Feb 18, 2001

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This is a sweet looking platformer featuring everybody's favorite marionette. It's geared to younger gamers but the game is solid enough to keep players of any age entertained (just don't block off a whole weekend). Disney and Virgin have done a magical job of bringing Pinocchio to life on the Genesis.

Bring The Popcorn!

This game ranks up with the best looking Disney diversions ever. By now, you'd expect that developers would be extremely comfortable with the abilities and limitations of the 16-bit systems and this game's artwork stands as testament to that. One glimpse of the cinematic quality of Jiminy Cricket's Lampside Seating level and all of your cynical hearts will melt. This is a stunner.

On the Genesis, the visuals aren't quite up to the level of the SNES version of Pinocchio, but if you're the proud owner of a Nomad, you're going to have another graphics showcase cart.

Danger - Hum Alert - Danger

Almost as strong as the artwork is the sly recreations of the songs in Disney's Pinocchio. I thought I had forgotten all of those catchy little numbers but before too long I found myself whistling and humming "An Actor's Life For Me" and "When You Wish Upon A Star". I was on my way to saccharine insanity.

The sound effects aren't quite as memorable as the music. Straight ahead 16-bit muted MIDI effects sound completely phoney in this age of CD-ROM audio but you'll be able to live with 'em. Ahh, progress.

Do You Like Puppets?

This is definitely a safe game for the kids. This is the kind of title that Grandma buys little Timmy for his birthday. More often than not though, little Timmy is more interested in trying to find Jax's animality in Mortal Kombat III. If innocence and simplistic gameplay don't scare you away, this is a worthy game to take a look at. It won't take long for you to swing through it but the scenery's nice, the sounds are sweet and the story is timeless. Sound like Disney to you?



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