Comments from the Staff

The staff of "The Royal Space Force" have since gone on to a wide variety of fields. Now, on the occasion of its audio reproduction and theatrical re-release, we asked them for their impressions on the subject. All of them have their own feelings about the film, even a decade after its premiere.

"This takes me back..."
--Anno Hideaki, Special-Effects Artist

"There aren't all that many features that I've worked on which I can say I love from the bottom of my heart, but 'Royal' is one of my favorites. If you haven't seen it, by all means catch it at the theater this time around."
--Sadamoto Yoshiyuki, Character Designer

"Even now, there are cuts I wish I could redo. That's how much I feel for it. I really enjoyed working on it."

--Iida Fumio, Animation Director

Translation: "'The Royal Space Force' was a bonafide education for me. What could make me happier than to find that my alma mater is in good shape even now.---Akai Takami"
--Akai Takami, Assistant Director