Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

November 30, 1999 (5 Ix. 7 Yaxk'in, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We welcome you, and with joy and in glee provide you with our message! Eons ago, dear Ones, your beloved Mother Earth and its many sentient caretakers were given the sacred task of guiding physical Creation to the next appointed stage in its development. The time for this task has now commenced formally. The many celestial events that are currently taking place around you in deep space are only a portent that your very magnificent planet and its numerous sentient dwellers are being readied for their prophesied assignments. These tasks imply conclusively that shortly, you shall possess fully integrated bodies and shall have become fully conscious Beings. We in Heaven have come to your shores to complete these sacred tasks. Once here, we have showered you with the sacred energies of A-E-O-N. We have followed the commands of Lord Siraya and permitted myriads of the divine Orders of Heaven to surround you with their Love and to fill you with their Blessings. This activity has rapidly transformed the matrix that orders your current reality.

      Your reality is destined to become a most miraculous place. Its inhabitants are presently feeling the nature of these changes. Your planetary entity, Mother Earth, sings daily of the wondrous events that are soon to occur. In addition, the main liaison team of the Galactic Federation's first contact mission has begun what are to be a most momentous series of negotiations with your worldly cabals and their governmental counterparts. Dear Ones of the Light, we shall not rest until these tasks are concluded successfully. These talks involve many things. Mostly, they involve the use of certain agreements that can bring your assigned tasks swiftly to the forefront. Keep in mind that your primary task is to function as the co-creators of a new reality. In achieving it, you are integrating an amazing number of realities into your own. You are to be a truly grand lynchpin for uniting this third dimension in ways that it has not known before. Moreover, you are to be the bridge that brings the energies and the profundity of the fourth, fifth and sixth dimensions to this reality.

      It is important that you begin to envision yourselves as a bridge between numerous realities and dimensions. This position is one for which your new reality has been designed. You have incarnated into this reality to alter it into what it is destined to become. You have also taken on the responsibility of acting as the hub for the next series of events that shall unfold this aspect of Creation. This process is one that we have briefly hinted at in some of our more recent messages. We would like now to examine this matter in some detail. However, you should know first that the intricate details of this process have already been put into the matrix that is currently creating your new reality. This new reality is inevitable. It is a part of your future. Nonetheless, there are still some aspects that you will need to manifest in the very near future. One of these is the creation of some unique societal structures, along with a new global belief system that empowers you and does not limit your abilities. This procedure is one that you are rapidly moving toward. You are starting to see how powerful you really are.

      This inner power stems from your True Self. This is the divine 'I Am' presence that is truly you. It is this great Spirit entity that willingly forms the many Orders, Councils and Administrations that divinely carry out the sacred decrees and commands of the divine plan. When you were plunged into limited consciousness, an etheric screen was forged that divided you from your inner essence. You were forced by the very nature of this reality to look outward and see your life as a temporary span of physical existence that usually lasted for many decades. The spiritual realm was seen only as a guide, and as a final repository for your soul. Indeed, the ways of the spiritual were deeply manipulated by those in your reality who sought to control you. In the past, only the sacred missions of a number of specially appointed heavenly Way-showers have prevented you from being cast into eternal darkness. Their messages and their sacred lives have helped to keep the door pried open that leads you back to the Light.

      Dear Ones, you are the progeny of those women and men who have cast out their spiritual nets and let out the good that lies within you. These actions were first performed upon your distant ancestors. Now, they have come with us to complete this miraculous task. Everywhere, the work of Heaven can be seen if you would truly look. Throw aside your jaundiced eyes and look anew with the vision of a newborn child - a child not yet tarnished by the restrictive ways of your reality. In this mode, you can see how your world is changing and why a new belief system is needed. Then, look inside and quickly discover how it is forming within you. In its nascent form, it is quite fragile. Nourish it and look carefully at its ways. Protect it and permit it to guide you. Come together and support its growth within your community and your global society. Notice how this matches the growth of a vast global network of spiritually oriented Beings.

      Each of you is meant to be a catalyst - a procreator of new ideas and practices. This program is being born within you in some unique ways. This process has sent you on a journey that has left you bombarded frequently by thoughts, information and techniques which may initially seem strange or even foreign to you. Later, you have embraced them and fashioned them in a way of which you could fully approve. We realize that the ways of Spirit frequently seem illogical to you. Even our timing seems to you to be odd. Yet, our every move has a definite purpose. This purpose is to move you toward your destiny. As you begin to organize your thoughts and move into the mode that forms groups - you are recognizing and sanctioning our guidance. We are quite proud of the work that you have done and wait gloriously for what you are about to do.

      As you move forward in your tasks, bear in mind that you are, indeed, the co-creators of the coming new reality. As you continue to forge a new belief system, you shall become the innovators of a new social and financial structure. This structure is one based upon the workings of Spirit, and not upon the accruing of power, wealth or some other arbitrary measurement of control. This structure is barely beginning to show itself to you. However, it shall not reveal itself completely until its sustenance has been assured. In the meantime, it shall continue to grow stronger and will fully permit either the issuance of a pertinent supply, or the construction of its essential foundations. The crux remains your ability to take its lead and integrate your forming belief system into its ever-growing and still developing structure.

      As you grow more confident in your ever-awakening awareness, you shall realize then how this wondrous process is creating a new reality. You shall observe how everything has happened as if attuned by a most masterful clockmaker. This procedure is the joint work of the divine plan, of Heaven and of you. Think of the magnificence that the Creator has set forth in all of us! This conscious living Creation is one that is about to bloom in ways that, even now, you can barely imagine. The beauty of this process is how it has formed an immense body of knowledge and wisdom from seemingly nothing. Yet it has, and it has done so marvelously. Whenever you begin to doubt yourselves, or even to feel that any significant event is far in the future, remember this. Use it to remain focused and committed to the successful completion of your tasks.

      Our message today has talked briefly about consciousness and the changing aspects of your reality. Employ this discussion, dear Ones, to understand the many wonders that surround you and to notice the importance of looking inward continuously. Use this inward transformation to alter what surrounds you. Utilize it also to stay firmly committed to your tasks and to remain calm, present and centered while you perform them. We now joyously take our leave. All of our Blessings and our profound gratitude to you all. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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