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A Report from Oslo
Kim DaeJung's Acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize
By Jiwon Lee

Hi, everyone,

I joined celebration march after Nobel Peace Award in Oslo, and met President Kim here. But unfortunately, the battery of my digital camera was DEAD at the moment the president came to me, so I only have some pictures before his arrival. The other pictures I took with my disposable camera, but I haven't developed it yet. I was really disappointed to miss him on my camera, but he's also too small surrounded by giant Norwegian guards and press.

Here in Norway, Nobel Peace Prize is a big thing. They have been showing Mr. Kim for several weeks on TV together with the documentary of him. He seems to be a quite big hero here. In Norway, a lot of Korean children are adopted by Norwegian family, so it's not difficult to meet Korean kids speaking Norwegian here. I can tell you they are having really good life here. Norwegian people are very good to their children. I have met several kids and they were so excited to see me because I am from their home country.

A lot of families who have Korean children attended this ceremony and celebrated Mr. Kim's award. Tomorrow, there will be Peace Concert, and I am going there with my friends. They booked the best seat. They really love Korea and expecting another child from Korea in February. Mr. Kim will make some speech there but unfortunately, picture taking is not allowed during the concert. But I believe that my friends in Korea you will see the concert on TV and maybe you will see me, too. Pay attention!

Before the ceremony, outside of Oslo City Hall. Nobel Prize ceremony was held in this building.
My friend Ann and her husband who adopted the child in front from Korea.  They are big lovers of Korea.
Many Norwegian families who adopted Korean children have attended to celebrate this award.  The child in font of the banner is Ingrid, my friend's daughter.
Time for the president move. Of course, Korean rhythm cannot be missed.
My first impression of Norwegian police.  They look wonderful in their uniform.
Ingrid and her father, Pal.
AUT_2809.JPG Aut_2808.jpg
Moving toward the ceremony site.
Another family with a Korean son, holding Korean and Norwegian flags in both hands.
Ann & Ingrid