Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

February 20, 1999 (8 Batz, 9 Zac, 7 Ik)

Greetings! In the mist of the holy Light of Lights, we come! We are the Nine. We are the Holy Council of Lord Siraya from the sacred realm of A-I-O-N. We come to you on this glorious day from the Great Blue Lodge of Sirius. As we speak, much is happening to you, dear children. The Creator has blessed you with many things. The most important of these is your individual sovereignty. Within it, there lies the crown of your creation. This is the blazing jewel that embodies who you are. This True Self is now integrating your physical and spiritual bodies. From this sacred union, a wonder-filled event is destined to occur. This event is known to many of you as the Ascension. To us, it is the day of Re-membrance. It is the end of your long journey from the deceit of Atlantis to the promise of a new Golden Age. Much have you suffered in this Journey, and much have you learned. What we would like to do today is to review the origins of some of your past karma, as well as how we are all now transforming it. This great task begins with the Empires of Atlantis.

      Atlantis is a land that had the potential to be many things. The ones it chose dealt with the concepts of greed, survival and power. These choices were in opposition to Lemuria's abundance, harmony and mutual co-operation. Dear Ones, these Atlanteans were the essence of what you now are. As you change this karma, you are changing the whole purpose of the Atlantean elites. This purpose was to divide and conquer humanity. It was to give the dark a temporary upper hand over Light. The ensuing struggle was not really a true conflict. It was a way to bring a needed knowledge into a most pure and magical land. Each of you has come to learn about the problem of Atlantis (its karma), and to solve it in a most unique and co-creative way. In so doing, dear ones, you are transforming not only your reality, but also all of Creation. This process is one that began when this holy planet was formed from the debris of your solar system. The planetary and solar Elohim fashioned a most exquisite gem. Lord Michael gave it a great task, and we watched over it.

      Your local Spiritual Hierarchy was taken from the holy realm of A-I-O-N. It has performed its tasks as planned. We deeply thank them for carrying out the divine edicts of the Creator's divine plan. You are now the keepers of what your Spiritual Hierarchy had begun - Lord Michael's great task. This task is to combine dark and Light together in a new and most unique manner. To do this, you needed Light (Lemuria) and darkness (Atlantis). You needed to learn from the dark by submitting to its harsh rule. This rule has gone on for nearly 13 millennia. Under its yoke, you have long endured the dark lessons of limited consciousness. You have learned about death, fear and anxiety. From these qualities, there have come lack, powerlessness and uncertainty. Your society has experienced wars, divisions and pestilence. These are the illusory powers of the dark. You have made them real and garnered their knowledge in your very souls. Now, it is time to take these elements and to use them for your own purposes. It is time to keep what is needed and to transform them into something grand.

      Dear Ones of the Light, what you have endured is something unique in this galaxy. Keep in mind your task and from it, understand what you are doing. Light created physicality as a mirror land. It is meant to reflect what you see and what you wish to know. In its shadows, there lie the clues to its own transformation. These clues involve your state of consciousness. They concern the powers that you have. They relate to the very nature of the dark. To start, dear ones, look inside and compare it to this current reality. See it as two very realistic dreams. Ask yourself which dream is more real. Ask yourself how you wish to make one dream real and how you wish to fold the other in to it (in-tu-it). Then ask these same questions as a group. Learn about the two levels of who you are - an individual and a collective Being. Understand that all fear and lack are illusory. You are a most powerful and creative Being - a veritable essence of the Holy Creator. You are here to awaken and to become all of your magnificent potential.

      Consciousness, dear Lights, is the reason for Creation. It is this same consciousness which unfolds the divine WILL of its Creator. You are moving into a vast awakening of what you are. Organizations have formed, and even more are forming, to assure that this process is accomplished at a divine time. We are here with all of Creation to assist you in your great procedures. This task of raising your consciousness is not an easy one. Along the way, your gleaning of the dark's wisdom has permitted you to forget your divine mission. That leads us to the task of Heaven. We are here to do those agreed-upon activities that allow you to remember who you are and what you are doing. Your potential is ever present. It is a consciousness field that even the dark has cultivated for its own purposes. Because of all the travails given you by the dark, you have grown in knowledge, in wisdom and in faith. It is no wonder that you are accomplishing miracles.

      As you raise your awareness, dear ones, it naturally leads you to higher and higher levels of your potential. In fact, this potential has reached a threshold where it is now driving you to complete your divine task. This process, dear Lights, is self-organizing and fits into the sacred order of the divine plan. A key to this process is to forgive and bless the ways of the dark. They are here to teach, to show, and to conduct you into their ways. They have done well. Now, bless them and allow them to transform into what they are - a divine part of you. From this forgiving and allowing, there comes the wisdom to be aware of the nature of the Light. The Light is all that is real. The Light is the very essence of the Creator. In the physical, the Light has two parts, what you call Light and dark. We would like to call each a divine aspect of the other. Light and dark have come to fulfill the sacred blueprint of Creation.

      The next part of your task, dear children, is to learn your wisdom. Use it to create your new reality. This present time is merely one of a grand transition. It is a time to analyze. It is a time to create. It is a time to do. Use these precious moments to understand yourself better. Use these moments to come together and to form networks of consciousness that express the divine Light in all of you. You, dear hearts, are a most amazing group of Beings. Your potential is almost endless and it can do much great work. With what you possess, you can reach to the very realms of A-I-O-N to complete your sacred task. We in Heaven consider it a most blessed privilege to assist you in your work. The rest of this period of transition will show you many surprises and many more joys. Together, we shall accomplish many amazing acts that can manifest the prophecies of the Creator.

      Life is a process of experience, acquired knowledge and expressed wisdom. It has many different aspects. It occurs in many wonderful ways. It is filled with all things that bring you to Love and to your divine essence. In it, you are immortal, sovereign, and a divine Oneness. You share all that you are with each other and benefit mutually from that experience. Dear Ones, you are moving into a realm of such immense beauty and harmony. Life sings its sacred song and leads you to the very throne of Creation. From this realm of your True Self, you have branched out into the multitude realities of the physical. Now you are about to enjoin Spirit into this essence. Your wisdom is unfolding the divine plan. It is manifesting a will that can only lead to the glorious fulfillment of the sacred divine WILL of the Creator.

      Dear Ones, it is time to complete our message. As we depart, we ask you to call upon Heaven's grace and to forgive all that has caused you grief in physicality. Bond with the dark in ways that bring your Light into it. Permit your glorious Lineage to transform this dark into a greater and more profound Light. Then bring it to Heaven, and show your glorious new entity to us. Let us bless it and transform this reality into the golden white Light that it is meant to be. We now leave you with many blessings. May you be forever bathed in the divine perfect Love of the Creator. May you be forever surrounded by the wondrous Joy of Heaven. May you be forever cast in a realm of endless Prosperity and limitless Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!) We are the Nine!

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