Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

November 28, 1998 (2 Manik, 5 Yaxk’in, 7 Ik)

Greetings! Today, we arrive before you most graciously with some more stimulating information. This data concerns the several transitions now occurring in your reality. At present, you are modifying your personal, societal and global realities. As they are altered, each one affects the parameters of the other. Here, once again, you encounter the most profound miracles of your holographic universe. One of the basic constructs of your reality is that it is composed of many complex substrates. These segments come together to form a highly connected whole. To you, this reality appears to be quite solid and very unified. In actuality, it is quite diffuse in its character. Each part has the ability to blend into the other. This characteristic makes it difficult for you to see each part. However, be fully assured that they are there. The vital point is to look at how the whole system works and to discover some basic underlying principles. In our last message, we very briefly looked at how one can leap from one reality to another. Now, let us observe how these various realities are constructed, and how you can change them.

      The first point of any reality is that its creation is a group effort between its extensive physical and spiritual elements. Before your present incarnation, you agreed in sacred contract the way each detail of your environment would be constructed. In addition, you were given some small print clauses that pledged you to a semblance of a very detailed reality continuity between yourself and your society. In essence, you linked many of your innate belief systems to those of your local and global societies. This process created an excuse for your power-seeking elites to squeeze out some additional agreements from you at birth. These agreements gave them illicit control of your lives. It also sanctioned them to restructure some of the parameters for the support of their power in this reality. The alteration of this efficacious illusion of power is what the changes that we are now making upon this reality are all about. In the construction of any aspect of your global society, there are various foundational belief systems. These belief systems are dependent upon the compliance of the individual.

      Each individual born on your planet is given a long series of detailed compacts, to which you illegally agreed. Every individual has the sacred right to re-formulate these natal agreements. It is the pathologically driven power of the state and its various ruling elites that try to subvert this option. It is the duty of every awakening individual to look closely at these agreements and to learn how they were illegally manipulated by the elites. This process is very complicated, but it is also very easy once some sense can be made of what occurred to you at birth. In your world, birth is mostly accomplished as a massive trauma surrounded by pain. The pain is that of the Mother and the misguided energies of the doctors and nurses attending your birth. Their actions are automatic. The birthing process is really a scenario well thought out by the various elites that helped to create them. Their purpose is to force you to fight for your birth. You see that only your acquiescence to some pre-conceived ideas telepathically put before you, can permit your birth. This process sets the next stages, designed to make you the elites’ pawn.

     From birth onward, you are in the care of your parents and of an education system created by the state. These care-giving individuals do not really understand how the information that they are busily inculcating into you quickly acclimatizes you into the very limiting do’s and don’ts of this carefully created reality. Each step is meant to discourage your curiosity; to create a disbelief about the true nature of the spiritual realms; and to foster an overwhelming xenophobia about any other-worldly outsiders. You are taught to mistrust any idea that is not materially-based. It is the rare, or even odd, individual who is able to overcome this training. Such individuals retain a substantial belief in searching for the truth and in cataloguing what they have found. From this base of individuals, we have formed the core of an awakening group of increasingly aware Beings. These Beings have given your world many clues about the coming transformations of this reality. Through our mutual efforts, we have been able to forge many way-showers for a new reality. In the last few decades, we have accelerated this process.

      Underlying this process, there are the many transformations now occurring to your blessed Mother Earth. Aiding these transformations are the many different guardian species of cetaceans. Mother Earth and her fragile biosphere are putting out an urgent message to you. This earthly biosphere needs more than a quick ecological fix. It needs a massive change in its level of consciousness. This whole process moves the dynamic consciousness field of your beloved planet ever upward. It also encourages your global human society to do likewise. This rapid rise in your conscious potential field can deeply affect you. It can lead you to look anew at your reality, and to begin to search for its many inherent pathological flaws. These pathological flaws tend to work at two key levels: individual and societal. The perceiving view screens, or filters, of both levels of consciousness need to be reset. This process is what we are now mutually doing.

      Consciousness forms its reality at many levels or substrates. These many levels are interconnected by the various view screens that shape the way in which any one aspect of reality is to be perceived. These screens are used to check on the visual, audio and hyperspatial information that constantly is flowing into you. A means is needed whereby they can be interpreted by your present limited state of consciousness. The many data filters that you use to evaluate this information come from three basic sources. These sources are intergenerational, formative and personal. Each filter interacts with one another to design a concoction that ends up as your personality. This ‘personality’ firmly acts as your guardian by interpreting the incoming data for your mental and emotional bodies. This interactive process makes you a prisoner of the many immature thought-forms that are used by your personality to keep its ‘game’ going’.

      You reset your personality in two quick steps. First, you understand how the personality is created and how it really works. Second, you thoroughly learn how to apply this information in an effective way. In short, you awaken and make the commitment to find a way to liberate the ‘real you’. This procedure needs your full attention. It is not done haphazardly if one desires success. It requires that you learn the nature of your consciousness — namely, its multiple aforesaid roots. You need to start processing the many acquired characteristics of your ancestors. You need to begin asking your many thought-forms why they were created and what they really need from you. Most are there to ‘protect’ you and to assist you in your daily life. Your transformation of them into their full potential comes from the fact that they deeply love and care about you.

      As you transform these many thought-forms toward their full potential, your conscious personality begins to view your reality in a new light. It begins to filter your daily information in more positive and esteem-raising ways. You start to affect others positively and to move your physical, mental and emotional body’s frequencies upward. Your integration procedures can then be sped up. You become more successful and begin to work harder towards the creation of a new reality. This whole process of transformation becomes less and less nebulous to you. You begin to formulate solutions and to check them out with like-minded others. As you connect with others, your new attitude and your sincere graciousness lead others to accept your power and your advice most easily. You are well on the way to a new reality for yourself and for others.

      Your reality is a mass illusion that is now beginning to transform. This entire process is one that we are doing mutually. When this process is complete, you shall have integrated your spiritual and physical bodies. In addition, you shall have moved your potential to its highest possible levels. These alterations will form a fully conscious Being who inhabits a fully conscious and harmonious reality. We now take our leave with bountiful blessings of perfect and complete Love, endless Joy and limitless Prosperity and Supply! Selamat Ja! (Be in Joy!)

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