Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

December 11, 1999 (3 Chicchan, 18 Yaxk'in, 8 Manik)

Greetings! We come before you with yet another message. Dear Ones, we bring you our myriad blessings and our great gratitude for all that you are doing to transform this reality. As you know, much has been done to alter your reality. Yet, these changes have been only the merest of trimmings for what we are now tackling with you. Your planet has been worked on at the ethereal - upper spiritual - levels of this reality. Now, the time is coming quickly for more overt physical changes. To this end, we have been moving many more members from the heavenly Orders of A-E-O-N to your reality. In fact, most of Heaven is now surrounding you, every second, with a truly amazing number of our blessings and our divine intentions. The vast fleets from the Galactic Federation of Light that encircle your solar system are augmenting these sacred energies. We are completely determined to liberate you from your reality's current darkness and your present state of limited consciousness. This strategy is firmly founded upon the numerous divine decrees and sacred commands that stem from the divine plan.

      You are a great collection of Beings presently adrift in a reality that has denied you much knowledge of who you really are. This is unfortunate. Yet, it has led to your gleaning considerable knowledge and much wisdom. Long ago, your distant ancestors began a journey that took them through numerous periods of great distress and much hardship. Still, you have endured. Now, the moment comes for you to utilize all that you have learned and to transform all that has previously hindered you. This procedure is being aided by all that we are doing on your behalf. Keep in mind that this activity is a joint process. It requires both you and us for it to succeed. As you grow toward Spirit, you grow more aware of your abilities and your sacred purposes. Additionally, you are integrating the many parts of yourself once denied their wholeness by your fall from full consciousness. It is this process that is the vital key to all that is about to happen to you. You are forging those elements that can create a most wondrous new reality. It is this reality that is truly your well-deserved destiny.

      Mother Earth is now an orb that desires to change how she lives. Currently, she resides in a world whose life processes have been greatly altered by your many limitations. She profoundly wants to go to a new reality and exhibit a different lifestyle. In her true beingness, she acts as the transducer of solar energies that provide for a peaceful and highly conscious lifestyle. In this type of biosphere, there is a natural synergy that defies the many laws that are presently proclaimed freely by your biology and by its many associated disciplines. In this reality, her two children - her twin moons - encircle her. In her new reality, the North Polar Region becomes the Southern Polar Region. She is embraced by a dual layer of firmaments and provides a semi-tropical clime from pole to pole. Her mountains rise to well over 50,000 feet (about 15.25 kilometers). She has a land mass divided into 9 continents and separated by 14 oceans and seas. Mother Earth wishes to be populated by fauna and by flora that range in color through the entire light spectrum. Her human caretakers have seven different skin colors.

      This future creates a planet that most of you will not recognize. It has not been seen since the destruction of Lemuria nearly 50 millennia ago. Yet, it is a world that you are making possible by your present actions. By utilizing your growing potential, you are permitting A-E-O-N to make what we have just described to you, possible. This beautiful world is your destiny. It resides currently in your future. It is what you have come here to enjoy. However, first, you have to assist in this reality's transformation. This task is not as difficult as many of you may believe. You need to realize that every reality is merely an illusion that your collective contract has made real. Just as easily as it was created, it can be made into something else. Bear in mind that you exist in a Creation where practically anything is possible. This simply means that you are here to make choices and to use these decisions to forge something completely different. In fact, most of the decisions were made even before you incarnated into this reality.

      In your reality, time is viewed as a sequential movement from past to present to future. This last aspect is dependent upon the actions of the present to create it. You see this wholeness as a veritable block that cannot be changed. The past is what it is. It creates what you call its history. Many of your most profound philosophers have spent their lifetimes studying it and attempting to conjure up a theory that can explain it. This body of knowledge, or 'truths', heavily encumbers your present. We propose that you look at it in a different way. First, learn to live in the 'now'. Fully taste its magnificent fruits and use them to create your future. Second, see the past as not being locked in some unyielding stone. It can be changed. Finally, view yourselves as Beings who have the wisdom of many lifetimes lived in numerous realities to draw upon. Employ this body of wisdom to live in the 'now', and create a marvelous future.

      The space that delineates your reality is really filled with Light. This Light is the medium upon which you sculpted this present reality. Light is like glass. It can become whatever its creator so desires. So see yourselves as highly skilled sculptors and glassblowers. Only, in this case, you work with Light. After all, you are physical Angels. Light is a special medium. It consists of information and potential. It is only given to those who understand its many unique and profound properties. Because of your magical heavenly abilities, you have come here to forge this present reality into a new one. This task is one that has been made temporarily more difficult by the amnesia given you when you incarnated here. This amnesia is quickly lifting, as the process in which you are involved makes you more aware of your responsibilities.

      These responsibilities are built around your role as a co-creator of any given reality. The Creator does not give anyone this role lightly. It needs to be earned. All of you have earned this role and are truly a mighty and magnificent group of Beings. You are putting together a collective whose main duty is transformation. We in Heaven are quite proud of you. We know also that your success is really inevitable. This success is not centuries, or even decades away. This success comes from your full realization of your power, your abilities and your unique purposes. From them, there comes the mission that you have so joyously undertaken. To do this, you have had to learn much about this reality. Now, the time has come to use it to change what you have grown up in - a reality that simply doesn't work and is crying out for change.

      As you can see, much is expected of you. We in Heaven understand the magnificence that you embody. It is these great abilities that allowed you to be incarnated here in the first place. Each of you knows that you have a piece to contribute to the great puzzle that is your forming new reality. This is really the other part of your responsibility. That is, you need to do what you came here to accomplish. Keep in mind that this reality is now like a rose bush. You are its gardeners and will shortly, with a true dedication to your chores, have the privilege of watching it bloom. These blooms are ones that can bring not only a sense of accomplishment, but also the full sense that, once again, you have done your part in unfolding the wonders that are this present Creation. In this Light, we gift you with our blessings and the great Supply of Heaven.

      Today, we have discussed many things. We ask you, dear Ones, to review them with your growing discernment. Look inside and utilize your Heart-logic. What you are achieving is part of a great prophecy given to physical Creation by the highest aspect of Heaven. The commands of Lord Siraya have sent you the Supply of Heaven and given you the means to accomplish whatever is needed to assure your success. We now take our leave. With it, we give you endless blessings from Heaven. You are a magnificent Being of infinite Light, capable of truly miraculous deeds. Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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