Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

November 27, 1999 (2 Batz, 4 Yaxk'in, 8 Manik)

Blessings! Divine Blessings to you all! We are carried on the wings of Grace and arrive with much to tell you. Your world and the various overt and covert bodies that govern you are beginning to change at a very rapid rate. These welcomed alterations have been made possible by the great works that you and Heaven have done. Expect many wonderful things to begin to happen shortly! We in Heaven are fully committed to completing our sacred tasks by the schedule given us by the divine plan. This plan is one that has been decreed by the highest Orders of Heaven and commanded by Lord Siraya. Hence, we have increased the numbers of each heavenly Order assigned to this task. In addition, we have expanded the number of blessings given to alter your reality swiftly and easily. These sacred energies are causing your reality to transform quickly. Your precious divine orb and her many supporting sacred multitudes know, and are profoundly impressed by, what is happening now. This change is coming and, according to the dictates of divine time, it is coming quite soon.

      Up till now, these changes have been quite subtle. This coming period is one in which a more noticeable series of portents shall come into your view. Mother Earth wishes to change her present surface features. Yet, she is most honored by your presence upon her. This has created some dilemmas for her. Her need to adjust her new nodes has led to the severe earthquakes reported in your media in the past few months. Mother Earth is changing, and presently needs a brief period to alter her atmospheric and oceanic currents. The coming time is to be the moment when these actions have to be done. In addition, your Sun and the many planets that she so caringly serves need to transform the remaining dark energies that surround them. Keep in mind, dear Ones, that your reality is altering from an abnormal state of being engulfed in darkness to her natural one of being permeated by Light. This means that in the very near future, some major energy work is needed. This process is currently in its preliminary stages and shall bear fruit shortly. When it approaches, we shall inform you about what is taking place.

      The mutations of your spiritual and physical bodies are part of a much larger process. At the same time, your reality is changing. These transformations are tied into alterations that affect all of physicality. We have made these points quite clear in our past messages to you. It is important for you to see yourselves as a vital focus for what is occurring in Creation. Creation is naturally dynamic. It is continuously changing. This process is regulated by the divine plan. Dear Ones, see yourselves as co-creators in all that is happening around you. You have come to this realm of physicality to make a most important imprint into its manner and degree of change. This responsibility is a very large one, and it was not given to you on a whim. It came only after Heaven had completed much preparation. This process left physicality ready for your appearance. You have come in your requested waves of incarnation and done magnificent work with the guidance of Heaven. Still, some crucial tasks remain. We are fully confident that you shall carry them out with your own flair and grace.

      The next aspects of our co-creation of a new reality are difficult and require much focus. Accordingly, we have prepared you for the many tasks that are to follow. These preparations have altered the circuitry of your brain and its central nervous system. We have also adjusted your global consciousness field. Together, these adjustments have made you an even more powerful instrument for the Light. Think of yourselves as a beacon that can shine even more brightly than before. This beacon is welcoming the coming age of Spirit and the new reality that is your destiny. It is proving to your worldly cabals and their supporters that their original intentions for you are now impossible. Your growing commitment is changing their ways and increasing their ability to welcome gladly the divine intervention of Heaven. This new attitude is presently permitting us to introduce some important divine intentions into your reality. These intentions are about to be manifested before you very shortly.

      The coming period is one in which some very fragile elements in our plan are to be made much stronger. This process means that your new reality shall begin to become more concrete to you. During this same time, you shall begin to know many of the chaotic elements previously set up by your worldly cabals. Realize that they are just the empty skeletons of what could have been a most serious set of events. Now, they are merely those remnants that your worldly cabals refused to alter. They shall not create massive chaos, but can only serve as marvelous portents of how your world's once all-powerful dark ones have begun slowly to accept their fate. This process is one that, in your time frame, has seemed slow and possibly has even appeared somewhat circumspect in your eyes. To us, it has been a necessary set of lessons that was required to turn your worldly cabals back toward the Light. This procedure is starting to achieve its prophesied rewards.

      Over the previous six galactic years, your secret worldly rulers have moved from being the instruments of a nefarious group of off-worlders to being, briefly, their own bosses. Now, they are beginning to bow to the divine edicts of Heaven. This process has moved your world close to a vast economic collapse, but finally has permitted Spirit to achieve its ascendancy. In the very near future, this process shall reap some important benefits. It is allowing you also to bring some important new societal structures into being. It is this potential that encourages us and lets us see how wonderful you really are. We graciously thank you for all that you are doing and for all that you are about to accomplish. Keep your focus and remain centered upon your purpose. The next aspects are to be a true roller coaster ride of some very huge proportions.

      The concluding aspects of this galactic year and the one that is to follow are to be somewhat dramatic. Those events that shall come before you are merely the concluding signs of your ongoing drama. They mark your crossing into some new transitory points. Much new technology shall either be revealed or become ready for its unveiling. In addition, many amazing events shall occur. These are to mark the passing of some important watersheds in your current history. It is not our divine purpose to reveal their exact nature to you. Those who possess either the necessary knowledge or the inner intuitive abilities already sense what we are talking about. What is important is for you to know that the darkness that has long covered you is now lifting quickly. Its final disappearance, dear Ones, is not very far away.

      Consciousness is an expanding spiral. It moves in its own way toward its destination. The process of which you are a part is one directed by your fully conscious selves. Its only purpose is to integrate itself with what is really a magnificent part of its beingness - you. Each day is one in which this sacred procedure is carried out. Keep in mind that the driving force of this potential is Love - the Love that you have for your True Self and the Love that it has for you. Surrounding this process, there is the great Love and blessings of Heaven. This force is one that is truly unstoppable. It has the ability to manifest its intentions in the divine right time. In this Light, keep your sacred commitment and your divine focus. Know that your unwavering faith in this process can only lead to its inevitable success.

      Today, we talked about consciousness, your changing reality and the powers that are bringing it all to fruition. We ask you to look with your heart-logic at what we have just said. Use it to understand that all that is happening has just one goal - your success in creating a new, wondrous reality. We now take our leave. Denizens of Light and of the Earth plane, take your magnificent talents and the Supply and support of Heaven and create a wonderful new reality! Amen. Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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