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Posted by Boardhog on November 13, 2000 at 08:39:57:

Here's another script fragment from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND (and sorry people, this is all I've got). It's not that much, but at least it takes us a few miles closer to crashing Jake's party.

My first post covered pages 2-12, this covers pages 20-22 then 35-38.

In the first excerpt, which I believe may come after the projection room scene shown at the AFI tribute, Jake's cronies question the wisdom of trying to make a star out of a young inexperienced hippy like John Dale.

THE BUS AGAIN (Some of the following plays under HANNAFORD'S FILM)--
ZIMMER: All my life I've been sticking my nose into other people's wrinkles. I know the little signs...(after a beat) It's something you could almost SMELL. That's what the gypsies say.
MAGGIE(dismissing foolishness): Gypsies...
ZIMMER: Nine months we practically lived with them...Jake's first picture in Spain.
Back among the GIRLS and the MIDGETS, a flamenco guitar is strumming...But gloom hangs heavy over the group of HANNAFORD stooges, chums and executives seated among the dummies...
PAT(Staring at a dummy): Don't worry--he's picked 'em before...
MAGGIE: Nobody knows that better then Zimmy...Nobody's been with him any longer.
Zimmer: Well, I was never a member of the old wolf-pack. If you're Jewish - even if you're TEXAS Jewish - to get into that club, you gotta be CHARMING...
PAT: You're charming enough, Zimmie--he's just sore about the dummies...
ZIMMER: Well, I put in a lot of good work for him. The bridge for Randy Leigh's nose. I CREATED that nose: the famous profile--it made him a star.
MATT: Jake made him a star...
MAGGIE: He doesn't need to make stars--only movies. (Zimmer sighs...she reacts to this) You don't think so?
ZIMMER(looking at the dummy): I don't know WHAT I think of THIS one--
PAT(under his breath): Who does?
ZIMMER: I'm a make-up man--an expert--Why don't I have an opinion?
PAT: Look what Jake did with the others: Glen Garvey...Courtney Saxon--
MATT: He was selling vacuum cleaners when Jake discovered him.
ZIMMER(disregarding this last): And as for Hannaford himself--
Maggie(after a beat--a bit sharply): What about him?
PAT(lost in his theme): Branch Sutter--he was a dish-washer...
ZIMMER(half to himself): Could be he's wrong this time...
MATT: Who says so?
MAGGIE: Zimmer. He's got this sensitive nose.
ZIMMER(turns to look at her): That's all right, Maggie. Never mind the smell...Everything stinks a little.

In the next excerpt, Pister joins the group, and some oblique comparisms are made between America's hippies and Europe's Jews and Gypsies.

MATT(to PISTER): Having fun, Mr. Pister?
PISTER: The people in that last car were kind of awful.
MATT: Mr. Hannaford's car?
PISTER: They threw me out. And then I was picked up by a lot of video-FREAKS--But THEY ran out of gas, or needed to fix something...
As he takes a seat in what might be called the executive section, the bus starts up again...
PAT(well along with his drinking): Hippies...(with heavy quotation marks around the hated slang) That's the new "scene", Pister--"Dig"? (he pats the top of the dummy's head) That's what junior here is all about.
PISTER(looking closely at the dummy): John Dale...?
ZIMMER(with a Yiddish question mark which supplies it's own reply): He's a hippie?
PISTER(setting him straight): The character in the film.
ZIMMER(to MATT): The hair...that doesn't make him a hippie. Kids today--
PAT(cheerfully cutting him off): Kids today...what the hell do you know about it?
ZIMMER: What does Jake know--at HIS age?
JULIETTE: We've got some material on that...
Her assistant fiddles with her tape-recorder.
ZIMMER(dropping his voice): The way I hear it, he's putting up his own money--
MAGGIE(cutting him off with the answer): The banks wanted a name.
ZIMMER(indicating the dummy): And Jake wanted HIM...(they all stare at the dummy)...a baby.
MAGGIE: The world's full of 'em, Zimmie, or haven't you noticed?
Suddenly JULIETTE's tape-recorder comes shrilly to life...
JAKE'S VOICE(on tape-recorder): ...Montparnasse to St. Germaine de Pres...
JULIETTE: We just taped this at lunch.
JAKE'S VOICE: The village to the old Bug-house Square in Chicago...all the Left Bank Lefties...WE know 'em, don't we Pat?
CLOSE UP of Matt listening as the recorded voices continue
PAT'S VOICE: Speak for yourself, Skipper.
JAKE'S VOICE: Uncle, we have to know about EVERYBODY--The creeps and freaks too...With something that sets our teeth on edge, we do the chic and manly thing, Matthew--We don't sulk and turn away. No. We bend over and take a good hard sniff.
PAT'S VOICE: You don't have to bend over to smell a hippie. He's like a polecat; he meets you more then half way.
PAT laughs in appreciation of his own recorded remark.
PAT: Like the gypsies, huh, Zimmie?
The joke falls flat.
PISTER: Gypsies?
PISTER starts searching busily in his files, looking up "G" for "gypsy"...
PISTER(bringing forth a sheet of paper): Here we are--"Gypsies"--transcribed from my OWN tapes...(reading) "Hitler tried to get rid of THEM, too..."
MAGGIE: It's what the gypsies can smell--right, Zimmie?
ZIMMER(an irritated mumble): Death...anybody could smell it...
A moment of silence.

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