Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

November 3, 1998 (3 Ik, 0 Xul, 7 Ik)

Greetings! Forward we come to engage you in more information. This information concerns the nature of this galactic month of Xul. Xul occurs during what, in very ancient times, was called the month of Zac, or the white month. This sacred month was traditionally the time for rites of purification and for commemoration of the original Galactic Federation colony of Hybornea. Later, it became a time for the Earth’s wizards to commiserate about the meanings of the destruction of Atlantis and of Lemuria. Many great debates and numerous highly detailed rituals were performed by many long dead or forgotten cultures in their honor. Indeed, enormous monuments such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid of Egypt, as well as numerous other religious ruins, now lie strewn across your planet as fitting memorials of their past honor. Hence, it is very fitting at this time to look again at the most round-about path that your current human civilization has taken. Do this observation in a light vein. This is not a time to get caught up in all the hype that currently surrounds this subject matter.

      Long ago, your planet was the home to many sentient civilizations from species quite different than human. One of these was the realm of a fully conscious land Cetacean. These exquisite Beings were used as sacred instruments by the divine plan to create physical humanity in this galaxy. Since that time, they have closely watched over humanity. Their aquatic kin has aided Earth’s humanity in its march from the destruction of Atlantis to its destined return to full consciousness. This process has intertwined itself into your very genetic structure and your sacred souls. The cetaceans have long known how arduous their profound task would be. Yet they accepted it willingly. It has cost them, and this holy planet, much energy and much loss of physical life. Still, it has gained the joy of approaching the fulfilling of sacred prophecy and of obtaining a much needed partner in the massive transformation of Heaven and of Earth. In this ongoing flow between humanity and cetacean, there has developed a great respect and also, a great wisdom. It is this wisdom that is reflected in the rites held at this time of the year.

      Deep in your souls is a Light that truly understands the joy of the cetacean and its deep love of Earth’s physical environment. This joy transcends the spiritual, and brings all life on Earth into balance. From this necessary balance, there comes the ability to bring forth new life and sustain the biosphere that Mother Earth has so graciously provided for all who inhabit this beautiful land of many colors, textures and experiences. Long ago, the cetacean learned that existence leads to joy when the flow of spirit is in perfect balance. To acquire this balance is at the very core of all things cetacean. This balance comes from purposeful play, social interaction with others and the free giving of one’s inner wisdom. Each cetacean sees life not as a difficult challenge but, quite simply, as a wondrous opportunity. This opportunity exists for the learning and the imparting of essential wisdoms. Wisdom runs the gamut from everyday practicality to understanding how one’s joy and freedom can change the veritable ways of the universe. This process just flows, and leads one from one amazing episode to another.

      To the cetacean, physical life is something that simply exists and provides one with an anchor into physicality. Physicality is no more than an illusory ground for one’s growth. It is to be approached not as a most solemn occasion, but as a reason to impart Lightness into it. This Lightness has many forms. Yet each aspect is available whenever one truly needs it. This outlook upon reality makes it possible to be anything whenever one so desires. There is no limitation, or any qualms about what to do. This position lends many seemingly winsome interpretations which fly in the face of your present human consciousness. Hence, the cetacean seeks to bridge this gap and has long ago realized that a natural connection is the mourning of physical life and momentous past events by Earth’s humankind. Eons ago, this procedure led to the commemoration of the start of the month of Zac as a global sacred event. The new moon before the start of this month has long been a period of purification among many of the Earth’s religions. From this nodal point, a great energy of remembrance has been created.

      In this time of the return of the ancient month of Zac, there now comes the galactic month of Xul and the Gregorian month of November. Xul is the time of the learned one — the great wizard of this reality. This wizard comes to plant in you the seed of remembrance. This wizard comes to permit you to look into your reality in a new way. Out of the past and its wise lessons, a seed is planted that at some future time can germinate into a new idea or, hopefully, a new consciousness. It faithfully looks toward a sentient upward movement of the physical toward its reunion with Spirit and all that really matters. This pattern marks this time of the year. It is not about ghouls, ghosts or things that go bump in the night. It is about giving you a slight bump, a precious nudge, a protracted thump that leads you back to who you really are. Indirectly, it leads you back to your covert benefactor — the cetacean.

      November is seen in most of the Northern Hemisphere as a time for cold winds that whip icily out of the north, or for cold see-through rains and the first flakes of snow — the traditional harbinger of winter. It is the time, too, for memorials to bravery and to those who perished in mass numbers for some largely obscured purpose. It is also a time to comprehend better the changes going on in your heart and in your head. This world is changing. Its pace may seem slow or even minuscule at times, but it is a-changing. Mother Earth is busily putting on a new cloak and taking on a new attitude. This grand transformation is appropriately coming forth in the midst of this most sacred time. It is a period when the cetaceans begin their task to sing the great song of balance that prepares this biosphere to renew itself. Let this time now be one for humanity to sing its song of its own renewal of its life and its environment.

      This time is one to look, and look deeply, at the ample transformations and the many opportunities that are being provided by the local Spiritual Hierarchy. All that is needed is to ask and to observe. At this special time of the year, the veil between Spirit and matter thins even more than is now the case. Many wondrous events can now occur if enough of Earth’s humanity so desire. Around you, there sits the Heavenly hall of miracles, effervescent and brilliant in the night sky. To the ancients, the night sky’s Light seemed so much more wondrous at this point of the year. To them, this moment was the fulcrum upon which the coming year’s energy would turn. Indirectly, they had tuned into the role of whale song and had seen how it can make the most miraculous events possible. It is the time for the return of the Masters and the seeding of their great wisdom upon the Earth.

      Physical life is anchored in the ways of Spirit. From it, physical life weaves its illusions and creates its realities. Yet the hand of Spirit is always the hidden catalyst that transforms this reality. Spirit seeks the positive outcome in all things. It seeks to assist and to aid all who have voluntarily accepted their way into physicality. This process is continuously ongoing and also co-creative in nature. From it, there occasionally comes the realm of those sent to languish in a limiting reality. This procedure brings one into a realm of courage, struggle and misdirection. Yet, there is still the need for joy and Light-ness, as well as the ability to flow. In this flow, one quickly learns about transmuting lack and limitation. Here, the resources of plenty move unceasingly, and permit a new reality to come to the fore. This new reality and its precursor — abundance — are your destiny.

      Today, we have had you look anew at this wonderful time of the year. We ask that you see it in a whole new Light. View it now as an opportunity to co-create a new reality and put your faith in the immutable ways of Spirit. Refresh your enthusiasm and prepare to begin a most unusual journey into a new consciousness. This new consciousness can fully potentialize your reality. The time has come to remember, and also to comprehend the meanings of what you are about to be. We now depart with infinite blessing of perfect Love, profound Joy and plentiful Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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