"Sound Update Version" Production Locale Report
(PART 3)


It's a Sunday. The cafeteria, which is usually full of people at noontime, is a ghost town today.

The work is in the final stretch. Yamaga's hand and body movements just naturally seem to increase in frequency.

The Avaco Studios staff look on at the progress of the work. They perform like troupers, even though it's a Sunday.


Today we have re-recording work at the Tokyo TV Center. The Dolby Digital production work will be finished here.

The brilliantly shining THX Emblem. The Tachikawa CinemaCity 2, which will be showing this revised version of "The Royal Space Force", is one of the handful of THX-certified theaters in Japan.

The typical placement for the center speaker in a movie theater is behind the screen. So the screen has lots of holes in it to let the sound pass through. Here you can see what those holes look like.

Audio Director Tashiro watching over production, together with Hayashi, President of Avaco Studios. This is when all their work pays off.

Recording Engineer Nagura also looks pleased. Standing behind him, by the way, is Mori Mikio, of Dolby Japan.

Here's Yamaga checking over the Dolby Digital mastering results. What could the look on his face mean?


At last, the mastering comes down to the wire. Here's the director, watching the last scene.

No matter how busy things get onsite, even the Director gets hungry. See him feed his face.

At last, the studio work is done. And the clock on the wall says 2:00AM...Congratulations to all the staff on a job well done.