Update by Sheldan Nidle for The Galactic Federation

November 17, 1998 (4 Cib, 14 Xul, 7 Ik)

Greetings! On this day, we come to you with some information about the nature of your changing reality. You are now residing inside an environment that you helped to co-create. This limited reality is composed of three basic aspects. The first segment is the fundamental agreements that you made contractually with the local Spiritual Hierarchy. The second part is your own agreements about your life, its purpose and generally the way in which it would unfold. The final aspects are those forced agreements that you made, at birth and after, with the various worldly elites and/or their now gone masters. This last part is the critical key that holds your world in check. As we have explained in many, many previous messages, our purpose is to assist you to obtain that vital key and to use it to open up the door to a new reality. This new reality permits you to become fully conscious and to create a global society that continually operates at its fullest potential. Such a society is harmonious, and oriented to solving quickly all problems presented to it. This society is one dedicated to unfolding the divine WILL of the Creator.

      For most of you, these three parts of your reality have been operating in a reverse order. That is, you have given most of your co-creative powers away to your worldly elites. Since this process was accomplished in a mostly illegal manner, you have been given a bequest by the galactic Spiritual Hierarchy. If you properly apply the universal rules of conduct in these matters, you can cause any agreement with your worldly elites to be immediately rescinded. The first rule is that this process is a group one. It states that if enough enlightened Beings on your world come together and can fully decree for its removal with their heart and soul, then you can exempt your global society from these nefarious agreements. This process is based upon the purposeful spreading, by a fully potentialized group of Earth’s humanity, of their divine intention for global freedom and the rapid spread of personal sovereignty. This procedure creates a global web of linked consciousness, or divine Light. From it, it is possible literally to ‘flip’ your current reality and transform it into a fully conscious galactic society. This society has complete access to all levels and types of hyperspatial conscious reality.

      An important aspect of this first universal rule involves the transformation of as many individuals globally as necessary. You can ascertain this critical number as you progress with your educational and instructional procedures. In effect, the number is not as important as the location of those individuals who are involved daily with the process. Eventually, you start to see a dynamic grid of rising consciousness beginning to form upon your planet. This grid has links that require more strength in one place than another. In addition, you can see how some nodes can be used to boost the strength of other, or even weaker, nodes. Each aspect of a reality is not uniform in how it operates, or even in how it carries out its duties. As you work this network out, you can discover the various nuances of your reality and, most of all, of your network. For this reason, this work requires a great deal of commitment, as well as a sincere desire to achieve your objectives. With these thoughts in mind, your success can be thoroughly assured.

     As you can see, you become the initial focus. The point of focus is from you to the society, with a feedback loop back to you. The purpose of the feedback loop is to inform you of your successes and of what needs, or does not need, to be done to accomplish your objectives. Here, the power of personal sovereignty becomes highly apparent. This procedure is one that comes from your personal transformation of your mental, emotional and spiritual make-up. The first step is to begin an assessment of what you truly want, and to take responsibility for transforming, or maturing, those parts in you that have been previously created for your protection. Each of your thought-forms has a purpose for being. It is a divine form or intention that believes deeply in your protection and continued survival. What it does not understand is that its present form no longer serves its primary purpose. Each emotional and mental form needs to comprehend this fact and to learn how it can be remade into a more useful, fundamental part of you. This integration process is an element of what we are doing mutually with each other.

      When you first begin to awaken, you set in motion a series of prescribed actions. These various actions begin to intensify the physical and spiritual changes that have led you to awaken in the first place. This procedure induces you to question whether your ways to adapt to this current reality really work. In short, your evaluation asks what is truly needed and what can be transformed to create a new and more effective personality. This inner, as well as outer, search can direct you down many diverse paths in your pursuit of your new knowledge and wisdoms. In each of you, there exists an inner Angelic council. This sacred council has the divine purpose of providing a necessary direction when you need it. Here, the major factor is simply to go within and to learn to listen to its excellent advice. It can direct you to those teachers and individuals that you may need to assist you in this most important process.

      Around this inner divine counsel of your guardian Angels, there exists a special group of spiritual guides that are given to you as part of your pre-incarnate celestial agreements. Added to these special Beings are several layers of intergenerational and self-created thought-forms that have come from the emotional, mental and physical bodies that represent you. Each of these various forms acts as a filter for your conscious essence. They are there to aid your spiritual guides and inner councils to assist you in forming the conscious 3-D Being that is you. It is these many thought-forms that are often corrupted and misused by the worldly elites and by society’s own concept of this reality. What is now needed is for you to assess each of these thought-forms and determine how they can be effectively mutated to achieve your true life purposes. In addition, you can use this process to interact more competently with each other.

      When you begin to alter these various thought-forms, you can see how the many celestial agreements that you have shaped with the Spiritual Hierarchy really operate. Above all, a basic aspect of this part of physicality is the successful achievement of your life purpose. What has occurred instead is that several major societal operands got in your way. A major one is that this reality is really a savage, brutal and quite unforgiving place. It has no room for quarter and hence, it gives you none. Added to this major belief is that survival here is very difficult and your rewards, if any, are few and far between. Embedded in these beliefs are fear, uncertainty and a great doubt of who you are or even of where you are going. As long as you adopt these beliefs and create the prerequisite thought-forms, you spin around in an endless and very frustrating loop. As long as you remain there, you are a willing and cooperative prisoner of this reality.

      Love is the foundation of physical reality and the interconnection of every Being with each other. When you truly begin to connect with this deep Love, miracles can begin to happen. Using this Love, you can start to alter your thought-forms that have provided the many filters that allow you to perceive this reality. As you transform these thought-forms and make them into a vital part of your inner councils, your personality shifts and your ability to manifest your life purpose becomes possible. The fear, doubt and uncertainty are transformed into courage, trust and certainty about your life purpose and how to achieve it. You also start to see how you can solve your problems. Most of all, you can now see how, collectively with like-minded others, you can create a global society that is very harmonious and quite sane.

      Today, we have discussed the nature of your present reality and how to transform it. We ask that you look inside and see the power that you have so easily given away. Now the time has come to take it back and to allow your reality to be changed into one that is much more harmonious and much less pathological. Let us together co-create a new reality for ourselves and our progeny. We leave you now with endless blessings of perfect Love, boundless Joy and limitless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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