Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

November 14, 1998 (1 Ben, 11 Xul, 7 Ik)

Greetings! Today, we come before you in celestial Joy. Much work has been done, and much more remains for us to do. Yet you are wonderfully moving forward in your many and profound changes. These modifications are ones that have allowed us to move your beloved Mother Earth to ever higher levels. These higher vibrational patternings are a preliminary aspect of the many new adjustments that we have planned for the coming galactic month of Mol (December 13th to January 1st). During this entire month, we shall concentrate on the adjustments and linking of your Heart, Communication, and the various Head Chakras. Our divine purpose is to prepare you for a greater acceptance that your vibrations have indeed been moved upward. You shall then have the ability to begin to exercise some of these talents that you so easily gave away in your childhood. One’s manifesting action often is begun with inner thoughts of one’s various limitations. They are often coupled with inner fears filled with your “what if’s” and “what could be the outcome’s”. We desire to move you beyond this elementary stage as quickly as possible.

      The most important point that we are purposely affecting is the potential of your global and individual consciousness fields. Our assigned task is to move your consciousness fields toward their fullest potential. This procedure is done on three major levels. The first level is a micro one. We move to change as many individuals in as many ways as are possible. This process opens up the next level — the macro or societal — to a higher degree of dissonance and profound change. Finally, we can shift your reality (your conscious environment) and create with you a new golden age based upon harmony and maximum creativity. To accomplish this objective means that we need to work at all three levels simultaneously. Any activity in one level can affect the others dramatically. This symmetry has led us to plans that seemingly have given you some very outrageous outcomes. Yet each plan had a purpose, even if it seemed no more than a simple attempt to discover what could possibly prove successful. Each action was part of greater actions meant to get us to the next proposed event horizon at the right divine moment.

      The movement of your vibrations upward coincides with the moving of Mother Earth’s frequencies in an ever upward direction. The vital force now present in your reality is for this upward motion to increase exponentially. We continuously monitor its movement. The local Spiritual Hierarchy is in charge of these activities, and their actions make it easier for us to move your societal energies in these same directions. What happens is a symbiotic reaction. This reaction is two-fold. First, there is the expansion of those who have the highest vibrations in your society. They are both the anchor points and the catalyst. For it, they are the givers of rituals and meditations that both keep it going and permit the arena of change to be ever expanded. These actions permit the local Spiritual Hierarchy to move the rest of this precious humanity ever upward. Second, this action brings into account a complex feedback loop that allows the conscious potential of your societal field to be pulsed in ways that raises its overall threshold. This higher threshold permits humanity to experience newer and more inclusive event horizons, and to enter them initially as a society. These changes affect the individual and her/his development.

     From childhood, your training has left the majority of you in denial of those changes that are now gripping you. The reaction of your society has been much the same. These actions have increased the amount of chaos usually present in your reality. In effect, you are designing your present reality, literally, to blow itself to pieces. This potentially violent transition is one that we are busily mitigating. The critical path to this solution is the raising of your consciousness and the many blessed intentions by the Spiritual Hierarchy for global harmony. These are beginning to manifest slowly in your reality. Into the very fabric of your reality, we are putting a means to change it in a way that applies the grace and gratitude given to you by your Creator. It is this procedure that has permitted you to use your many sincere desires for peace and global love, to influence effectively the outcome of many potentially violent situations. This process is also permitting your elites to discover their limitations and to learn some new wisdoms.

      The process that you are going through is designed to rid you of the many inappropriate fears that you now possess. Your society is also moving into a state of greater chaos, and of greater harmony. These two very dissimilar activities can intermesh and create situations that need new wisdoms for you. This process brings out an initial dissonance that leads, finally, into a greater harmony. It is this action that is moving your society into its deepest levels of change. Inherent is the rapid processing of your fears. In many ways, it is analogous to finding yourself suddenly on a roller coaster that is noted for many quick twists, turns and enormous loops. You are experiencing these emotions as you move through them. It also allows you to see how these fears create the reality that currently surrounds you. The way out becomes a need to review the ways in which your fears have limited your reality and to acquire more mature emotions to replace them.

      This movement towards a greater and more coherent consciousness field is what fuels your progress. It is also what motivates your elites to see the need to change the rules of engagement ever so slightly. This evolution is now happening on a greater and greater ratio of scale. It is moving your reality ever closer to its evolution into something better. However, this change is happening on a very subtle level at this time. As you move into the position of maturing your emotions and thought-forms, you become a part of the higher vibrational segment of your global population, to which we have previously referred. Consequently, your addition to the total adds to the pressure on your global society, and its various layers of elites, to modify the rules that act as the veritable parameters of your reality. This stretching procedure is what can be construed as the turning key in the lock of your door to a new reality.

      In the coming galactic month of Mol, we intend to take this evolutionary process to its next step. That is, we intend to begin to integrate the various pieces that we have so far put into you. This process means that we need to anchor in your Light body in a new way, that permits this vital spiritual suit of Light to influence the development of the various chakras of your body. In effect, it means that we begin to awaken you to the higher potentials that your consciousness is quite capable of attaining. Over the course of the galactic month of Xul and the coming month of Yaxk’in, you shall be prepared for this dramatic opening to the Light. It is a procedure that involves moving you physically into higher and higher levels of vibrational adjustments. As you raise your vibrations, you encounter the need to increase the intensity of your detoxing procedures.

      One of the major elements of these changes is the intensity of the detoxing that you are presently encountering. This process is necessary, due to the rate of the changes that you are undergoing, or are about to undergo. Bear in mind that you are the key focal point for the changes now going on in your reality. These special procedures are needed to move your global society forward, and to make its transition to the Light that much easier. Hence, your inner Angelic and body guardian councils have been guided by the Creator’s divine plan to intensify the preparations for the next adjustment period. Accordingly, the degree of detoxing may take on some very severe physical symptoms that can resemble a bronchial influenza or a very bad head or chest cold. In any case, the physical symptoms are just a visible sign of the processing that is affecting your entire Being.

      Today, you stand in the midst of great change that is beginning to move you from the very subtle to the highly sublime. A part of this procedure is a great series of vibrational shiftings. This aspect of your transformation is one that is a great watershed for your movement into a new reality. This new reality comes from the co-creation of a new set of internal and external wisdoms that can, in due time, integrate your physical with your Spiritual body. Enjoy this process, and create an attitude that this coming stage of your transformation is one filled with strange twists and unforeseen adventure. We now depart with infinite blessings to you of complete Love, endless Joy and boundless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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