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If you are between 50 and 30 years old the chances are you built a Frog kit. Frog kits where noted for their esoteric subject matter (one of the reasons they are still sought after today, for instance which other major kit manufacturer produced a kit of all three V bombers! Frog did, allbeit to the odd scale of 1/96th) It is hard to think that Frog kits have been widely unavailable from the shops for nearly 25 years. One of the aims of this site is preserve the profile of one the greats in modelling history, if you want those memory cells reactivatingsurf on in!

388P North American B-45 Tornado (New Zealand Variant)

It is the aim of this site to try to rekindle the spirit of this great British kit manufacturer. At the moment we are going to restrict this site to the plastic kits that Frog produced between 1955 and 1976, we believe the wonderful pre war, post war flying models and Penguins deserve better attention than we could possibly give at the moment, but if time and space permit we do not preclude expanding the site to cover the "Penguins" and the flying models, and some of the other items Frog produced down the years.

It is our ultimate aim to provide a comprehensive catalogue of the "plastic" Frogs hopefully with illustrations of box art, displays of the kits themselves along with the promotional paraphernalia that accompanied the products. We also hope to provide a critique and assessment of certain kits, maybe competitions to win kits etc. To this end, we consider the site under continual development. Obviously it will take time to develop and add all the features and elements (particulary all the images) that hopefully will go to making this an essential collectors site. If you have any ideas that you think will "add" to this site let us know and we will see if it can be incorporated. So keep coming back, because hopefully there will something new added on a regular basis.

Many Frog kits have become collectors items, some have passed into modelling folklore! As each year passes the number of kits available slowly diminishes. So it is our hope that we can help you, fill those akward gaps in your collection. To that end we will have agood sized sales list, that we are sure will be of great interest to all.

Compared to other major kit manufactures relatively little has been written about Frog over the years. However, we are lucky  that possibly one of the best books books written on the subject of  kits, period! let alone a single manufacturer was dedicated to Frog, of course we are refering to the mighty tome written by: Leif Hellstrom and Richard Lines "Frog Model Aircraft 1932- 1976" published by  New Cavendish Books in 1989:  ISBN  0-904568-63-6. We believe that anybody interested in kits should own a copy, this site would be far poorer if this book did'nt exist, and as such it is gratefully acknowledged here. It is believed that the book is currently out of print, but any good back issue book store/dealer should be able to source a copy fairly readily. This site will hopefully be updated and expanded on a regular basis, so stay tuned.


The Very Rare BP (Australia) Petrol Station Premium of the FrogVickers Vimy available for a limited time circa 1969/70




More Apologies for no serious update of the site this month. As I said last month there is a good reason for this, which I can now reveal. This site will hopefully be moving late March early April. The move will result in a MAJOR revamp of the site. With even more information, easier navigation, faster server, and course a updated and enlarged sales list. So I would really apprecaite your patience in this transitional period. Stay tuned, because "things are going to get better!"




I'm looking for a Airfix Boeing 747 in Qantas Livery. I believe this may have released in the mid 70's and such, is probably a type 4 boxing. I would be willing to pay a very good price, or trade the appropriate kit/s from the sales pages or a combination of both, for this particular kit.



The sales list now numbers over 1500 kits in total! There is plenty to choose from. From the best bargain the rarest rarity. I have now added some really high quality "new"Vacforms and resins (most at half the original retail price or lower) to the vacs sales page. Please take time to look carefully at all the pages as there is something for everyone, I'm sure!


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I'm also now interested in buying kits. From indivdual kits, to collections, so if you have something to sell please get in contact.

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Previous bargains of the week (Airfix Hawker P1127, Frog Hampden,Sabre, Hotspur Glider,Macchi 202, Heinkel 219 and 1/32 Hellcat,Barracuda Canadair Sabre,Revell Me 109&Zero,Frog Spit XIV,Ju 87 and BP Defiant) have all have proved extremely popular and thanks to everyone who has expressed a interest

Due to re-organistion of stock there is currently no bargain of the week. Bargain of the week will return soon.


399P De Havilland 89  Dragon Rapide

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