Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

October 30, 1999 (13 Akbal, 16 Tzec, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come today with many items to discuss with you. As you know, dear Ones, you are thoroughly involved in a massive transformation of yourselves and your reality. This process is one that will allow Heaven and physicality eventually to merge. To achieve this goal, you have been involved in a procedure that, over many millennia, has moved you from a very primitive degree of mechanical technology to one that encompasses the electromagnetic spectrum. In this regard, you need to understand that you are locked into only a very small aspect of this energy spectrum. In truth, it actually contains frequencies that are much more vast, both in type and in composition, than you are currently capable of monitoring. As you grow swiftly in your abilities, you shall then be able to incorporate into your sciences a broader understanding of this inter-dimensional energy spectrum. Another by-product of your development will be your ability to know the true illusory nature of physicality. Physicality is merely a device employed by the many Orders of Heaven to unfold the divine plan of the Creator.

      To you now, physicality seems to be real and the realms of Spirit to be mere illusion. Yet, you are growing in consciousness and realizing that Spirit is immortal and that the realms of the physical are only temporary. This fact has caused many of you to begin to question the very nature of the many belief systems that you were taught during your childhood. This deep need to search and discover your inner truths is part of the transformations that you are undergoing currently. It permits you to move beyond the national and regional cultures that you have so long embraced. It allows you to open up the possibility of amalgamating your inner and outer gifts with each other and to employ these talents to create the foundation for a global web of Light. This web of consciousness is growing daily, both in its scope and its direction. Its lofty goals are bringing the many peoples of this world together. They are also allowing your world a means to accept the new consciousness that grows swiftly within them. It is this point that we would now like to discuss with you.

      Your growing consciousness occurred at the same time that your computer networking reached a 'critical mass'. This has allowed your 'internet' to be created. At first, it was a means to pass vast amounts of data beyond national boundaries. It also led to the rise of a whole new form of technology-based businesses called 'e-commerce'. However, this process has another important by-product. It is a means to connect your planet and its large population. It is a rapid way to spread the support and the knowledge that is now greatly assisting the expansion of your worldwide consciousness field. This process is creating an electronic neural net. This neural net is the forerunner of one that shall be your greatest gift when full consciousness is restored to your world. Keep in mind that all of you are really connected, and exist simultaneously in collective and individualized modes. In fact, you tend to consciously work in this manner. It is this fact that all of you are beginning to discover. It is this that drives you to create the organizations and networks that are leading you gracefully toward full consciousness.

      As you grow new organizations, you also grow the possibilities of forging new economic, social and financial networks. In reality, this very process is one that you are undertaking currently. Its growth is merely another portent of the fact that your world society is undergoing a vast transformation. All of these networks exist in various forms. However, the electronic ones are the most significant. They are the ones that are busily imprinting new possibilities upon your consciousness. They are allowing your society to permit new ideas and to seek the formation of new concepts, procedures and legal entities. With them, you are growing a new society and expanding the parameters of your so-called 'mainstream' environment. It is these developments that are making your world one that cannot continue to tolerate despotism and the erosion of its liberty. This process is also swiftly expanding your consciousness and letting in the wondrous Light of a new and more glorious society.

      When you look at the process that is expanding your consciousness now, you can observe the numerous intricacies that are creating it. You also see how marvelous the divine plan really is. Think of it! Every aspect that could create your new reality is being employed successfully toward this very purpose. Added to this sacred process is the divine intervention of the multitudes of Orders that comprise Heaven, as well as the firm hand of the First Contact Team of the Galactic Federation of Light. Every day, your world moves closer to its foreordained destination. Every element is being adjusted carefully by Heaven to achieve this grand result. The major remaining element is its divine timing. This specific aspect has two inputs - you, and the divine plan. To guide you in developing your needed input, A-E-O-N has arrived upon your shores. We have come to guide you in achieving your sacred destiny.

      Your reality is moving toward an historic shift. This shift has some basic implications for you. First, it is restoring you to full consciousness. This process is allowing you to become what you really are - physical Angels. Second, it is taking your reality to a higher physical level. You shall then be able to expand the nature of your science and permit it to integrate a now-missing spiritual element into its field of knowledge. Third, it is allowing you to connect with your spiritual and galactic kin. Your global society is about to encounter, and to quickly tolerate, the vast diversity of sentient life forms that exist in physicality. Many seeming miracles and amazing occurrences are preparing to make their appearance. Their arrival is a sign that you are changing, and that your world is preparing to reach out and to gladly caress its fullest degree of potential.

      Added to those processes that we have described today are the many physical changes occurring within you. They are part of the procedures that are integrating your physical and spiritual selves. As they move forward, your reality's shift becomes more and more inevitable. Dear Ones, bear in mind that you are on a journey of discovery leading to your mastery of physicality. You have come to fulfill divine purpose. You have shown up at this time and place to solve the mystery of this reality's amnesia matrix, and to restore your reality to its fullest levels of potential. This purpose has been decreed by the divine plan of the Creator and is being lovingly guided by the highest aspects of Heaven - the many Orders and sacred Seraphim of A-E-O-N. This leads us back to another important element - your grand destiny.

      Around this reality, there is a vast Army of sacred Beings. They seek to assist you in fulfilling your divine destiny. They have come to see that your world reveals its future in a way that has been decreed and so commanded by the divine plan. Everything that is being done in your world is building and swiftly intensifying your global consciousness field. Even the chaos that, from time to time, has produced many great disasters, has a divine purpose. It is teaching you about the inevitability of your coming shift in consciousness. It is showing you how your destiny encompasses a combining of the dark with the Light, and how you are able to overcome the dark's many challenges. This destiny is unfolding in a twisting and ever turning manner. In this way, the dark is able to release its last remorseful energies and finally be allowed to merge with the Light.

      We have discussed with you many of the elements that are creating your new reality. These aspects of Creation are dancing in a most delightful way to shift you into full consciousness. As we have stated previously, you remain a key element in this mix. We ask that you continue to search and learn about what a marvelous Being you are. Use your inner abilities and your divine guidance to become all that you are fully capable of becoming. We now take our leave. Use your divine abilities and the great Supply of Heaven to create a most glorious reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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