you begin to reorganize your life, you become more aware of how co-creative you really are. This realization has also allowed you to embrace the importance of the spiritual aspects of your existence. This conclusion has driven you to explore this aspect of your life more deeply. It has awakened you to accept the existence of Angels, all forms of positive assistance and the fact that you are not alone.

      As more people have become more aware, we have been able to bring forth various messengers that have given your population a better understanding of what is happening to them. Simultaneously, we have raised the frequency of your planet, and of you. This process has expedited our timetable and geometrically increased the number of those individuals who are presently awakening. Each step in this procedure is manifested by a fundamental harmonic that acts as the base for our activities. Each of these steps compares favorably to the assembly of a motorcar. Our assembly line stations are your many adjustment periods. However, here the analogy ends. Each step is really more amorphous in its design and its boundaries. Accordingly, the time-frames that we quote you tend to be either longer or shorter, depending on the needs of each affected individual. The critical measurement for us is how the group field dynamic is modified by our mutual actions. These results determine the efficacy of our many complex activities.

      These procedures are meant to produce one overall outcome — the ending of your present state of consciousness. There is another series of activities that we are actively engaged in. These activities involve the impinging of the fourth dimension into your reality, the changing of your concept of time and the increased element of chaos found loosed upon your world. These procedures begin to break up the validity of your reality and permit you to feel that shortly, something exceptional is about to happen. A period of transition is a most interesting time in your history. It is also a moment when many very unusual things can occur. What you see now is the result of these processes coming together to move your reality into some rarely explored areas. As it does so, the environment around your reality begins to question its foundational beliefs. Portents slowly begin to appear that something different is about to be presented to you. This procedure can often lead a society like yours to either a negative or a positive series of intentions being birthed.

      Our aim is to move your society toward your positive series of intentions. Each set of intentions carries a timeline and an accompanying scenario. The local Orders of Elohim, as well as your local Heavenly Administration, have been assisting us in these matters. Our joint actions have allowed your global consciousness field to be moved in a more positive direction (to the Light). It has also permitted us, as noted previously, to lock in your destiny and co-create favorably your aspects of the divine plan. The combined operations of Heaven have made this part of the process a ‘done deal’. Yet, the various elites in your society have engaged in programs that have delayed temporarily the resources that we desire to give to you. Our primary perception is that all things are happening according to the parameters of your local divine plan. Trust in the intercession of divine mercy and trust that all happens as arranged by the divine plan.

      Your local Spiritual Hierarchy is deeply committed to the completion of this process. Their task has included the monitoring of your physical changes, as well as the bringing forth of spiritual energies from the many, many realms of Heaven. Daily, Heaven seeds your reality with newer and higher-frequency energies. These wondrous energies allow your reality to be slowly transformed in ways previously noted. They also act as inner triggers for your consciousness. These energy packets come into your physical reality with a purpose. That is, they can modify your RNA/DNA protein strings and other Light-influenced elements in your body. This process is gradually mutating your body’s cellular structure. It is also establishing the basis for the new chakra system that a fully conscious human body requires for its most efficient operation.

      The Angelic Realms are devoted to the unfolding of this current Creation in right divine order. This right order precludes a right divine relationship between the physical and spiritual realms of this Creation. Your present genetic experiment in limited consciousness has just about run its full course. Therefore, the moment is swiftly approaching for your divine shift into full consciousness. This point of your fullest potential is your assigned destiny as an individual, and as a global society. Our mission is to assist the Angelic Realms in keeping you in right relationship to both Heaven and Earth. This purpose is the reason why our mission and your destiny dovetail so nicely. It is also why this mission of first contact shall be concluded successfully. The last remaining element is your realization of your potential and how swiftly you desire to achieve it.

      Today, we have discussed the process of your elevation in consciousness. This procedure is now ongoing and has a positive and welcomed outcome. We hope that you shall take this information and use it to better understand what is taking place. This adjustment is near the end of a very complex procedure that is beginning to reach its final stages. We hope that you shall commit yourself to the joint completion of our first contact mission. We now leave you with infinite blessings of divine Love, endless Joy and boundless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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