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Saami Language Centre is a local authority organisation established in the Autumn of 1994.

- learning by doing - 

Aims and objectives

To increase public awareness of and revitalise the Saami language and culture.
Amass language expertise and co-ordinate language resources.
Capitalise on the knowlegde of Saami held by senior citizens and spread this to children and youth in work situations where the use of Saami falls naturally.


Courses and other activities

Saami for adults, youths and children.
Intensice summer courses in Saami.
Saami language camps and language training in Saami for primary and secondary schoolpupils in other communities.
Projects and other assignments by agreement.

Courses etc. for schools

Training in Saami combined with practical tasks in duodji (Saami handicrafts), traditional cooking, skills and activities based on natural resources and more.

Saami Language Centre employs the services of local instructors in practiacal language training. The instructors have a high level of expertise acquired through life-long experince in subjects such as duodji, traditional cooking, skills and activities based on natural resources and local history.

Clients and users

Public employes, schools pupils, kindergartens, other local authorities and others interested in attaining skills in Saami.

Magga Porsanger Marit Alette Utsi
Managing Director Language Consultant

Norsk Sámi Giellaguovddaš English Francais

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