Five Iron Frenzy

All the Hype That Money Can Buy
Five Minute Walk
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Five Iron Frenzy has been around since 1995. Usually described as a ska-core band they are from Denver, Colorado. This is the bands 3rd full length release. Guest musicians on this album include: Lar; Perazzo (Santana), Randy Stonehill, and Jeff Campitelli.

Tom: I found this album kind of hard to review. Some of the songs sound similar to their older stuff (rock/ska/punk), yet other songs are just different (reggae, rasta, rap). The songs I enjoyed on this release were the songs that sounded similar to their other stuff. Songs such as, “The Greatest Story Ever Told”, “Me Oh My”, “The Phantom Mullet”, and “Fahrenheit”. Some of the other songs such as “Giants”, “Solidarity” and “All the Hype” I could probably do without.
I guess I was expecting more from this album. Knowing what some of the members in the band were into musically I was kind of expecting it to be more rock based. “Ugly Day” a song that some of you may be familiar with since it was on their Live album just did sound right. On the live album the song was played at a faster pace and seemed to sound a lot better at that pace.
Long time fans of the band are probably going to want to check this out and judge for themselves. For those of you new to the band maybe check out one of their other full lengths first.

Jim Shady: I have been a fan of FIF for about 4 years now. Actually, it would be more correct to say that I am a sideline fan, meaning that I am anxious to hear what they come up with next but I am not about to go see them in concert. Ever since their first album Upbeats on the Beat Downs, I have not been overly impressed. Sure they put out one or two good songs per album but I can compare them to any of the songs on that first album - it was pure brilliance. However, I listened to All the Hype That Money Can Buy" and, for the first time since that glorious first record, am satisfied. This is a good album. This is a good band. They are keeping ska alive and well on this effort. "All the Hype..." showcases their ability to write meaningful, dance-worthy, singable songs.

Chris: I have never been much of a fan of Five Iron Frenzy, it's always seemed to me that they are a bunch of talented musicians who COULD be a very, very good band, but never quite hit the mark. This, like the other FIF stuff I've heard, has some really good serious material, and some totally silly stuff. I call it silly, and not humor, because none of it even got a chuckle out of me. I guess I am just really turned off by people trying to be goofy without actually having amusing lyrics. Listen to some Weird Al if you want to laugh. I would personally skip about half the tracks just because, for instance, I can't enjoy a song about mullets unless it's cracking me up.
News Flash: Ska can be good and happy at the same time without being dumb as well. If you like Five Iron, or just enjoy that goofy-jump-around-for-no-good-reason kind of ska, I'm sure this will be stuck in your CD player and your head for quite some time. If that's not you but you still like ska and melodic punk, it's definitely worth listening to at least once, just to see what you think. Great musicianship, good melodies and harmonies, just not terribly entertaining.

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