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Weiß kreuz TV Animation Sound Track
Marine ENT. MMCC-1710
2,800 yen 98-Sep-21 49 tracks (78:02)
old catalog number: MMCM-1010

All the tracks are background music from the
anime series except for two tracks which have
voices by Weiß... kinda like vocals but not really. ^^;

There are also kinda instrumental versions of "Velvet
Underworld" (called "Theme of Weiß") and "Beautiful Alone".

I've yet to confirm this but I believe that some
of the BGM is also heard in the drama albums. There
is also a theme for each of the main characters, Aya
Yohji, Ken and Omi. They are, by far, the most
distinctive music in the album and are played
frequently in the anime series.

Cover (50K)

Aya (44K)
Tracks 1-18, anime images (44K)
Tracks 19-49, anime images (124K)
Anime cast list, anime Weiß boys (71K)
anime images (22K)
Anime Weiß boys (47K)
Anime Weiß boys (57K)
Anime Weiß boys (55K)

Weiß kreuz copyright Project Weiß. This page copyright 1998-9 Kai Ling.
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