Media Statement

Project Manager, Scott Martin

2 June 1999


Leighton Contractors Pty Limited is about to commence setting up site and laydown areas on Mill Point Reserve, South Perth for construction of the Narrows Bridge Duplication.

Piling will commence at the end of June and will take four months to complete. The piles provide structural support for the new bridge.

Other current works include the realignment of Mill Point Road off-ramp and the construction of a temporary dual use path around the Reserve.

Leighton Contractors Project Manager, Scott Martin, said that the chosen construction technique limited disturbance to water traffic and recreational users.

"We appreciate that the Swan River is considered a significant asset by many West Australians and that they still want to be able to use it for sport, commercial boat operations, fishing and recreation while we’re building the bridge, " he said.

"We’ll maintain access to foreshore areas and navigation channels for the duration of the project."

The bridge will be constructed using an incremental launch technique where the bridge deck is built in 28 metre segments on the south bank of the river and passed across temporary river piers to the northern embankment.

The segments are then connected together and temporary piers removed leaving the decking on top of permanent piers.

"All changes to the site areas on and near Mill Point Reserve are temporary and after the project is complete, the area will be landscaped to return it to its existing state," said Mr Martin.

The project will be completed by November 2000.

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