The show opened with a special referee, Dick Kroll, celebrating his 35th year in wrestling by officiating in the one company he never has, ECW.  

Our opening bout featured the ECW Arena debut of The Dupps (Bo & Jack, managed by Puck), taking on Kid Cash and Nova.  Bo and Cash started off, with the Kid's quickness overcoming Bo's size advantage.  Jack, tagged in, and seemed to have an itch in his backside that he constantly scratched.  Nova outmanuevered him at first, scoring with a top rope bulldog.  Sending their opponents out of the ring.  As the Dupps went up the aisle, Nova launched Cash into a flying somersault senton from the ring, taking out all three of the brothers.  Back in the ring, the brothers managed to cut Cash off from his corner, and Bo scored a two with a powerslam.  Bo caught a Cash attempted moonsault, and planted him again, this time with a side slam.  Cash finally caught Bo with a rana and struggled to make a tag.  Nova came in and went to town on both men, hitting the Spin Doctor on Bo.  Puck interfered, but was taken out as well. Nova hit a stunner, DDT and legdrop on three Dupps, all at once.  Incredible.  The Dupps managed to come back, but Chris Chetti evened the odds, delivering a spin kick to Puck.  Nova then scored the pin on Bo with a Kryptonite Krunch to win the match.