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Bear Facts - Do you know what's really going on with our generation? Bear Facts is a detailed investigation of sexual practices amongst members of our generation.
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The ultimate goal of is to become a VOICE of teens from across Bergen County via the Internet. Any teen with access to the Internet will have the power to express his or her views to the entire on-line community in a dynamic, user-friendly format.

Interactions with The Record and the Associated Press

While still in its developmental stages, members of the staff visited The Record and the Associated Press (AP) to find out how the professionals create and maintain a news service. They sat in on press conferences, visited the arts and graphics departments, and even learned how to acquire articles from the AP wire provided by the The Record. The Record seemed a natural choice for partnership in this project, since it is the leading North Jersey newspaper serving the community for over 30 years, and because of our common vision for an on-line magazine for teens by teens.

Meanwhile, preparations were being made back at the Academy for the completion of the first demonstration issue of It was presented on November 6, 1996, to The Record executives and Academy administrators. The first beta non-commercial edition appeared on the web on January 27, 1997, kicking off the on-line new year with a dose of teen spirit.

Bumps on the Road
The whole process of creating an on-line newspaper involves a lot of hard work and technicalities, as the staff of found out. Creating and modifying web pages for each article, making the links to other pages and putting in graphics took up the most time. Although there were only a few people on the staff in the beginning, everyone worked overtime to make everything perfect for the first demo. Meetings during lunch and afterschool helped bring the staff together to focus on what needed to be done. Although it will be a lot of work, in the end, will be a successful, highly entertaining, and valuable media tool for teenagers and students all across the web. keeps going and going and going and going...

Alumni All-Stars

Name: Attending: Class of:
Katherine WuWharton School of Business, U. Penn'97
Christopher GreeleyFranklin & Marshall'97
Audrey EllerbeePrinceton University'97
Leah Obias Trinity College '97
Chris Werner Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute '97
Andrew Nemr School of Visual Arts (NYC) '97
Caroline Riordan The University of Kansas '97

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