Hello and welcome to my website. If you don't know who I am my name is Shaun White and I am a professional snowboarder. I am 14 years old and I live in sunny San Diego, Ca. I am sponsored by Burton Snowboards, Volcom Clothing, and Oakley Optics. Below is my daily journal. I update it from the road to let everyone know what I am up to. If you want to see pictures of me you can go to the photographs page. Also you can email me, and I will try to write you back asap. Peace.

2.12.01 - I am in Japan right now, I just competed in the Nippon Open. It was pretty cool. My schedual is so hecktic. I came to Japan straight from the X Games. I havent seen it on TV but I heard it was pretty cool. Anyways, I get home tommarrow and then I am going to Big Bear to compete in another AST halfpipe contest. Later

1.30.01 - I just got these skate photo's. They are of me skating at the YMCA. It was a super fun day and we shot photo's for a couple of hours. I had a wig on too which rocked. Check out these photos, also if you have aol don't click on the thumbnails yet, you will have to go to the photo section. Apperently AOL doesnt support the code that Microsoft does, my programmer is working on it. So hold tight.

1.29.01 - Left for the XGames this morning at 7:00am. So tired must sleep. Ill write more when I get the strentgh. Oh yeah its raining in Vermont right now.

 1. 50-50 FS 360 out, Arctic Challange
 2. Frontside Air, Lake Tahoe
 3. Dork Photos, Home