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Interview with "Mumbo Jumbo's Craig Goodman (Santa's Head), Paul Callender (fisj), and Richard Cowgill (iggy popped) on Myth III: "The Wolf Age" Welcome Mumbo Jumbo, it is nice to have you with us!

MWA: As members of the Mumbo Jumbo team on Myth III: The Wolf Age, what fascinated you guys the most about the game itself?

Santa's Head: Well, to be honest, when I first heard that I would be PART of the team, I was just excited to be part of the formation of the new game, because I love Myth, and everything you can do with the Myth Engine. But now that I'm here, and have seen the 'unseeable' *8) I can say that this game excites me as much as the very first time I played "Crow's Bridge" three years ago.

The things we have going on are simply beautiful, and Scott, the project manager, has a fantastic sense of game and unit balance. I think fans out there will be really happy with what we've done.

iggy popped: Well definitely the engine is fascinating. It's not a minor update, it's a complete graphical overhaul.

MWA: As part of the Microsoft buyout of Bungie, GoD got the use of the Halo engine for two possible games. What made the Myth II engine the choice over this much wanted and anticipated Halo engine for Myth III?

Santa's Head: Two factors really: First, the Halo engine won't be out for a very long time. Second, Scott wrote up a proposal for Take 2 to look at and together with Mark and Ron from Ritual, formed Mumbo Jumbo, which beat out four other companies for the rites to do "Myth III." The other companies wanted to do some interesting things, like making Myth III a mostly resource based game, which may have gotten an 'odd' community response.

iggy popped: Yes. Halo isn't done. The engine is a moving target, building for Halo would put us back by a considerable amount.

MWA: Will most of the old characters from Myth I and II make a return in Myth III? Will there be major differences in the ones that do return as well? Could you possibly give us some examples of this?

Santa's Head: Yep! Absolutely. Nearly all the old favorites will make an appearance and I know that many fans out there are worried about 'date' problems with the existence of certain units, the Soulless, for example. But I can assure you that Scott has covered his bases, and the new story will be very entertaining.

As part of the 'age' of the story, certain new characters must come into play *smile* like: Trow Iron Warriors *grin*. And yes.. they will be both fun, and balanced.

MWA: One of the common complaints in the Myth series was the lack of offensive and defensive moves available to each character. In Myth III, will most of the characters have multiple offensive attacks, and also have a defensive maneuver that will keep the game more balanced?

iggy popped: This is one of those things we can't talk about with the project yet. :=)

Santa's Head: Yeah.. Sounds right Iggy, was just thinking that. Some things about the game will be almost exactly the same, but some of the parts of the game will have FAR more 'flavor'.

MWA: Who will be your main enemies in Myth III, and will there be anyone allied with your side?

Santa's Head: Hmm, wish I could talk about the story, but we need to keep that sealed as well, sorry. Many of the races though will be fleshed out a bit, and given an amount of depth, character wise, that the first two games lacked.

MWA: Will the level of gore (exploding bodies) be reduced to keep the polycount reasonable? Also will body parts remain, or disappear?

Santa's Head: They will be persistent, but may need to fade out to keep performance up for slower machines, this is still up in the air though.

We want to keep the 'blowing up pumpkins' feel of Myth I. It was one of the things I personally enjoy quite a bit, and we will do whatever possible to keep it around. We will _not_ hurt gameplay though. Gameplay is Issue One.

iggy popped: The engine is slated to have a 10,000 polygon budget. So we can have a lot of detail onscreen at once.

MWA: Maybe blowing some parts off of trees?

Santa's Head: Maybe. *8) Just WAIT till you see the trees, Simply amazing.

MWA: Will the higher resolutions give a larger viewable field or just greater detail as in Myth I and II?

Santa's Head: Hmm.. part of this is top secret. But higher resolutions will be supported in some very nice ways. Remember that what you can 'see' is restricted by where your units are as well, and we'll need some restrictions to keep poly count down, like in Myth I & II. So, Higher res folks will be VERY happy, but they will not have a strategic advantage over smaller monitor people.

MWA: Any plans for animated cutscenes like in the previous games, or something totally different in mind?

Santa's Head: Scotts says that "we are not doing cartoon cutscenes." *smile* But there WILL be cut scenes, so.... *smile* Use your imaginations, I know the answer, but can't talk about it.

We have A LOT of time planned for them at the moment, so we should have some real fun.

iggy popped: We will have cutscenes for the game, and they will be great. =)

End Part 1 of 2

to be continued.....


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