Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

November 6, 1999 (7 Oc, 3 Xul, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come today to offer you our joy and our congratulations. You have been able to greatly expand your global consciousness field. This has been done despite some wayward attempts by segments of your worldly cabals to thwart your valiant efforts. We are quite proud of you. To assist you in this important process, we have sent forth even more Orders from A-E-O-N. They have come in glee, and set to with a divine purpose. Our commitment to you remains to change your reality as swiftly as is divinely possible. Hence, we have begun the next set of special activations for Mother Earth's crystal core. In addition, we have accelerated vastly the many subduction movements occurring now among many of your planet's surface tectonic plates. These actions have increased the short-term possibilities for more intense Earth movements. They will also gradually lessen the potential intensity of these movements during the next 2 galactic years. Dear Ones, your planet is beginning to awaken again and to sense deeply that your transformation quickly approaches its critical 'omega point'.

      As your physical body integrates with its spiritual ones, your intuitive abilities begin to become more apparent. This process makes it much easier for you to awaken. However, this decision is one about which many of you are still in denial. It is sad to note that the degree of fear and/or anxiety within most of you prevents you from endorsing your true spiritual nature. It seems that a large degree of courage is required to allow you to commit to your new path. Consequently, many of you have still to awaken. Here, we are greatly encouraged by the vast amount of information that is now present in your various communication networks. These goal-directed projects of numerous, highly dedicated Lightworkers can be seen on the Internet, viewed in corporate networks and heard in several telephone conference calls. Daily, these technologies carry messages that permit many who are now yet in denial to come forth and begin the process of awakening to Spirit's call. Additionally, these projects are bringing many new meditation and support groups into being for those who have awakened recently.

      These movements of yours are announcing the global extent of the call that Spirit has put forth. This call is one that establishes the need for a new reality. The grip of your present reality is quickly waning. Yet, it still retains some of its former bite. It is this ghost of its former self that haunts most of Earth's current inhabitants. We in Heaven fully understand the degree to which it has impeded your progress. We also remain cognizant of the fact that your biosphere is dying quickly. When combined with an ongoing massive shift in your weather patterns, this mass extinction level is a living portent to the disaster that could await you. It is this disaster that your awakening is about to prevent. In addition, many sacred Orders and numerous star-nations from the spiritual and physical realms have come to guide you in these potentially disastrous times. We are determined to permit you to grow rapidly into the vast responsibilities that now await you. In these myriad tasks, you shall discover your true identity and the divine purposes for incarnating at this time, upon so challenging a reality as this.

      Your transformations are ones designed to move you to the position to which you agreed before the actual shift into full consciousness is made. This process has been decreed and commanded by the divine plan. Additionally, recent decrees by Lord Siraya have bought forth the great sacred Heart and sacred throat of the Creator. These actions have given you a most immense manifesting power. It has come to permit you to achieve your divine purpose. Your planet and you form this reality. This reality acts as the device by which you observe the seeming infinity of the physical Universe that surrounds you. This reality limits you greatly and makes things appear not as they are. You see only what you wish to see. In actuality, the realm of physicality is over 50 Billion of your light-years across. It contains phenomena that you are not yet able to acknowledge. In many ways, you are caught in a conundrum created by your limited state of consciousness. You are seeing only a very little of what physicality has to offer.

      The reality in which you now are has been rapidly changing. It has had its matrix mutated and its foundations have been likewise transformed. The final key in this process is you. At the macro-level, your global society is being evolved now into something much better. Yet, the clearly known parts of this old system seem to be in place still. What is changing is the unseen power structure that attempts to hold tightly to the reins of control. Another critical aspect is the alteration of the micro-level by which this system operates - namely, its people. This integration process is being 'way-showed' by the incoming 'Children of the Light'. These high Beings have arrived with their third DNA strands in an activated position and they possess the ability to be both telepathic and clairvoyant. They have amazed researchers and their families with their magnificent capabilities. Yet, they have another critical purpose - to shift your consciousness.

      These Children of Light have come to eventually provide the 'critical mass' needed to shift your consciousness. They have retained their psychic abilities in order to spread their fuller consciousness throughout humanity. As they do so, they are activating many adults. These Beings are meant to create an army whose sole purpose is to transform this reality. The integration/ascension process that Heaven began many millennia ago is assisting their actions. This procedure is now reaching its critical point. It is no coincidence that this process comes at the same time that your planet is seemingly dying. A number of these important factors are coming together currently for a divine purpose - to birth a new and much better reality for Earth's humanity! This process has some implications as well for those who now secretly rule you.

      Many millennia ago, your world was permitted to move into a reality of limited consciousness. This process was simply to gather certain wisdoms needed to unfold the divine plan in physicality. In doing so, a sacred prophecy was decreed for the Earth and its peoples. The prophecy declared that after a certain period of physical time, this reality was to be restored to its former glories. Those persons and their many descendants, who have been allowed to secretly rule you, have enjoyed a long period of control. This rule is finally at its end. Those who have created physicality can no longer tolerate its tyranny. Yet, these secret worldly rulers desire a means whereby they can retain some degree of their former control. This is unacceptable to Heaven. The present period of your history is one in which you shall witness, finally, their last transfiguration.

      Dear Ones, as you can see, much has been done and much is left still to do. We in Heaven have put forth a divine timetable to those who control you and to those who seek to assist and to guide you. The process that it has set forth is one that cannot yet be fully revealed to you. Certain divine laws of Manifestation require that these decrees be limited in their revelation. Still, know and realize that we are completely determined to carry out what these decrees have so divinely established. We have come from A-E-O-N to give you the opportunity to complete your divine destiny, and to establish the type of sacred governance that fulfills sacred prophecy. This pledge is made to you to show that your commitment and your focus can, indeed, move mountains and create a most marvelous new reality for you and your children.

      Today, we have discussed the items that are merging to create your new reality. We ask that you use this information to go forth and do what your Heart desires you to achieve. This activity is what makes you sing, and provides you with your highest levels of inner joy and personal fulfillment. We now take our leave. Dear Ones: go; make those things that are singing within you a reality. Do it with the abilities that you possess and with the great Supply of Heaven! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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