The story of Don Stewart’s life and ministry is the story of a modern miracle. It began in Prescott, Arizona, where Don was the youngest of six children. Don’s life was a miracle from the beginning. His mother was in danger of dying as she was giving birth to him. A minister came and anointed her with oil and prayed. The doctors thought they were going to lose both mother and child, but God miraculously spared their lives through the prayer of faith.

It was a loving, caring family, but poverty was a way of life. The first miracle Don ever witnessed occurred when he was about four years old. The family goat, that provided the milk the children drank, got sick and seemed to be dying. Don’s mother and father knelt down, anointed the goat with oil, and prayed a simple but sincere prayer for God to heal the goat. Almost immediately, something miraculous happened. The goat jumped up and began to run around the yard. Don was already learning the power of faith. At age 13, Don developed a bone disease in his hip joints. He had four major surgeries and walked on crutches for two years. God miraculously healed Don when he was 15 years old and called him into the ministry. It was a miracle that would change the direction of his life forever.

Discipled by world famous Evangelist A.A. Allen, Don dedicated his life to the ministry of healing human hurts - spiritually and physically, emphasizing restoration for the soul and body. Don’s ministry is used by God to bring salvation, healing and prosperity to multitudes throughout the world. He believes "If you have a need, you can have a miracle!"

Don Stewart’s message of power and mercy is based on many years of evangelism experience. For the past 40 years, he has preached the positive message that God has something better than poverty, sickness and defeat. His ministry has reached out across five continents into 75 nations to bring salvation, healing and deliverance to countless thousands of people.
The overriding theme of Don’s message is "God wants to heal you everywhere you hurt" Respectfully called the "Evangelist of Compassion". Don is touched and moved to action by the hurts of people. His preaching is simple, but dynamic, with a prophetic anointing as he flows in the Gifts of the Spirit, and a special anointing for healing, miracles and the Word of Knowledge. Thrilling testimonies of deliverance from all kinds of disease, sickness, and spiritual oppression are experienced in Don Stewart’s international crusade services. The lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see, and the poor have the gospel preached to them!

Local church growth is a primary goal of the Don Stewart Ministries. The great citywide crusades, seminars and church revival meetings have the residual effect of building up local congregations and providing vital encouragement to pastors.

Conducting leadership seminars for pastors and Christian workers is the catalyst for establishing pioneer congregations in new or un-evangelized regions. Over the past 40 years, the Don Stewart Ministries has helped pioneer and plant approximately 1,000 churches, many of which are a part of MIRACLE LIFE FELLOWSHIP INTERNATIONAL - a worldwide fellowship of ministers and churches who practice the "Five Fold Ministry" of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teacher (Ephesians 4:11-12), and believe that every church should minister to the practical needs, as well as the spiritual needs, of its community.

The Don Stewart Ministries is a reflection of Rev. Stewart’s strong commitment to his Divine calling: To touch the lives of needy people everywhere with the love and mercy of God, regardless of race, social status or culture.