"Sound Update Version" Production Locale Report
(PART 1)

In order to take advantage of this tremendous leap in audio technology, all of the sound effects have been re-recorded. In order to create the sounds of a new era, Director Yamaga Hiroyuki and the audio staff have been hard at work for days and nights on end.



"The Royal Space Force" is being made in this studio.

The audio staff let nothing slip past them in their audio check, as they stare intently at the screen images.

While checking the film, they proceed determinedly in the work of converting the audio to Dolby Digital.


Yamaga, having completed the test run, meets with his staff with an ever more determined manner.

Hayashi, President of Avaco Studios and leader of the audio staff, brings his own enthusiasm to the meetings

Yamaga and Staff relaxed at test showing


Everyone uses computers in audio production these days. And the sounds of "The Royal Space Force" are no different.

Recording Engineer Nagura and Effects Producer Kurahashi proceed to lay down the sound carefully, checking it against the images onscreen.

The film's new 5.1channel sound proceeds apace