Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

November 24, 1998 (11 Akbal 1 Yaxk’in, 7 Ik)

Greetings! We are here today with some data about the many changes going on in your solar system, and within you. Presently, there is a large amount of activity occurring on or near the Sun. These activities involve preliminary procedures needed to prepare your Sun to be the hub of a new solar system. At present, with the help of the local Elohim, we are adjusting the various fields that surround the orbits of the Sun’s many sacred children. Each of them fully understands the significance of what we are doing. This miraculous process also concerns the photon belt. Since you are within the belt, its many strong electrical, magnetic and gravitic fields now surround you. Only the void’s very narrow null zone can partially protect you from its very overwhelming effects. It is these sudden extremely high bursts of photon and other related radiation that have, from time to time, affected the stability of your Sun and its rather complex holographic envelope. These points of solar instability have led to the many bursts of energy that have emanated from your Sun and from other parts of your solar system.

      Your Sun is a divine entity that, like you, is in the midst of a great transformation. This transformation is one that can alter the very reality that it currently occupies. Like you, the Sun and its solar system have had to take on an appearance that mirrored the reality that you have projected upon it. Each of you is part of a foundational series of agreements that keep this reality in place. As you change, the macro-scale around you also changes. In effect, this ‘as above so below’ effect constantly feeds back to both the macro and the micro levels. This prime reality filter is at the core of the way in which you perceive your reality. All realities are elastic in nature. Since physicality is merely a massive illusion that appears real, it takes many detailed and commonly shared agreements to create and maintain it. This process is dependent on the level of consciousness one has employed. As the potential field of each level of consciousness increases, much pressure is put upon it to reshape the intent, as well as the content, of a reality. This important procedure originates from the spiraling upward and outward movement of the frequency of the dynamic consciousness field.

      Frequency is the major element involved in these equations. Consciousness can be seen as a sharply curving scale that moves exponentially from one level to another. Each level is surrounded by a series of common belief systems that are really massively held thought-forms. When the consciousness field at that level moves toward its full potential, it begins to raise this overall frequency. This critical operation opens up this particular reality to receive higher frequencies from other hyperspatial realms. These higher consciousness frequencies arrive from these many hyperspatial realms with new information packets that speed up this procedure. When the movement of information packets reaches a critical threshold, a jump to a new level of consciousness re-structures the old reality into one appropriate for this higher level of consciousness. In turn, this process innately leads to moving the frequency of this new potential field to higher and higher levels. This process, once begun in earnest, speeds up rapidly after the first massive barrier or flux walls of the initial potential field are finally breached.

     This process of consciousness and its potential moves within an intricate, or divine, order that is essentially self-organizing, as well as quite random, in nature. This movement of consciousness is also very fluid and extremely gracious within its divine principles. Each point of movement is truly holistic and is founded upon many sacred principles of divine management. This holy WILL of the Creator is established in the movement of all the elements of Creation towards their fullest aspect of consciousness. In this divine state, they are reunited with their Creator and achieve the maximum possible harmony with each other. This state is the highest point between the physical and spiritual realms. In fact, it represents the point where they merge into sublime oneness. It is this majestic oneness that is the ultimate objective of physical consciousness — the true and revealed union of Spirit and matter. Here, the lessons and experiences of physicality are freely given to Spirit, and with it, the divine blueprint can finally be completely unfolded.

      Consciousness, as you can see, is the underlying foundation of physicality. Its nature determines how physicality unfolds as a specific reality. This process is a mirror effect that, as just noted, moves constantly between the micro and macro levels of any reality. Consciousness is dependent upon that data that helps it to redefine itself. This information comes from within, as well as from without, the narrow parameters of any given reality. As we have said, the natural movement of any potential field of consciousness is to spiral upward toward higher and higher frequencies. These higher frequencies can permit this field of consciousness to interpret and to utilize its information more efficiently. As this efficiency increases, the potential field can also increase its parameters or thresholds. This process permits a consciousness field to jump over its immediate hyperspatial realities and to move directly towards the attainment of a state of full consciousness.

      The most important new element that swiftly develops from receiving higher and higher frequencies of consciousness is the ability to jump or leap from one reality to another. An important side effect is that any consciousness information system can build up enough potential within itself to leap over an enormous number of these hyperspatial realities and wind up in the highest state — namely, full consciousness. This possibility comes from the fact that all levels of consciousness are merely holographic substrates of full consciousness. Within themselves, they possess the capability, as well as the knowledge, to jump to the highest state possible. The key elements remain the commitment and the focus that the potential field of consciousness gives to attain this highest level. Added to this possibility is that, as the frequency of any potential field increases, it learns how easy it is to achieve full consciousness.

      Right now, you are on the edge of receiving enough hyperspatial information packets to make this great leap to full consciousness. What you still need are the attendant higher frequencies to interpret this complex information properly. This dramatic interaction between higher forms of information and an increasing frequency creates a temporary interphasing effect that can cause instability in any given reality. This difficulty is solved when the feedback loop between the two elements is finally locked in, or phased together, correctly. When this particular event horizon is reached, you leap into your new reality. If the aspects of this event horizon have been accurately focused, then the state of full consciousness is achieved. In this new reality, you are re-united with your spiritual and physical kin. You also become co-keepers of the flame of eternal and sacred knowledge.

      Full consciousness is the ultimate reality in physicality. In it, you can achieve the full potential of the knowledge and wisdom that can be gleaned from physicality. From this magnificent state, you are able to become full fledged physical Angels. You are the physical flower of your sacred heavenly Lineage, and are able to carry out its highly sacred and most divine tasks. In addition, you are able to assist physicality in unfolding its numerous aspects of Mother/Father God’s divine plan. In this noble purpose, you are deeply blessed by all of Heaven and are graciously thanked for the most wonderful transformation that could ever have been imagined. Think of it: despite all the many potential problems that can possibly exist, you possess the gifts needed to solve them and to reach this most mighty goal.

      Your global society is now approaching a critical point in our joint endeavors. It is necessary for many of you to commit yourselves to achieve your fullest potentials and to assist us in moving your society’s frequencies toward the required threshold levels. This process is one that assures us of the successful completion of our first contact mission. It also permits all of us to know that another important aspect of our sacred task has been achieved. We now leave you, Blessed Lights, with all our highest blessings for complete and perfect Love, ecstatic Joy and a veritable cornucopia of Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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