Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

October 5, 1999 (1 Etznab, 11 Tzotz, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We welcome you to our message. We salute you for your firm commitment, as well as for your gathering joy. Dear Ones, around you the new energy from A-E-O-N has created many new Earth grids. Currently, these grids are tied to numerous new star-gates that we have opened in the last few galactic months. These energies are coalescing presently in your reality as the framework for the matrix of your new reality. This process is accelerating your movement toward a new galactic society. In the past few galactic months, one of our major thrusts has been the alteration of your genetic structures. These structures operate simultaneously on a number of different levels. The lowest level is the physical. Here, you are provided with both a physical body and an increased emotional-mental capability. The next level is the etheric consciousness field of your society. This field works individually and collectively. As a sentient Being, you are connected by your life contracts, first to each other and then to the many etheric life fields that manifest Mother Earth's biosphere.

      These connections are ones that enable you to be a physical Being, and also to possess the capability to do much greater things. Keep in mind that you have a spiritual Soul. This soul is the Spirit of a physical Angel. It has been limited severely by the state of consciousness that the usurpers of your reality have permitted. In addition, you have bought into the proposition that such limitations are your natural state. Right now, you are discovering that such beliefs are truly erroneous. We are expanding your capabilities and you are searching for where this evolutionary change can possibly lead. This process has allowed a divine intervention to occur. Heaven leads this intervention, and the Creator and the divine plan approve of it. It will lead eventually to the long-prophesied reunion with your celestial family. Be aware that this process has a denouement and that it is fairly close at hand. You live in special times that are really the transition between the transformation of one era and the start of another. Because of this, many of you cannot discern what is really happening.

      The way you evaluate the credibility of anything is quite interesting to us. You see something as real only because it has certain parameters. Simultaneously, you dismiss items that lack those particular parameters. This process for determining what is real is one that we are presently altering. All of you have certain threshold degrees for your credulity that you rigorously maintain. Each of you is now being tested in some way to modify these principles. We are gently expanding your conceptual foundations as we bring in things that can stretch your belief systems. Each of you is going through various procedures that can lower your degree of skepticism and enlarge your capability to accept your new reality. This process is also permitting your society to expand its consciousness field and thereby to allow more global harmony. This process has another side effect. It lets your society's worldwide connections increase swiftly. If you could see yourselves from our perspective, you would observe your Life energy fields quickly congealing into the shape of a connected and pulsing star tetrahedron.

      As your consciousness fields expand, you become more likely to accept things that were considered previously to be highly unbelievable. Your threshold of acceptance is being modified. This makes innovation and drastic change possible in your society. In effect, you open up to another way of doing things. Dear Ones, this process is another side effect of the alteration of your physical body. We have raised your physical body's frequencies. By so doing, your altered RNA/DNA genetic structures can then be further pushed in the right direction. Normally, this process takes many generations, or even centuries, to complete. We are doing it in just over a decade. This miracle is happening because of who you really are. You are a very special collection of fully sentient Beings sent on a mission to this wondrous world. You are awakening at an agreed-to pace. In addition, many of you are awakening now at levels greater than those to which you originally agreed. This result adds to what you all came here to accomplish so magnificently!

      As noted in previous messages, you are about to receive a certain Supply from Heaven. This Supply is meant to be employed to create structures that will empower you and permit you to achieve your inner purposes. It is being granted because of a great number of divine dispensations. Due to the nature of this process, it has appeared to you to have taken a fairly long time to be manifested. In fact, the Ascended Masters of your local Spiritual Hierarchy began this Light fund a few centuries ago. In the present, it has taken on some new names. Yet, it remains in embodiment what it always was. Heaven is thankful to those in physicality who have so firmly and so courageously made possible its manifestation in its many contemporary forms. Soon, it shall appear on your doorstep. Embrace it as the amazing power for change that it fully represents. This Supply is meant to be one of the many ways that will be used in creating your new reality.

      Those structures that are being created to distribute these funds are ones that you shall discover at the appropriate moment. Know that many individuals have spent a great deal of time and effort to create them. Each of you who shall be so gifted with this Supply needs to remember why these things have been granted. Use them wisely, or they shall disappear suddenly from your grasp. See them as a divine dispensation. See them as a means to change your society into a galactic one. See them as a profound way to provide inner and outer Sovereignty and sacred Liberty to your world. To obtain them, many difficult procedures, as well as a series of untold agreements, had to be reached. These many elements took a great deal of your time. They also required that a certain amount of celestial intervention be dutifully exercised.

      We have come from A-E-O-N. We have come from the very throne of Creation. We come to ensure your success and to guide you toward your decreed destiny. Think of it, dear Ones! Heaven has descended in its highest and most sacred forms to serve you, and to serve you well! This process has made your new reality inevitable. Your skies are now filled with our very essence. We have duly blessed your land and your waters! All of these things demonstrate our presence and our commitment to you. You are now changing at a most amazing rate. However, most of you do not notice it at present. To all, except for a few whom we have specially trained or altered, it is still quite subtle. These ones notice the massive transformations in your body, in your emotions, and in your Spirit. These things are part of a continuing process that is leading you to a new realm.

      Everything that is happening to change your world has a sequence to it. A divine form is being followed. This form is one that may, at first, seem random or even chaotic. Such is really not the case. A form is being followed that includes many realms that are clustered around, or have seeped into, your reality. To change this reality means that a series of sacred protocols is being obeyed. Each of them is tied into the commands being issued by the divine plan. This plan is an implicit ordering of how to transform physical Creation. It is immense and highly detailed by nature. Nonetheless, its actions are swift and its decrees clear in their divine intent. You are the sentient physical element in this operation. As such, you have a great series of responsibilities. You have taken them on with much aplomb and are carrying them out in a most wondrous and unique manner.

      Today, we discussed what is now occurring around you. Dear Ones, employ this information to better understand your role and what is happening around you. Many wonderful things are about to happen. As they do, realize the increasing amount of responsibility that you are being given. Each of you has a unique and important talent to contribute to this magnificent process. We now take our leave. O Beings of Light and of Earth: Take these gifts that come from Heaven and reside in you. Use them to form a most wondrous golden reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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