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U.K. Vineland First Edition
Pynchon source material
  Fit for Pynchon to Print: 
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Data Valletta,etc:
Primary Pynchon papers.
Seaman Pynchon in boot camp 
Minuteman missile launch 
Jolly Jack Tar: 
Pynchon's Naval Career. 
Boeing, Boeing: 
Working for the man.
German Slow Learner cover 
John Larroquette Show script 
für Verkauf: 
Pynchon in Germany. 
John Larroquette: 
Primetime Pynchon. 
3c Mothers of America Issue 1934 
Japanese printing of Gravity's Rainbow 
 The Crying of Lot 
49; addendum: 
"There are some irregularities, Miz Maas." 
Are you a Pynchon otaku? 
Bootleg Pynchon cover
Yoyodyne as featured in Buckaroo Banzai
Pynchon on Film:
Buckaroo Banzai, Miracle
Mile & Mr. Jealousy.
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