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South Park: Chef's Luv Shack

The core of this game is an insipid trivia game with only the saving grace of a few decent minigames
The categories usually have absolutely nothing to do with the questions.
Fans of South Park might think a trivia game with the South Park characters would be a fun way to wile away the hours, but they won't think that for long after playing Luv Shack. The game contains the voices from the TV series, and has plenty of references to previous TV shows, but other than that, the core of the game is an insipid trivia game with only the saving grace of a few decent minigames. Four people can play as Cartman, Stan, Kenny or Kyle, and Chef hosts the show. The questions range from the obvious to the most obscure. However, the minigames do offer a bit of fun for four people, although not quite enough to make the game worthwhile. The game is currently out on all platforms, and while the Nintendo version is by far the best (because of the virtual lack of load times), it still isn't a very entertaining game. Even South Park fans might want to avoid this one.
- Michael Wolf

South Park: Chef's Luv Shack

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Multiple Choice
Wheel of Fortuitiousness
Mini-game Madness

"A trivia game that trivializes decent gameplay"


The questions range from stupidly simple to outrageously difficult.

The Wheel of Fortuitousness isn't as much fun as it looks.

The mini-games gives players the little fun the game contains, but even that's not much.

Developer Acclaim Studios, Austin
Publisher Acclaim
Genre Quiz
Players 4
Supports Controller Pak (Memory)

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